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Tim Giago: Lakota and Pueblo Indians on Pine Ridge Reservation (07/28)
We were all one big family of Lakota and Pueblo Indians living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation thanks to the Texas ranchers who sent their cattle through New Mexico to Dakota Territory.

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Tim Giago: Treat alcoholism and drug addictions as diseases (07/21)
The consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs is a disease and it must be attacked as a disease.

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Tim Giago: Still climbing the hill after 8 decades in Indian Country (07/07)
On July 12 I will be climbing on the hill of my 8th decade on this Maka Ina (Mother Earth).

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Tim Giago: Tea Party continues its cowardly path in US politics (06/30)
By assuming the name of a group of cowardly white men who tried to place the blame of their criminal actions on the Indian people the Tea Party has proven that they have a one-sided view of American history.

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Tim Giago: Indian warriors who fought Custer deserve honor too (06/23)
It was on June 25, 1876, 138 years ago, that George Armstrong Custer and his Seventh Cavalry suffered their worst defeat.

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Tim Giago: South Dakota media must talk about mascot issues (06/16)
Although we report the news we also must be an advocate for the Indian people and we must stand up for the rights and justice for Native Americans.

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Tim Giago: Native youth lose connection to ancestral languages (06/11)
Are the young people in your classrooms texting in English or Lakota?

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Tim Giago: Cobell settlement is a massive case of incompetence (06/02)
The Cobell lawyers didn’t have the patience and sadly, many Indian people didn’t have the patience to see the suit taken to a just conclusion.

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Tim Giago: Build Indian holocaust museum at Wounded Knee (05/28)
It would be prophetic if the Oglala Sioux Tribe would build a holocaust museum to educate and to remind the world of what happened to the indigenous people.

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Tim Giago: Class of 2014 walks in the footsteps of great warriors (05/19)
If I was to give a graduation speech this year I would in all probability begin by stating the obvious.

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Tim Giago: We have lost too many great leaders in recent years (05/15)
We saw the passing of Billy Frank, Jr., a man who stood up for Indian rights when it wasn’t a popular thing to do.

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Clara Caufield: Sharing Cheyenne stories with a wider audience (05/02)
I’m not a trained journalist, just a scribbler.

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Tim Giago: America continues to ignore poverty on reservations (05/01)
Two things happened this week that are maddening.

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Tim Giago: Taking a trip down memory lane with Lakota Times (04/24)
A brand new newspaper calling itself the Lakota Times hit the streets of the Pine Ridge Reservation for the first time on July 1, 1981.

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Native Sun News: Paper brings home four first place awards (04/17)
The South Dakota Newspaper Association’s annual conference brings together the top journalists and news outlets from around the state each year.

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Dean Chavers: Indian journalism owes big debt to Tim Giago (04/16)
Dr. Dean Chavers, the director of Catching the Dream, praises journalist and publisher Tim Giago.

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Clara Caufield: Racist mascots, or standing up for what's right (04/04)
Dimly aware of the Redskins mascot controversy, it has not been a burning issue for many of us Northern Cheyenne.

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Tim Giago: The man who called for 'extermination' of the Lakota (03/24)
In 1891, just six days after the merciless slaughter of nearly 300 Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee, Frank Baum called for the extermination of the Lakota people.

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Tim Giago: Indian opposition to Keystone XL finally makes news (03/12)
Native Sun News Health and Environment Editor, Talli Nauman, has been writing about the Keystone XL Pipeline for our newspaper since 2009.

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Tim Giago: Remembering all of the Native American journalists (03/10)
A handful of Native Americans that have spent their lives as newspaper reporters, editors or publishers are wondering where journalism is headed in Indian Country.

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