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More Native youth arrive in nation's capital for UNITY conference (07/10)
The excitement from the historic White House Tribal Youth Gathering is carrying over to another big event.

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Washington NFL team plans to appeal decision in trademark case (07/09)
The long-running dispute isn't over as the team vows to win by taking the case to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Supporters open national prayer days to protect sacred places (06/19)
The annual event draws attention to the threats facing sacred sites across the United States.

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Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes host honoring for Suzan Shown Harjo (04/15)
The homecoming celebration takes place at the Concho Community Hall in Concho, Oklahoma, on Friday.

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National Congress of American Indians set for winter conference (02/23)
Tribal leaders will hear from top Obama administration officials and key members of Congress.

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Museum hosts play and panel on Jim Thorpe repatriation dispute (02/11)
An appeals court has refused to return the remains of the legendary athlete to his sons.

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Judge allows NFL team lawsuit against young Native activists (11/26)
The team is suing the six young activists in federal court in Virginia.

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Suzan Shown Harjo to receive Medal of Freedom at White House (11/24)
The ceremony will be webcast at 2:15pm Eastern time.

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Suzan Shown Harjo to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom (11/11)
The activist has been at the forefront of major pieces of Indian legislation and is well known for her fight against racist mascots.

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NMAI hosts symposium on treaties to coincide with new exhibit (09/16)
The agenda includes Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, activist Suzan Shown Harjo and journalist Mark Trahant.

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Tim Giago: NFL team's mascot will slowly fade like an old soldier (08/11)
I started writing locally about the use of the word 'Redskins' in 1982 and I wrote about it nationally for Newsweek Magazine in the January 27, 1992 issue.

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Suzan Shown Harjo: Fight against racist mascots just beginning (06/24)
Activist Suzan Shown Harjo says the decision in Blackhorse v. Pro Football Inc is just one more victory in the fight against racist mascots.

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Washington NFL team remains defiant after losing trademarks (06/19)
Another court battle awaits young Native activists who proved the team's marks are disparaging.

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Patent office cancels trademarks for Washington football team (06/18)
Six young Native activists showed that the trademarks were disparaging.

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Native Sun News: Offensive mascots may be in jeopardy (01/22)
For a number of years, efforts have been made to change offensive mascots in the professional sports world, but two recent developments may signal that these efforts are finally bearing fruit.

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Mark Trahant: New Year awaits stories from Indian Country (01/08)
So what are the Indian Country’s stories for 2014? The long view stories will continue to unfold.

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NCAI hosts Capitol Hill briefing on 'Indian' mascots on Thursday (12/03)
The National Congress of American Indians will host a briefing on Capitol Hill on Thursday to discuss the use of 'Indian' mascots.

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Suzan Harjo: Washington football team sinks to another low (11/26)
Suzan Shown Harjo, the lead plaintiff in the original complaint against the trademarks of the Washington professional football team, discusses 'honoring' of Navajo Code Talkers during a game.

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Highlights from Day 1 of National Congress of American Indians (10/15)
Highlights from the opening day of the National Congress of American Indians 70th annual convention.

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Suzan Shown Harjo still leading battle against racist mascots (10/10)
Activist Suzan Shown Harjo remains committed to ridding the sports world of racist mascots.

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