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Phil Gover: NFL team undermines and corrupts Indian Country (04/07)
Watching the Chairwoman’s slow-motion implosion, interacting with her supporters and detractors, and reflecting on my own strong feelings over what she did has left me feeling angry, divided and a little less hopeful. I can tell her supporters feel the same.

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Navajo Nation man headed to trial over fatal shooting in 2011 (04/06)
Philbert Rentz has seen his case go to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals twice for a deadly shooting on the Utah portion of the reservation.

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Former leader of Paiute Tribe to appeal removal over NFL gifts (04/06)
Gari Lafferty now insists she did nothing wrong despite acknowledging she may have violated the tribe's ethics rules by accepting a free trip to Washington, D.C.

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Original Americans Foundation claims work with over 50 tribes (04/03)
The Washington NFL team announced the organization more than a year ago but its financial activities remain a secret.

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Paiute Tribe removes chairwoman for accepting NFL team's gifts (04/02)
Gari Lafferty accepted a trip to Washington, D.C., and other items of value in violation of ethics rules.

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Paiute Tribe moves to oust leader for accepting NFL team's gifts (04/01)
Chairwoman Gari Lafferty accepted a free trip to Washington, D.C., and is feeling the fallout.

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Ute Mountain Ute Tribe cites interest from marijuana industry (03/19)
The drug is legal for medical and recreational purposes in Colorado so developers are interested.

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Basketball coach from Montana burns sweet grass before game (03/17)
Larry Krystkowiak grew up near the Blackfeet Nation and shares a part of that history with his players.

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Former council member for Ute Tribe indicted for sexual abuse (02/23)
Richard Jenks Jr. faces two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and two counts of sexual abuse of a minor.

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Group on Navajo Nation still working towards marriage equality (02/23)
The effort has the support of presidential candidate Joe Shirley Jr. and sitting president Ben Shelly.

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Ute Tribe won't stop work on center despite threat from city (02/17)
The tribe says the land falls within reservation boundaries and isn't under the city's jurisdiction.

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House Natural Resources Committee set to hold first meeting (01/27)
The committee is seeing some major changes under the leadership of Rep. Rob Bishop, Republican of Utah.

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Member of Te-Moak Tribe accused of child sexual abuse in Utah (01/12)
Mark Ward Oppenhein has been ordered to a halfway house but federal prosecutors want to keep him in jail pending trial.

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Map: Most common Native languages include Navajo and Crow (11/18)
The highest percentages are from counties where Navajo, Crow and Cheyenne are spoken.

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USDA Blog: Skull Valley Goshutes look to prevent future floods (11/04)
The tribe hopes to protect its reservation from future flooding after surviving a natural disaster.

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Ute Tribe charges former council member with sexual assault (10/13)
Richard Jenks appeared in tribal court on charges of rape, deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful sexual intercourse and sexual assault.

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Ute Tribe asks DOI to intervene in jurisdiction dispute with state (10/09)
Tribal leaders say a state attorney made racist statements in court and in court filings.

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University of Utah creates scholarships for students of Ute Tribe (09/11)
The scholarships will amount to $8,000 per year, or $4,000 per semester

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Member of Ute Tribe faces murder and attempted murder charges (09/04)
One person died and two others were either shot or grazed by bullets during the June incident.

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Cedar Band of Paiute Indians market Twisted Cedar label of wine (08/13)
Proceeds from the label will go to tribal social services and other programs.

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