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Conservative group to file class action lawsuit to challenge ICWA (07/06)
The Goldwater Institute claims Indian children are being hurt by compliance with the 1978 law.

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Editorial: Other tribes in Virginia deserve federal recognition too (07/03)
For Virginia’s American Indian tribes, July 2 likely will go down in history as a red letter, to be remembered as the day the first Virginia tribe gained official recognition from the federal government.

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Pamunkey Tribe wins final federal recognition decision from BIA (07/02)
The tribe is the first in Virginia to complete the federal acknowledgment process.

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Virginia tribes hindered by racist policies created by one man (07/01)
Walter Ashby Plecker spent 34 years systematically erasing the Indian identity of thousands of tribal members as head of the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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Secretary Sally Jewell reaffirms opposition to racist mascot (07/01)
The mayor of D.C. is trying to lure the Washington NFL team back to the nation's capital.

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Leader of Monacan Nation passes on after fight with liver cancer (06/24)
Sharon Bryant was the first woman to lead the tribe. She was 54.

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Leader of Monacan Nation diagnosed with terminal liver cancer (06/03)
Sharon Bryant, the first woman to serve as chief, spent most of her first term focusing on federal recognition for her people.

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County board calls on NFL team to eliminate its racist mascot (05/20)
The Arlington County Board in Virginia joins the District of Columbia Council in opposing the use of a racial slur in professional sports.

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Chief of Chickahominy Tribe eyes seat in Virginia Legislature (05/19)
Stephen Adkins is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 74th district in the Virginia House of Delegates.

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Sen. Kaine optimistic on success for tribal recognition measure (04/14)
The Senate Indian Affairs Committee approved the bill last month so it could head to the Senate floor at any time.

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Editorial: Pamunkey Tribe deserves federal status despite past (04/08)
The Pamunkeys dispute the idea that the tribe discriminated against African-Americans and say some tribe members have black spouses.

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Student newspaper apologizes for 'Trail of Schmears' fake story (04/02)
The parody made light of a recent race-related incident involving an African-American student.

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Editorial: Right a historical wrong and recognize Pamunkey Tribe (04/02)
The Pamunkey tribe was keeping its collective fingers crossed, hoping they would hear good news Tuesday. Sadly, they didn’t.

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Pamunkey Tribe refutes criticism of federal recognition petition (04/01)
An opposition group submitted a letter just last week even though the comment period closed in September 2014.

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BIA delays ruling on Pamunkey Tribe federal recognition petition (03/30)
Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn needs four months to work on the final determination.

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Editorial: Opposition to Pamunkey Tribe recognition 'revolting' (03/27)
Outside interests want to deny the Pamunkey tribe what it rightfully deserves in order to continue lining their own pockets.

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Another conviction from Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption probe (03/27)
A former Bureau of Land Management official is the latest to be ensnared in the ongoing case.

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Pamunkey Tribe awaits final answer on federal recognition bid (03/23)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs could issue a final determination by the end of the month.

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Senate committee approves two federal recognition measures (03/19)
Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming), the chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, opposes legislative recognition.

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Another guilty plea from Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption case (03/19)
A Bureau of Land Management employee engaged in contract work with the tribe will receiving his federal salary.

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