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Mary Pember: Activists protest opening day for Cleveland team (04/13)
Although it's been one hundred years since the inception of the Cleveland Indians’ name, it is a year like any other for Cleveland resident Marjorie Villafane of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Aboriginal homeland of the Six Nations (03/17)
The total land holdings for the Iroquois is 88,716 acres of the original 25,000,000, about 0.034 percent of the ancestral Haudenosaunee territory in New York State.

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Eastern Shawnee Tribe lays claim to former reservation in Ohio (10/28)
A local attorney has uncovered a document that he says shows the tribe's rightful claim to the site.

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Eastern Shawnee Tribe to open resort at ancestral site in Ohio (10/20)
Plans call for a $150-$200 million development on 50 acres.

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Opinion: Renounce Cleveland team until they drop name (01/17)
A former fan of the Cleveland professional baseball team renounces his support until a new name comes along.

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Two eagle feather headdresses returned to Menominee Nation (12/02)
A museum in Ohio returned two eagle-feather headdresses and other items to the Menominee Nation of Wisconsin.

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Cleveland baseball team asking for opinions on 'Chief Wahoo' (10/24)
The Cleveland professional football team is asking fans about its stereotypical Chief Wahoo logo.

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Opinion: No excuse for racist fans in redface at baseball game (10/04)
Writer says continued use of Indian mascot by professional baseball team perpetuates acts of racism.

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Opinion: Wyandotte Nation forced out of Ohio in dark summer (08/19)
Writer discusses the forced removal of the Wyandotte Nation from Ohio.

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Mary Pember: New Age movement threatens sacred mound (06/06)
Mary Annette Pember on New Age fascination with Serpent Mound.

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Seneca-Cayuga Tribe invited to Ohio for Chief Logan ceremony (09/26)
The Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma is being invited to Ohio to take part in the 100th anniversary of the Logan Elm State Memorial. Chief Logan was a Cayuga chief who...

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Column: Charles Journeycake, Delaware chief, was born in Ohio (09/03)
"The last chief of the Delaware Indians, Charles Journeycake, was born in Ontario -- not Canada but Ontario, Ohio. In that sentence lies several "facts" that must be qualified before...

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Letter: City should rename plaza to honor hero Jim Thorpe (06/01)
"May 28 marked the 123rd year since the birth of Wa-Tho-Huk, Bright Path of the Sac and Fox tribe. Most of us know him as The Legend, Jim Thorpe. Thorpe...

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Miami University orders companies to stop using 'Redskin' logo (01/18)
Miami University in Ohio has ordered companies to stop selling merchandise with the "Redskin" logo. The school stopped using the name in 1997 but some companies were still allowed to...

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