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Native Sun News: Candidate wants Obama to meet with tribes (07/23)
Senate candidate Larry Pressler wants tribes in South Dakota to help him host a presidential visit.

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Rep. Young offers explanation for inaction on land-into-trust fix (07/15)
The top Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee is calling the shots.

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ICT interview with Rep. Daines on election and Indian issues (07/14)
Rep. Steve Daines (R-Montana) discusses his Senate campaign and Indian issues.

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GOP accepts money from Poarch Creeks as candidate slams tribe (07/03)
Instead of identifying the tribe as the sponsor, the party named Buford Rolin, the chairman at the time.

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Tim Giago: Tea Party continues its cowardly path in US politics (06/30)
By assuming the name of a group of cowardly white men who tried to place the blame of their criminal actions on the Indian people the Tea Party has proven that they have a one-sided view of American history.

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Governor's no-show at NCAI conference spurs ethics complaint (06/26)
Alaska Native candidate accuses the governor of ignoring Native people.

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Senate candidates support federal recognition for Lumbee Tribe (06/25)
Republicans and Democrats alike have long supported the tribe.

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Chickasaw candidate T.W. Shannon defeated in Senate campaign (06/25)
There won't be another tribal member in the halls of Congress anytime soon.

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Chickasaw candidate T.W. Shannon in final stretch for Senate nod (06/20)
Polls show a tight race as Chickasaw citizens head into primary vote.

Filed Under: Abramoff Scandal | Politics
House leader who opposed VAWA ousted in Republican primary (06/11)
Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) had a horrible record on Indian issues.

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Oneida Nation donates $100K to support Republican candidate (06/09)
Tribe supports Rep. Richard Hanna in Republican primary against Claudia Tenney.

Filed Under: Cobell | Politics
Lawmakers want tribes to run Cobell land buy-back program (06/06)
Deadline to spend $1.9 billion in land consolidation funds ends in November 2022.

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Steven Newcomb: Racism still alive and well at Supreme Court (06/06)
Justice Scalia referred to Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) as belonging to a conquered race.

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Energy bill fails in Senate in dispute over Keystone XL Pipeline (05/13)
A energy bill with widespread support failed in the Senate on Monday in a partisan dispute over the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

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Steve Russell: Racism emerges in Oklahoma Senate campaign (05/12)
Steve Russell discuss the challenges facing T.W. Shannon, a member of the Chickasaw Nation who is running for Senate.

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Brandon Ecoffey: Some GOP candidates fail to impress at forum (05/06)
With an open mind I attended the GOP forum hosted by the South Dakota Newspaper Association to see if one of the five Republican candidates present has what it takes

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Republican candidate with tribal ties runs for Senate in Montana (05/05)
Susan Cundiff, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Montana, has tribal ties.

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Chickasaw candidate faces questions about tribal connections (05/05)
T.W. Shannon, a member of the Chickasaw Nation, has launched an historic campaign for the U.S. Senate seat but not all of his fellow Republicans are on board.

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Mark Trahant: Dueling budget proposals impact Indian programs (04/09)
All you need to know about the November election is found in dueling documents: Paul Ryan’s budget and the House Democratic alternative.

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Native Sun News: Native Republican in race for Arizona governor (04/08)
John Molina, a Native American who grew up in the tiny village of Guadalupe, has thrown his hat in to the Arizona gubernatorial race.

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