Yellow Bird: KIPP a good option for Indian students
"The education of children in reservation schools is especially crucial because, in many instances, these schools are the only available educational opportunity for some Native American children.

Many reservation schools rank at the bottom of the lists, as most of us are aware from evaluations of North Dakota schools. So, when I ran across stories about the Knowledge Is Power Program and Teach For America, my “teacher’s ears” perked up. I was a teacher in my other life, also.

Maybe, just maybe, these programs might provide some answers and may be a fit for American Indian children, especially those in reservation schools.

These American Indian children are smart, creative and good kids. But the system handicaps them for higher education and fails to move them into fields where they could excel."

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DORREEN YELLOW BIRD COLUMN: Follow S.D. example on KIPP (The Grand Forks Herald 1/31)

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