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Oklahoma lawmakers look at ways to finish Indian museum (11/11)
A Republican plans to introduce legislation to devote tribal tobacco and tribal gaming revenues to the project.

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9th Circuit rejects treaty claims of Indian tobacco manufacturer (09/26)
Ruling is the latest setback to the King Mountain Tobacco Company, a privately owned enterprise on the reservation.

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Attorney General Eric Holder to step down after six-year tenure (09/26)
From the Cobell settlement to tribal jurisdiction provisions in the Violence Against Women Act, the Department of Justice led a dramatic shift in the federal-Indian relationship.

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Shinnecock Nation tightens regulation of tobacco businesses (09/22)
The tribe set up an oversight office and authorized a tax on the sale of tobacco products.

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BSPR: Tobacco firm on Yakama Nation fights federal government (09/08)
A tobacco company based on the Yakama Nation in Washington was just told to pay $58 million in federal taxes.

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Judge tells tobacco firm on Yakama Nation to pay $58M in taxes (09/05)
The King Mountain Tobacco Company cited the Yakama Treaty of 1855 and the General Allotment Act in a bid to gain a tax exemption.

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9th Circuit hears case over Yakama Nation tobacco manufacturer (08/29)
The King Mountain Tobacco Company is citing the 1855 Yakama Treaty to protect its right to market goods without state interference.

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President of Navajo Nation bans smoking in executive buildings (08/22)
The executive order bars commercial tobacco in all interior spaces and within 25 feet of entrances, windows and ventilation systems

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Shinnecock Nation asserts control over tobacco amid pressure (07/25)
The state has the highest tax in the nation and has been seizing shipments to tribal shops.

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MPR: Cancer hits hardest among American Indians in Minnesota (07/08)
Minnesota Public Radio reports on the high rates of cancer among American Indians in the state.

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Supreme Court won't hear appeal filed by Indian tobacco firm (06/23)
Native Wholesale Supply Company was fighting efforts to comply with state laws in Idaho and California.

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Seneca-Cayuga Tribe settles dispute over raid of smokeshop (06/13)
The tribe was accused of selling untaxed cigarettes.

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Oklahoma court affirms $47.7M judgment in tribal tobacco case (06/11)
Native Wholesale Supply went bankrupt in 2011 and has a petition pending before the Supreme Court in another case.

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Navajo Nation chapter backs ban on smoking in public places (05/28)
Community in New Mexico is the first on the reservation to take action.

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Indian Times: Weekly recap of news affecting Oklahoma tribes (05/19)
Tobacco compact, Indian education, federal nominees and the minimum wage were in the news.

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Native Sun News: Court backs Indian inmates over tobacco use (05/05)
On Friday, April 25, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling of Judge Karen Schreier that the South Dakota Department of Corrections cannot ban tobacco from Native American inmates using it for religious purposes.

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8th Circuit sides with Indian inmates in tobacco use lawsuit (04/28)
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Indian inmates in a dispute over tobacco use.

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Meskwaki Tribe ready to start construction on $6M travel plaza (04/25)
The Meskwaki Tribe of Iowa plans to open a $6 million travel plaza this fall.

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Crushplate: 10 disturbing facts about Indian Country health (04/23)
The Crushplate blog uncovers 10 disturbing facts regarding the health of Native Americans.

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Supreme Court takes no action on Indian tobacco petition (04/21)
The U.S. Supreme Court went back to work this morning with no new activity in an Indian tobacco case.

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