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Bill to benefit Miami Nation moves forward in House and Senate (03/27)
The tribe's governing charter is outdated but changing it is nearly impossible so Congressional action is the simplest option.

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Jane Daugherty: Tribal e-commerce continues to draw scrutiny (03/26)
American Indians have a long history of having to adjust to forced changes to their way of life.

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Choctaw Nation leader hopes to travel to Ireland for monument (03/25)
Chief Gary Batton said the tribe sent its money overseas despite suffering a tragedy at home.

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Lecture focuses on repatriation of tribal intellectual properties (03/25)
The Sam Noble Musuem in Oklahoma will host Trevor Reed, the director of the Hopi Music Repatriation Project, next week.

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Delaware Tribe increases minimum wage to $1.25 above federal (03/24)
Effective immediately, employees will make $8.50 an hour.

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House moves quickly on bill to renew Indian housing programs (03/24)
Supporters are hoping the Senate moves quickly because the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act expired in September 2013.

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Jay Daniels: States still trying to take Indian land and money (03/23)
It would probably be in our best interest to not close our eyes when negotiating with lawyers and politicians.

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Muscogee Nation helps unveil 1790 treaty for NMAI exhibit in DC (03/17)
The treaty, on loan from the National Archives, has never been displayed in public until now.

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes sue two former leaders for funds (03/17)
Former lieutenant governor Leslie Wandrie-Harjo said the money is sitting untouched in a bank.

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Education Department cites increase in Indian graduation rate (03/16)
During the 2012-2013 school year, 69.7 percent of Indian students finished high school, an improvement from the two years prior.

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Harlan McKosato: You can never back down and accept racism (03/16)
Some of my fondest memories attending the University of Oklahoma were whipping up on frat boys on the intramural football fields and basketball courts.

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes reclaim $6.5M in dispute with bank (03/12)
The funds were in limbo due to a leadership dispute that was resolved more than a year ago.

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Chairman of Otoe-Missouria Tribe disputes fine in lending dispute (03/12)
Chairman John Shotton is accusing officials in Connecticut of violating his civil rights.

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Opinion: Fighter from Comanche Nation ready for next matchup (03/11)
Without an amateur background, George was getting a late start to boxing. He didn’t have his first professional fight until he was 25.

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Annual Trail of Tears art show returns to Oklahoma next month (03/11)
The event runs April 18 through May 23 at the Cherokee Heritage Center.

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Cherokee Nation nurse returns from Ebola efforts in West Africa (03/10)
Dana Hayworth, who works at a tribal hospital, spent nearly two months in Liberia.

Filed Under: Opinion
Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation improves notification system (03/03)
This week Cherokee Nation used its new phone messaging system that sends a voicemail and/or text message to employees with cell phones in the event of severe weather or an emergency.

Filed Under: Law | Politics
Leader of Kiowa Tribe challenges BIA's intervention in election (03/02)
Chairman Amber Toppah has remained in charge of the tribe for more than four years.

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Indian tobacco company rebuffed in another dispute with state (03/02)
Native Wholesale Supply Company has lost battles with Oklahoma, California and Idaho.

Filed Under: Politics
Cherokee Nation chief faces at least four challengers in election (02/27)
The election takes place June 27 and a run-off, if necessary, will be held July 25.

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