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Sarah Deer wins genius grant for work to protect Native women (09/17)
The Muscogee Nation citizen's efforts led to the passage of the Tribal Law and Order Act and the inclusion of tribal jurisdiction provisions in the Violence Against Women Act.

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Mark Trahant: Ten reasons why every Native person should vote (09/15)
There are reasons to vote. Examples big and small that show how we can make a difference

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Native Sun News: DOJ report highlights activity in Indian Country (09/10)
Last week the Department of Justice released a second report to congress highlighting its work in Indian Country.

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Vice President Biden to commemorate 20th anniversary of VAWA (09/08)
Tribal leaders will be joining Biden at the event in Washington, D.C.

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Opinion: Sen. Begich playing politics with Native women's issues (09/08)
We have decided as Alaska Native women to respond to Heather Kendall-Miller and Lloyd Miller’s egregious op-ed about Dan Sullivan and Sen. Mark Begich.

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Native Sun News: Grants help tribes fight violence against women (09/05)
Speaking to tribes from across the Four Corners area, Associate Attorney General, Tony West, announced last week a release of $3 million in grants from the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, designed to increase the capability of tribes.

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Heather Kendall-Miller: GOP candidate a threat to Native rights (08/26)
Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s record is clear: he is a staunch opponent of Native rights.

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Opinion: Tribes need greater control of justice on reservations (08/18)
Attorneys discuss the need for tribes to exercise jurisdiction over non-Indians in the wake of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013.

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Tanya Lee: Violence against Native women a national disgrace (07/30)
Tanya H. Lee writes about the history of federal Indian law and policy leading up to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

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Al Jazeera: Advocates seek inclusion of Alaska tribes in VAWA (07/21)
Al Jazeera reports on efforts to include Alaska Natives in the tribal jurisdiction provisions of the Violence Against Women Act.

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Tulalip Tribes prosecutor gets expanded authority under VAWA (07/15)
The tribe will work closely federal prosecutors on domestic violence matters.

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Opinion: Include Alaska in tribal jurisdiction provisions of VAWA (07/07)
David Voluck, a judge for tribes in Alaska, calls on Congress to include Alaska Natives in the Violence Against Women Act.

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Opinion: Alaska already recognizes tribal court protection orders (06/30)
Alaska officials claim the state recognizes tribal protection orders despite the exclusion of Alaska tribes from the Violence Against Women Act.

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Troy Eid: Progress on improving public safety for Alaska Natives (06/23)
Troy Eid, the chairman of the Indian Law and Order Commission, welcomes support for including Alaska tribes in the Violence Against Women Act.

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Ambassador Harper discusses racism against Native peoples (06/19)
Cherokee Nation citizen cited discrimination in housing, denial of religious freedoms and high rates of violence against Native women.

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Mary Hudetz: Slow moving justice for women in Indian Country (06/16)
Mary Hudetz says the Tribal Law and Order Act and the Violence Against Women Act still don't fully protect Native women from violence.

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DOJ supports bill to include Alaska tribes in VAWA jurisdiction (06/12)
S.1474, the Alaska Safe Families and Village, repeals restriction on Alaska tribes.

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Attorney General Holder addresses Indian Country initiatives (06/06)
Leader of Department of Justice spoke to tribal leaders and met with Native youth.

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Blog: Tribal jurisdiction provisions in VAWA face legal scrutiny (05/28)
Supreme Court is likely to consider legality of tribal jurisdiction over non-Indian offenders.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting and hearing (05/19)
Seven bills are on the agenda while the hearing will focus on Indian education.

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