Trial for Aquash murder suspects delayed again
Two men accused of murdering American Indian Movement activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash are set to go to trial on May 12.

John Graham, from the Southern Tutchone First Nation, and Richard Marshall, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, were set to go to trial last week. But the judge gave the defense more time to prepare.

Aquash was murdered on the Pine Ridge Reservation in December 1975. Arlo Looking Cloud, who is Oglala, is serving a life prisons sentence for the crime.

Graham is disputing his prosecution in federal court because he is not a member of a federally recognized tribe. Aquash, who was Mi'kmaq from Canada, was not a member of a U.S. recognized tribe either

Graham and Marshall are due to be tried together but their attorneys want the cases separated.

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1975 AIM trial set to now begin in May in Rapid City (AP 3/3)

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