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Native Sun News: Tribes worried about Black Hills uranium mines (09/10)
In the wake of federal hearings about reopening uranium mines and milling in Black Hills treaty territory, members of the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board must decide if Native American sacred sites would be adequately preserved.

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Eastern Cherokees pass resolution to seek return of sacred site (09/05)
Tribal leaders say the town of Franklin hasn't taken good care of the Nikwasi Mound.

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Navajo Nation tourism proposal in Grand Canyon stirs controversy (09/04)
The $150 million Grand Canyon Escalade includes a tramway that will carry tourists to the floor of the park.

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Native Sun News: Tribes take on Air Force over expansion plan (08/26)
During a historic meeting, the Coalition of Large Tribes, the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council and the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association have banded together to support the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in protecting culturally significant sites and reservation lands.

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County delays decision on mine opposed by New Mexico tribes (08/13)
Tribal leaders are worried about the impact on sacred and sensitive sites.

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NPR: Grand Canyon developer says plan won't harm sacred sites (08/05)
NPR reports on a controversial Navajo Nation tourism project at the bottom of Grand Canyon National Park.

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Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe reports vandalism at sacred rock (08/04)
Someone spray-painted a message on the 43-million-year-old Tamanowas Rock.

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Ivan Star Comes Out: Group disturbs tranquility at Bear Butte (07/25)
Mato Paha has been a sacred site to the northern tribes for thousands of years.

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County drops opposition to CSKT land-into-trust application (07/22)
Dispute over sacred site stirred emotions and racist sentiments.

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Winter King: Protecting sacred sites after Supreme Court case (07/16)
Attorney Winter King wonders if the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby can protect the sacred San Francisco Peaks.

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Volunteer program helps protect historic tribal sites in California (07/08)
Volunteers work with park rangers to check for looting and vandalism.

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NPS worried about Navajo Nation's Grand Canyon tourism plans (07/07)
The Grand Canyon Escalade includes a tramway that will carry tourists to the floor of the Grand Canyon.

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Native Sun News: Mahto Tipila threatened by mining proposals (07/02)
A Prayer Gathering for the protection of sacred and burial sites is set for June 28 at Mahto Tipila.

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Ruth Hopkins: Sioux leaders to meet with Obama for Black Hills (06/30)
Ruth Hopkins explains the significance of the Black Hills and previews upcoming talks with President Barack Obama.

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Followers of 'medicine man' face charges for planting marijuana (06/20)
Members of Karuk Tribe became suspicious when they saw outsiders at sacred dance ground.

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Shinnecock Nation stops bulldozers from crossing beach site (06/12)
Landowner agrees to talk to the tribe after bulldozers tried to cross sacred beach property.

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Secretary Jewell links Las Vegas shooters to outspoken rancher (06/11)
Two people who went to Cliven Bundy's ranch targeted and killed police officers.

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Tribes take role in major railroad safety upgrades across nation (06/04)
Tribes are eligible for grants to help implement railroad upgrades.

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Olivya Caballero: Keystone XL battle mirrors Black Hills struggle (05/21)
A few weeks ago the people from the Cowboy Indian Alliance led a march on Washington in protest of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

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Native Sun News: Uranium mining poses threat to sacred sites (05/19)
A bird’s-eye view of the corridor stretching from Mt. Taylor westward to Chaco Canyon is filled with sacred sites and ancient roads made by the native Puebloan and Diné people.

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