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September 29, 2006

Oprah goes to Navajo

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Did you forget to Tivo Oprah this week? Well you don't have to wait for the rerun to catch her visit to Window Rock, the capital and "spiritual heart" of the Navajo Nation. [Hey what does that make Tuba City? The armpit???] Thanks to this link sent to us by George Joe of Rez Biz Magazine, you can watch the segment on YouTube.

It's not that long, but you get to learn about the Long Walk, the high unemployment rate, a Navajo mother who can barely provide for her six-week-old son and deplorable housing conditions on the reservation.

You also get to visit the infamous "powwow" that the show insisted be held specifically for Oprah, who of course acts like she just happened to show up. Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. gives an odd explanation about powwow but Oprah doesn't know any better. She goes shopping, refuses to eat tongue and then jets off her next Big Adventure.

Happy viewing!



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