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October 8, 2012
Dana Lone Hill: No celebration for a murderer in South Dakota
"Every year I carry a certain pride inside, even though as Lakota we are not supposed to be proud, but with a certain arrogance, I am happy I am from...

Democracy Now: Celebrating the Real History of the Americas
"As the nation commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the so-called "New World" in 1492, indigenous activists at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, are pushing for schools to...

Gabe Galanda: Race a factor in electing judges in Washington
"I did a double take when first checking The Seattle Times website for breaking election results the evening of Tuesday, August 7. By 8:30 p.m., in the race for Washington...

S.E. Ruckman: Working to increase Indian vote turnout in 2012
"Voting advocates are reaching across Indian Country where they have never stretched before. Since early 2012, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) voting advocacy campaign, Native Vote 2012 and...

Column: Wisconsin overreacted to Ojibwe ceremonial elk hunt
"When Wisconsin’s Chippewa killed one juvenile bull elk near Clam Lake in mid-September for spiritual and cultural purposes, many citizens and the Department of Natural Resources screeched as if the...

Carter Meland: Tea Party calling the calvary on Indian voters
"Reading the recent New York Times story, “Looking, Very Closely, for Voter Fraud” (September 17, 2012) an iconic image from American pop culture popped into my mind. I could see...

Steven Newcomb: Indian law just another form of domination
"In his book Metaphysics of Modern Existence (1979), Vine Deloria, Jr. wrote: “The fundamental factor that keeps Indians and non-Indians from communicating is that they are speaking about two entirely...

Steve Russell: Tribal governments falling on edge of fiscal cliff
"Tribal governments that disdain being “domestic, dependent nations” should prepare two budgets, similar to the “shadow governments” that opposition parties compose in a parliamentary system. The Plan A budget would...

NPT: Learning about Nez Perce Tribe's history at national park
"Whether you’re a big history buff or simply just enjoy the beauty of nature, Nez Perce National Historical Park is the perfect getaway for the whole family. Spread across parts...

Anton Treuer: Women change face of Minnesota tribal politics
"Only 17 percent of congressional representatives are women, and only 4 percent are women of color. But women comprise 54 percent of the voters. The discrepancies are similar at the...

Travel: Red Cliff Band welcomes public to Frog Bay Tribal Park
"The path beneath our feet in the new Frog Bay Tribal National Park in Bayfield, Wis., is soft and springy as we walk over peat moss and decades of fallen...

Photos: Documenting the fate of indigenous villages in Mexico
"The thrust of civilization is commonly imagined as an arc curving ever upward. From the Industrial Revolution on, innovation, comfort, health and wealth have seemed to expand and improve...

Native Sun News: Tribes see progress for veterans cemeteries
The following story was written and reported by Talli Nauman, Native Sun News Health & Environment Editor. All content © Native Sun News. The entryway and assembly area of the...

Vi Waln: Thoughts on Columbus Day and misuse of ceremonies
This week most of the country is observing Columbus Day. Some of the states now call it Native American or Indigenous People’s Day. In any case, it is a day...

Tim Giago: Race relations 22 years after Year of Reconciliation
Notes from Indian Country By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji) © 2012 Unity South Dakota October 8 was Native American Day in South Dakota, the only state in the Union that...

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Mississippi Choctaws on track to open health facility in 2015 (4/16)
Judges from Turtle Mountain Band threatened with removal (4/16)
City in New York to drop legal battles against Oneida Nation (4/16)
Quinault Nation to reopen lake on reservation to non-Indians (4/16)
Virginia tribes question interpretation of treaty fishing rights (4/16)
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Mashantucket Tribe working on casino deal in Massachusetts (4/16)
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Native Sun News: Tribes benefit from $5.15B uranium cleanup (4/15)
Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe marks return of chief (4/15)
DOI extends $1.2M in offers to Makah Reservation landowners (4/15)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee listening session in Montana (4/15)
Ernie Stevens: NIGA won't support racist depictions of Natives (4/15)
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Umatilla player Shoni Schimmel drafted by Atlanta WNBA team (4/15)
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CNN Series: Best places to experience Native American culture (4/15)
Lummi Nation argues for treaty fishing rights in disputed areas (4/15)
Blackfeet Nation heads into election season amid ongoing feud (4/15)
School district on Fort Peck Reservation to redraw voting areas (4/15)
Ojibwe man from Canada charged for possession of wild animals (4/15)
Navajo Technical University creates bachelor's degree program (4/15)
Opinion: Ignorance abounds in dealings with indigenous people (4/15)
Ute Tribe reaches new agreement for use of name by university (4/15)
Seminole Tribe faces $9.9M negligence claim over fall at casino (4/15)
Opponents seek referendum on Tohono O'odham Nation casino (4/15)
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