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Save Oak Flat caravan leaves Arizona for journey to nation's capital (07/07)
The Apache Stronghold group will be crossing several states as they make their way to Washington, D.C., for events on July 21 and July 22.

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Indian Country rallies to return Jim Thorpe back home to Oklahoma (07/06)
The National Congress of American Indians, the Native American Rights Fund and current and former members of Congress are supporting repatriation of the legendary athlete.

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Editorial: Repatriate Jim Thorpe to Sac and Fox Nation in Oklahoma (06/08)
The burial site of Native American sports legend Jim Thorpe matters deeply to his sons and members of the Sac and Fox Nation in Oklahoma.

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Sac and Fox Nation launches campaign to bring Jim Thorpe home (06/04)
The effort comes as the tribe and the surviving sons of the legendary athlete filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Sac and Fox Nation asks Supreme Court to hear Jim Thorpe case (06/02)
The legendary athlete was about to buried on tribal land in Oklahoma in 1953 when his widow had the body taken to Pennsylvania instead.

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Youth from three tribes to explore ancestral Delaware homeland (04/29)
The Delaware Nation, the Delaware Tribe and the Stockbridge-Munsee Community are sending 15 youth to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Aboriginal homeland of the Six Nations (03/17)
The total land holdings for the Iroquois is 88,716 acres of the original 25,000,000, about 0.034 percent of the ancestral Haudenosaunee territory in New York State.

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Opinion: Eliminating racist mascot was the right thing to do (02/17)
When I raised my hand to vote in a classroom at Neshaminy High School nearly 18 months ago, I was unaware of the battle I was about to ignite as editor-in-chief of The Playwickian, my school's newspaper.

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Museum hosts play and panel on Jim Thorpe repatriation dispute (02/11)
An appeals court has refused to return the remains of the legendary athlete to his sons.

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Skull reportedly from Gettysburg turns out to be Indian person (02/06)
The skull was part of a collection that was due to be auctioned last year

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3rd Circuit won't reconsider decision in Jim Thorpe NAGPRA case (02/04)
The legendary athlete's sons can now petition the Supreme Court to review the dispute.

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Harlan McKosato: It's time to bring Jim Thorpe home to Oklahoma (12/22)
After his death in April 1953 his third wife Patricia Askew Thorpe, a non-Indian, burst into Thorpe’s traditional Sac and Fox funeral wake with Oklahoma state troopers at her side.

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3rd Circuit won't force town to repatriate Jim Thorpe's remains (10/23)
The legendary athlete's sons want to bring him home to Oklahoma where he was due to be buried in 1953.

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Student newspaper punished over refusal to print the R-word (09/18)
The paper's student co-editor was suspended for a month and the faculty adviser was suspended for two days.

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Town appeals decision to return Jim Thorpe's remains to family (09/05)
Opening briefs are due September 23 in the repatriation case of Jim Thorpe, the legendary athlete whose remains are buried in Pennsylvania.

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Native Sun News: Death rate cover-up at Carlisle Indian School (09/05)
The research of Preston McBride, a recent graduate of Dartmouth’s MALS graduate program, sheds new light on the history of the Carlisle Indian school and the place in history of the school’s founder Capt. Richard Henry Pratt.

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Column: Winnebago woman was one of first Indian film stars (06/18)
Lillian St. Cyr, a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, was a film star who Carlisle Indian School.

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Community to appeal decision in Jim Thorpe reburial dispute (05/13)
The remains of Jim Thorpe won't be returned to Oklahoma any time soon despite a federal judge's decision favoring the legendary athlete's sons. Judge A. Richard Caputo ordered the borough...

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Editorial: A final resting place for the legendary Jim Thorpe (04/30)
The New York Times on the battle to rebury the remains of legendary athlete Jim Thorpe in Oklahoma: A bittersweet restlessness has long been tied to the legend of Jim...

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Oneida Nation makes donation to American Revolution museum (07/10)
The Oneida Nation of New York will make a donation to the Museum of the American Revolution in Pennsylvania. The Oneidas sided with the colonists during the Revolutionary War. They...

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