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Cherokee Nation signs hunting and fishing compact with state (05/29)
The agreement will allow tribal members to hunt anywhere in the state without buying a license.

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Osage Nation expects to see offers from land buy-back program (05/28)
The tribe signed a cooperative agreement with the Interior Department to engage in outreach with individual Indian landowners.

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Secretary Jewell leads delegation to Indian school in Oklahoma (05/26)
Federal officials will be visiting Riverside Indian School to talk about issues facing Native youth.

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Updated witness list for SCIA hearing on economic development (05/26)
The field hearing takes place at the Anadarko High School Auditorium in Anadarko, Oklahoma.

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Cherokee Nation sues pharmaceutical firms over drug products (05/22)
The tribe is concerned about drugs that were dispensed at one of its health care facilities.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds field hearing in Oklahoma (05/21)
Sen. James Lankford (R), a new member of the Senate, will chair the hearing in Anadarko.

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Judge won't require school to allow eagle feather at graduation (05/21)
Hayden Layne Griffith is graduating from high school in Oklahoma today and will likely have to walk without her eagle feather.

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Review: 'Hoop Jumper' offers look at allotment era in Oklahoma (05/21)
'Hoop Jumper,' by Tulsa native Vicki Lynn Mooney, premiered Thursday in the basement CitySpace Theatre at Civic Center Music Hall.

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Indian student in federal court over right to wear eagle feather (05/20)
Hayden Layne Griffith is due to graduate tomorrow and has been told she can't wear an eagle feather in her cap.

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Jay Daniels: Indian Country forced to choose among two evils (05/20)
Indian country is faced with a tremendous quandary. Live without realizing economic development in areas where development isn’t always fully viable.

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George Tiger seeks re-election as leader of Muscogee Nation (05/19)
The chief was facing a removal petition but opponents failed to gather enough signatures to order an impeachment hearing.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation building for a brighter future (05/19)
Business is booming in the Cherokee Nation. What we didn’t expect was to what extent our economic footprint had grown—by more than 50 percent over the last four years.

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Senate Committee on Indian Affairs sets two more hearings (05/18)
A hearing in Washington, D.C., focuses on water rights and a field hearing in Oklahoma will look at economic development.

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Osage Nation fires officer who was involved in fatal accident (05/15)
Shawn Watashe, a member of the Muscogee Nation, was killed on May 1 after he was struck by a police vehicle.

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House subcommittee hearing on land-into-trust turns heated (05/14)
Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) lashed out against the National Congress of American Indians and a Democratic colleague after the motivation for the hearing was questioned.

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Cherokee Nation father supports Indian Child Welfare Act rule (05/14)
Dusten Brown hopes the Obama administration's regulation will prevent other Indian families from suffering the removal of their children.

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Delaware Tribe backs student's right to wear eagle feather (05/12)
Hayden Layne Griffith, 18, wants to wear an eagle feather on her graduation cap next week.

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Cherokee Nation reports record $829M in business revenues (05/12)
Operating income at Cherokee Nation Businesses $105 million, an increase of eight percent.

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Law Article: Let the eagle feathers fly at school graduations (05/08)
This is not the first time an Oklahoma school district has prohibited a Native American student from demonstrating a sincere form of cultural and religious expression during one of life’s most significant occasions.

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American Indian Cultural Center and Museum stuck in limbo (05/08)
The facility sits unfinished in Oklahoma City and needs another $80 million before it can open to the public.

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