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Pamunkey Tribe awaits final answer on federal recognition bid (03/23)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs could issue a final determination by the end of the month.

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Senate committee approves two federal recognition measures (03/19)
Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming), the chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, opposes legislative recognition.

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Another guilty plea from Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption case (03/19)
A Bureau of Land Management employee engaged in contract work with the tribe will receiving his federal salary.

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Senate Committee on Indian Affairs schedules business meeting (03/12)
Two federal recognition bills, the IRRIGATE Act and the nomination of Jonodev Chaudhuri for the National Indian Gaming Commission are on the agenda.

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Cedric Sunray: BIA played role in tribe's racist marriage policy (02/17)
The Pamunkey Tribe has recently come under fire by the Congressional Black Caucus for, until very recently, their constitutional prohibition of intermarriage with black people.

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Lawmakers introduce bill to extend recognition to Virginia tribes (02/11)
Virginia's tribes were among the first to greet European settlers and among the first to sign treaties.

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Tim Kaine: Correct historical wrong and recognize Virginia tribes (12/08)
Federal recognition would acknowledge and protect the identities of the tribes.

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African-American lawmakers seek probe into Pamunkey Tribe (11/28)
The tribe's chief said the marriage law being questioned was repealed in 2012.

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Judge allows NFL team lawsuit against young Native activists (11/26)
The team is suing the six young activists in federal court in Virginia.

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Sen. Kaine asks BIA to be more flexible with federal recognition (10/03)
Tribes in Virginia are in a unique situation because most of their records were destroyed in a fire and purposely altered under a racist state law.

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African-American lawmakers accuse Pamunkey Tribe of racism (10/01)
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus want the Bureau of Indian Affairs to deny the tribe's federal recognition due to a ban on inter-racial marriage.

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Editorial: Pass bill to extend federal recognition to Virginia tribes (09/17)
Newspaper calls on Congress to pass the Thomasina E. Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act.

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Editorial: Virginia governor fumbles on NFL team's racist mascot (08/14)
The Washington Post takes Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) to task for refusing to condemn the Washington NFL team's racist mascot.

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Column: Virginia eager to embrace NFL team's racist mascot (08/04)
Politicians are running away from a certain NFL team but Washington Post columnist Mike Wise notes there is one place where a racist mascot can feel welcome.

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House leader who opposed VAWA ousted in Republican primary (06/11)
Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) had a horrible record on Indian issues.

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NPS urged to consult tribes about preserving Powhatan village (05/27)
Werowocomoco was the historic home of Chief Powhatan.

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Senate Democrats urge NFL to take action against racist mascot (05/22)
Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) took the lead on the issue.

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Historic Powhatan site might be added to National Park Service (05/20)
Werowocomoco, in present-day Virginia, was the home of Chief Powhatan.

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Opinion: Federal recognition for Virginia tribes long overdue (04/17)
Writer welcomes federal recognition for the Virginia tribes that welcomed the first European settlers at Jamestown.

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Virginia tribes question interpretation of treaty fishing rights (04/16)
The Pamunkey Tribe and the Mattaponi Tribe are questioning a new interpretation of their treaty fishing and hunting rights in Virginia.

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