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FBI broke rules in probe into Keystone XL Pipeline opponents (05/13)
Agents failed to secure permission from top officials as they investigated a group called Tar Sands Blockade.

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Distributor brings beef produced on reservations to the market (04/20)
Labatt Food Service of Texas is on a mission to bring Native American beef to the masses.

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Public schools in Texas adjust policies after Apache boy's case (04/10)
A young member of the Lipan Apache Tribe had to go to court to fight for his right to wear long hair to school.

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Education Department cites increase in Indian graduation rate (03/16)
During the 2012-2013 school year, 69.7 percent of Indian students finished high school, an improvement from the two years prior.

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Religious leader of non-recognized tribe reclaims eagle feathers (03/10)
Federal agents attended a powwow in March 2006 and seized eagle feathers and regalia.

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Nita Battise sworn in as new leader of Alabama-Coushatta Tribe (03/05)
Nita Battise is the first chairperson to be elected by popular vote.

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Judge orders self-proclaimed 'shaman' back to custody in Texas (01/29)
Iron Thunderhorse claims he walked all the way to Connecticut to be with his 'ancestors.'

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Tunica-Biloxi Tribe expands economy with grilled cheese eatery (01/06)
The tribe's economic development company will bring five Tom + Chee locations to Texas.

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Self-proclaimed 'shaman' left custody and walked to Connecticut (12/04)
Iron Thunderhorse, who claims to be Quinnipiac, walked away from a halfway house where he was serving a 99-year sentence.

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Texas couple accused of selling fake tribal membership cards (10/31)
Immigrants were told that the fake 'Yamassee' documents would prevent them from being deported.

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Opinion: Cherokee Nation loses land to land grab a century ago (09/09)
Author discusses the Land Run of 1893, in which land promised to the Cherokee Nation by treaty was open to settlers.

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Opinion: Caddo language word for 'friendly' gave name to Texas (09/09)
Historian explains how the presence of the Caddo Nation is still felt in Texas.

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Atakapa Ishak Nation aims to gain federal recognition through BIA (09/03)
The tribe filed a letter stating its intent to petition in 2007, according to the Office of Federal Acknowledgment.

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Gyasi Ross: Struggle continues as Navajo boy sent home over hair (09/03)
Gyasi Ross says history repeats itself as Native boy is sent home from school for having long hair.

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DaShanne Stokes: State-recognized tribes need eagle feathers too (09/02)
DaShanne Stokes urges Indian Country to support the use of eagle feathers by members of state-recognized tribes.

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Five-year-old Navajo boy sent home from school for his long hair (08/28)
The boy's parents had to prove his tribal affiliation before he was allowed to attend kindergarten classes.

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Texas authorities seek information about skull at Goodwill store (08/27)
Donation marks the second time this year that Goodwill has received a donation of human remains.

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Non-recognized tribe in Texas hails ruling in eagle feather case (08/26)
The court held that the Interior Department failed to explain why Indians who are members of non-recognized tribes can't possess eagle feathers.

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Brian Pierson: Recent federal court decisions affecting Indian law (08/19)
Attorney Brian Pierson reviews some recent federal court decisions affecting Indian Country.

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Alabama-Coushatta Tribe refutes claim of support for NFL team (08/07)
Chairman Ronnie Thomas said the tribe supports NCAI and USET in their fight against racist mascots.

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