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Ivan Star: Lakota traditional history tells the true untold stories (02/27)
I’ve always held traditional oral history to be as valid as the written word.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe wants tournament moved out of Rapid City (02/26)
The tribe is upset by the handling of an incident in which 57 Indian students were victimized at a hockey game.

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Deadlines approaching for over $100M in land buy-back offers (02/24)
Landowners on five reservations in five states are facing deadlines in March and April.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux entrepreneur creates foundation (02/23)
After traveling the world, Oglala Sioux Tribal member Twila True has come full circle, bringing with her hope for the most impoverished region in the country.

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Delphine Red Shirt: Culture of fear impacts our Indian children (02/20)
In the wake of the disturbing Jan. 24 events at the Rapid City hockey game, people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation were further stunned by a series of suicides by very young and beautiful children.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe seeks federal probe into attack on children (02/20)
A letter was sent to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

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Bob Lone Elk: Still waiting on justice for racism in South Dakota (02/19)
At age 62 years old now, I am hoping for justice for the children.

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Authorities file just one charge for racial attack on Indian kids (02/19)
The charge of disorderly conduct carries just a 30-day jail sentence and a $500 fine.

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Native Sun News: Chemical spill at uranium mine by Pine Ridge (02/19)
Hazmat teams responded to a call for cleanup of a hydrochloric acid spill from a truck making a delivery to a uranium mine contested by the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe prepares to open new health clinic in May (02/18)
Tribal members have been working on the clinic for 40 years.

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Interview with Sioux Chef Sean Sherman about Native foods (02/16)
The Minneapolis Star Tribune interviews Sean Sherman, better known as The Sioux Chef.

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Lakota immersion program at Pine Ridge receives playground (02/13)
The students have been enjoying the new playground since it was installed late last month.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux student earns top scholarship (02/13)
Red Cloud Indian School senior Jamie Rae Richards has earned the prestigious Horatio Alger Scholarship.

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Opinion: MazaCoin offers economic freedom for Indian Country (02/12)
Cryptocurrencies like MazaCoin threaten to undermine the imposed Western-dominated capitalist structure that has long trapped indigenous peoples in a cycle of poverty and exploitative violence.

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Lakota Nation Invitational debates location after racial incident (02/11)
Bryan Brewer, a former president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who founded the LNI, said he's facing pressure to move the event out of Rapid City.

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Native Sun News: Jake Herman brought humor to rodeo circuit (02/04)
Comedy is a medicine which heals the wounds of tragic events.

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Tim Giago: Incident shows racism is alive and well in Rapid City (02/02)
The ironies of the racial incident at the Rush hockey game at the Rapid City Civic Center are numerous.

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Company claims harassment after racial incident at hockey game (01/30)
Facebook users continue to leave negative comments for Eagle Sales, a beer distributor.

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Native Sun News: Tribal college geologist tackles uranium mine (01/30)
Uranium mining in the southern Black Hills compromises water supplies, according to expert testimony by Oglala Lakota College Department Co-Chair Hannan LaGarry.

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Criminal charges possible over mistreatment of Indian students (01/29)
One suspect has been identified and assault, hate crime and child abuse charges might be filed.

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