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Cherokee Nation celebrates births of first calves from bison herd (04/23)
The last six months have proven quite productive for the herd -- nine calves have been born since April 8.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation language programs are working (04/22)
Part of my sworn oath as principal chief is to preserve, promote and advance the language and culture of the Cherokee Nation.

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Kaw Nation to return to ancestral land in Kansas for ceremony (04/22)
The tribe has been acquiring ancestral land in a state it was forced out of nearly 150 years ago.

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Steve Russell: Shocking students with the truth about US history (04/17)
The horrors of President Jackson’s Removal and the widespread and sometimes violent resistance to allotment of our reservations that created Oklahoma were threats to our immediate ancestors we learned about at home or did not learn.

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National Park Service releases eight grants for NAGPRA efforts (04/15)
The grants were awarded to tribes in Alaska, California, Michigan and Oklahoma.

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Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes host honoring for Suzan Shown Harjo (04/15)
The homecoming celebration takes place at the Concho Community Hall in Concho, Oklahoma, on Friday.

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Connecticut tribes support state's efforts against online lenders (04/14)
The Mashantucket and Mohegan tribes are siding with the state against a fellow tribe from Oklahoma.

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Indian attorneys take a stand and denounce tribal disenrollment (04/13)
With the federal courts and the Bureau of Indian Affairs unlikely to intervene, the National Native American Bar Association is calling on lawyers to address the situation.

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Editorial: Tribal online lending operations deserve state scrutiny (04/13)
The real lenders, the ones who are raking in the incredible profits, are unscrupulous lenders with no claim to sovereignty.

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Idaho and Oregon clash over Chief Joseph statue at US Capitol (04/13)
The governor of Idaho is staking a claim to the Nez Perce leader while Oregon considers him as its representative in the National Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C.

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Annual journey along Potawatomi Trail of Death being held in June (04/09)
In 1838, the Potawatomi people were forced to walk 660 miles from their homelands in Indiana to Kansas.

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Clara Caufield: Remembering the homecoming of Chief Little Wolf (04/09)
On a cold spring day, April 1, 1879, Chief Little Wolf and 114 fellow Northern Cheyenne reached the Elk River (the Yellowstone) near present day Miles City, Montana.

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Comanche Nation examines historic lance owned by famed chief (04/07)
The lance was owned by Quanah Parker and dates to the 1870s.

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Otoe-Missouria Tribe wages campaign to protect online lending (04/07)
A group called Institute for Liberty launched Native Kids First after the state of Connecticut went after the tribe's lending operation.

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Chickasaw Nation sets walk to raise awareness of sexual assault (04/01)
The seventh annual Stomp Out Sexual Assault Walk takes place April 11 in Ada, Oklahoma.

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Mary Grayson: Cherokee Nation race loses only female candidate (04/01)
Could it have been her credentials and years of experience in tribal governance that caused the only female candidate running in 2015 for Chief of the Cherokee Nation to suddenly, and without warning, drop out.

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Non-Indian adoption group disputes BIA's new ICWA guidelines (03/31)
The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys submitted written comments yet claims it wasn't consulted by the Obama administration.

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Dennis Chappabitty: How I survived a racist attack in Oklahoma (03/31)
I engaged in a pitched, life-and-death, brutal, bloody battle with four racist young white men on a lonely dark rural road in Creek County, Oklahoma in 1971.

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Police looking for clues after murder of Indian man and woman (03/30)
Joseph Bounds, 30, and Summer Gokey, 26, were found dead on March 20. Both had been shot in the head.

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Kevin Abourezk: Students retrace journey of Chief Standing Bear (03/30)
In 1877, Standing Bear led his people on a forced march to Oklahoma from their home in northeast Nebraska.

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