Suzan Harjo: The 'good' Indians versus the 'hostiles'

"In order for the ''good Indians'' to keep on track, here's a checklist:

* Give up tribal sovereignty, jurisdiction, land and water, because you got a great deal on a casino and even on some of its profits.

* Give tribal money to states with governors who call you names and promote anti-Indian stereotypes, because it's just your ''fair share,'' by golly.

* Give most tribal casino jobs and profits to non-Indians, so they won't be mad at the ''good Indians.''

* Give more money to high-priced white men to sabotage your neighbor tribal businesses and to undermine your political enemies at home.

* Excommunicate more of your tribal citizens and be sure to hire more fancy white men to berate your relatives in the press.

* Let the federal government keep all the Indian money they lost and wipe out the court case about it, because it's just those ''hostiles'' who insist on an accounting for the trust funds."

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Suzan Shown Harjo: The 'good Indians' and 'hostiles' (Indian Country Today 12/17)