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New eatery serves up Indian tacos and bannock burgers (07/21)
Neechie's Pizzeria & Taco opened to brisk business in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Report confirms high rate of HIV infections among First Nations (06/03)
The rate on reserves in Saskatchewan is 11 times higher than that of Canada.

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Court orders more time for abuse at Native residential school (05/05)
A dormitory supervisor who was sentenced to three years for abusing Native boys will have to serve eight years instead.

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Manitoba agrees to pay funeral bill for murdered Native woman (04/16)
Angela Poorman, 29, was murdered in Winnipeg last December. Her case remains unsolved.

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Metis Nation of Saskatchewan closes doors after losing funds (03/31)
The governing organization lost its federal funds amid an internal leadership dispute.

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Native boy with rare disease granted wish to join favorite team (03/30)
Garrett Gamble Jr., 11, signed a one-day contract and served as a puck dropper with the Toronto Maple Leafs during a winning game.

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Police officer who kicked Native man reinstated in Saskatchewan (03/30)
Eddie Stonechild was kicked to the ground and hit his head on a concrete wall. The officer was convicted but the verdict was overturned.

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Assembly of First Nations elects Perry Bellegarde as new leader (12/11)
The new chief said Canada won't be able to approve energy projects without the consent of First Nations.

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First Nations face loss of funds over failure to submit salaries (11/26)
The Onion Lake Cree Nation filed suit to prevent the government from cutting its funds.

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Native woman faces alleged attacker in court after brutal assault (10/03)
Marlene Bird, 47, was nearly killed and had to have her legs amputated.

Filed Under: Canada | Law
Officer investigated for 'drunk uneducated animals' comment (09/18)
The officer posted derogatory comments about Native people on Facebook.

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Native boy found safe after going missing for nearly 24 hours (08/20)
The boy apparently spent the night outside. He was found wearing just a t-shirt but does not appear to have suffered any injuries.

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Native woman who suffered vicious attack remains in hospital (07/17)
Marlene Bird is grateful for the public support she has received since the June 1 incident.

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Native woman remains in hospital after attack in Saskatchewan (06/16)
Authorities say solving the case is a top priority.

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Native woman in stable condition after attack in Saskatchewan (06/09)
Marlene Darlene Bird, 47, suffered severe burns and had to have one of her legs amputated.

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Report released into death of boy on reserve in Saskatchewan (05/15)
Six-year-old boy was killed and authorities said a 10-year-old boy was to blame.

Filed Under: Canada | Law
Native woman faces charges over fatal crash in Saskatchewan (05/14)
Cheyann Peeteetuce faces charges in connection with the deaths of two teenage students.

Filed Under: Canada | Law
Man charged for murders of two Native women in Saskatchewan (05/09)
A Saskatchewan man has been charged for murdering two Native women.

Filed Under: Canada | Education | Opinion
Doug Cuthand: Native education reform bill being rushed through (05/02)
Doug Cuthand says the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations must move quickly to oppose the controversial First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act.

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Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations adopts budget cuts (03/27)
The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations adopted budget cuts at a special meeting on Wednesday.

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