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Bryan Terry: Honor Sequoyah with statue at Tennessee capitol (06/29)
As a Tennessee legislator with membership in a federally recognized tribe, I have a unique perspective on the situation and I feel that it is my duty to step up during this debate and offer another point of view.

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Tennessee groups file civil rights suit over recognition status (05/13)
The Remnant Yuchi Nation, the Tanasi Tribe and the United Eastern Lenape Tribe are seeking more than $60 million in damages.

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JoDe Goudy: Yakama Nation committed to well-being of children (03/12)
We will continue to monitor this situation carefully to ensure Desi’s safety, health and wellbeing.

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Yakama Nation woman fights tribe for custody of 12-year-old (03/04)
The tribe is reportedly objecting to surgery for the boy.

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Choctaw Nation issues citizenship to family in child custody case (02/02)
Chief Gary Batton became personally involved in order to prevent the adoption of a newborn.

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Albert Bender: Indian fighter stole Cherokee Nation's land (11/10)
A fraudulent treaty resulted in the theft of land from the Cherokee Nation in present-day Tennessee.

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Students in Tennessee display 'Trail of Tears' banner at game (11/21)
Students at a public high school in Tennessee brought a 'Trail of Tears' banner to a football playoff game last week, Mother Jones reports.

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Cherokee tribes to rebury remains discovered in Tennessee (09/12)
The three federally-recognized Cherokee tribes will be reburying the remains of 15 ancestors that were uncovered in Tennessee.

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Indian trust reform commission meets in Tennessee on April 29 (04/12)
The National Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform will meet April 29 in Nashville, Tennessee. Among other topics, the commission will hear from members of the United South and...

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Letter: Groups in Tennessee lack connection to real tribes (04/16)
"The subject this time is tribal recognition in Tennessee. The issue failed again this session, thankfully sent away to summer study. The truth as you should know it is that...

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Bill to recognize six groups in Tennessee put off for a year (04/11)
A bill to recognize six groups in Tennessee has been delayed a year, The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports. The Senate State and Local Government narrowly voted 5-4 last week...

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Bill to recognize six groups in Tennessee narrowly advances (04/04)
A bill to recognize six groups in Tennessee advanced by a 5-4 split on Tuesday. The Senate State and Local Government was tied 4-4 before Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R)...

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BIA issues final decision against Central Band of Cherokees (03/26)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has issued a final determination against federal recognition for the Central Band of Cherokee, a group in Tennessee. The BIA said the group did not...

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WPLN: Tribal recognition bill in Tennessee draws complaints (03/21)
"State lawmakers today found themselves asked to determine exactly who should be considered Native American. Supporters of three “remnant” tribes say federal dollars and cultural identity are at stake. Kingsport...

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Indian Association of Tennessee faces loss of federal grant (01/26)
The Native American Indian Association of Tennessee could lose a $248,000 federal grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The organization plans to use the money to build...

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