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Onondaga Nation is negotiations over tobacco taxation issue (04/17)
The Onondaga Nation of New York is in negotiations with federal authorities over a tobacco tax issue.

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City in New York to drop legal battles against Oneida Nation (04/16)
The city of Oneida, New York, is ending litigation against the Oneida Nation.

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Judge won't force Puyallup Tribe to comply with IRS levy request (04/14)
The Puyallup Tribe of Washington has prevailed in a taxation dispute with the Internal Revenue Service.

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Opinion: City looking for agreement with tribes over sales taxes (04/10)
Keith Hall, a commissioner in Shawnee, Oklahoma, says the city wants to reach agreement with tribes over the taxation of goods sold to non-Indians.

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Citizen Potawatomi Nation objects to mediation for sales taxes (04/09)
The Citizen Potawatomi Nation questioned why the city of Shawnee, Oklahoma, is pursuing mediation over sales taxes.

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John Kane: New York governor keeps secret tribal tobacco rules (04/09)
John Kane says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) won't disclose its tobacco taxation policy despite requests for information dating back years.

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New York sues FedEx for delivering cigarettes from Indian firms (04/01)
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed suit against FedEx, accusing the shipping giant of violating state and federal law by delivering cigarettes from smoke shops in Indian Country.

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Oklahoma might side with city in dispute over tribes and taxes (03/27)
The state of Oklahoma might step into a sales tax dispute between the city of Shawnee and four tribes, Cherokee Nation Attorney General Todd Hembree said.

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Oklahoma tribes meet with city to discuss dispute over sales tax (03/25)
Leaders of four tribes met with the city of Shawnee, Oklahoma, on Monday to discuss a dispute over sales taxes.

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Notah Begay: Support bigger tax on junk foods on Navajo Nation (03/24)
Golfer Notah Begay supports a bill to increase the tax on junk foods on the Navajo Nation.

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