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Native Sun News: Paper brings home four first place awards (04/17)
The South Dakota Newspaper Association’s annual conference brings together the top journalists and news outlets from around the state each year.

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Dean Chavers: Indian journalism owes big debt to Tim Giago (04/16)
Dr. Dean Chavers, the director of Catching the Dream, praises journalist and publisher Tim Giago.

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Clara Caufield: Racist mascots, or standing up for what's right (04/04)
Dimly aware of the Redskins mascot controversy, it has not been a burning issue for many of us Northern Cheyenne.

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Tim Giago: The man who called for 'extermination' of the Lakota (03/24)
In 1891, just six days after the merciless slaughter of nearly 300 Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee, Frank Baum called for the extermination of the Lakota people.

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Tim Giago: Indian opposition to Keystone XL finally makes news (03/12)
Native Sun News Health and Environment Editor, Talli Nauman, has been writing about the Keystone XL Pipeline for our newspaper since 2009.

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Tim Giago: Remembering all of the Native American journalists (03/10)
A handful of Native Americans that have spent their lives as newspaper reporters, editors or publishers are wondering where journalism is headed in Indian Country.

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Tim Giago: Liberty and justice for all -- except Native Americans (03/03)
As I sat on at the podium in Washington, D. C., 20 years ago, I looked at the great African American women seated next to me.

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Tim Giago: Creating a holocaust museum at Wounded Knee (02/10)
As a child I rode a tricycle on the sidewalks of Wounded Knee with my playmate Joanne Gildersleeve, the daughter of Clive and Agnes.

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Tim Giago: What I'd do with the billions of Buffett and Gates (02/03)
As a long-time journalist, author and dreamer, I dream, dreams that will never be fulfilled, but they are dreams that I know are not impossible, but they are tiny dreams on the big scale that is America.

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Tim Giago: The great escape from the Indian mission school (01/27)
My friend Pete Cummings and I had never seen any movies about great escapes so we had no prior knowledge about how to approach such an event.

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