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Native Sun News Editorial: No honor in being called 'Redskin' (07/23)
In 1982, a column in the Lakota Times by Editor Tim Giago first addressed the issue of using American Indians as mascots for America’s fun and games.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City proclaims 'Year of Reconciliation' (06/18)
In the year 2015, the issue of racism is still front and center, although reconciliation was declared 25 years ago by Governor George Mickelson.

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Editorial: Newspaper association does not want to talk about race (06/05)
Many newspaper editors in South Dakota and North Dakota sort of shrink back into themselves when it comes to discussing the race relations between Indians and whites in their respective states.

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Tim Giago: Boot camp etched forever into the minds of veterans (05/25)
How many pushups did you have to do before you could shout out your serial number like you could your own name?

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Vince Two Eagles: The top 10 influential people in Indian Country (04/30)
Time magazine recently published their 100 Most Influential People List for this year. Unless I missed it, there were no Natives included in their list.

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Native Sun News: Tim Giago to discuss book on boarding school (04/28)
The former editor and publisher of Native Sun News will be a guest on Karl Gerke’s afternoon talk show on South Dakota Public Radio.

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Tim Giago hands over the reins as publisher of Native Sun News (03/27)
The largest weekly newspaper in South Dakota will be in the hands of two Lakota women.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux leader not pleased with boycott (03/26)
A resolution passed by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council erroneously listed Rapid City Attorney Patrick Duffy as a writer for the Rapid City Journal and advised stores selling the Journal on the reservation to refrain from doing so.

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Native Sun News: Tribe seeks boycott of Rapid City newspaper (03/24)
Mistakes in journalism are a daily and frequent occurrence; stories are retracted, apologies are often made.

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Native Sun News: Ernestine Chasing Hawk takes over as editor (03/18)
Ernestine Chasing Hawk will be promoted to editor of the Native Sun News effective April 1

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Tim Giago: Reaching another milestone after 37 years of writing (02/23)
I have been writing a weekly column, or 'blog' as it is now called, since 1978 or 37 years. And aside from that I have been publishing a weekly newspaper since 1981, 34 years.

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Tim Giago: Racism continues to be tolerated in South Dakota (02/16)
South Dakota in general and Rapid City in particular, appear to have cornered the 2015 market on racism, inequality and lack of justice.

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Tim Giago: Incident shows racism is alive and well in Rapid City (02/02)
The ironies of the racial incident at the Rush hockey game at the Rapid City Civic Center are numerous.

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Tim Giago: Racism is racism no matter how you chant it or chop it (01/06)
The Seminole Indians of Florida have allowed the white football fans of the FSU Seminoles to take their time-honored name and cut it in half so it comes out as NOLES.

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Tim Giago: Remember the victims of massacre at Wounded Knee (12/22)
On December 29, 1890, the troops of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry slaughtered nearly 300 men, women and children at the Pine Ridge Reservation community of Wounded Knee.

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Tim Giago: Think unity and fun at Olympics of Indian basketball (12/16)
When the Lakota people hear the acronym 'LNI' they know exactly what it means.

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Tim Giago: We call ourselves survivors of the boarding schools (12/01)
The system of education wrought upon the indigenous people of America is largely unknown to the general American public.

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Tim Giago: Cornflakes every Sunday at Indian boarding school (11/24)
After church Monday through Saturday we reported to the school dining hall where we were almost always served yellow cornmeal mush.

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Tim Giago: The final Indian war in America is about to begin (11/17)
Violating the human and religious rights of a people in order to create jobs and low cost fuel is the worst form of capitalism.

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James Giago Davies: Newspaper proves dreams can come true (11/14)
News reports from Indian Country have evolved over the years. It most often consisted of petty gossip, ego-driven squabbles or blatant nepotism.

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