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Eastern Cherokees to choose a new principal chief this year (05/06)
Chief Michell Hicks, who has served three terms, decided not to seek re-election, a decision that has opened the field to five candidates.

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Eastern Cherokees maintain close relationship with university (05/04)
The University of North Carolina Asheville will reserve up to 10 admission slots for qualified tribal members as part of a new agreement.

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Eastern Cherokee elder Jerry Wolfe proud of Beloved Man status (05/01)
The 90-year-old tribal member survived boarding school and World War II.

Filed Under: Law | Politics
Eastern Cherokee group plans lawsuit over tribal council raises (04/24)
The council approved a budget that includes a $10,000 raise that was made retroactive to 2010 so all current and former leaders are eligible for the increase.

Filed Under: Environment | Opinion
Robert Jumper: Eastern Cherokees take environment seriously (04/21)
Earth Day was born and on April 22, 1970, and 20 million Americans came out in support of the Earth.

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Lumbee Tribe remains in long quest to gain federal recognition (04/16)
Another year, another effort by the tribe go gain federal status through an act of Congress.

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Film documents Eastern Cherokee efforts to preserve language (04/07)
The film, First Language – The Race to Save Cherokee, follows students at the New Kituwah Academy, the tribe's immersion school.

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Eastern Cherokee Chief Michell Hicks won't pursue a fourth term (04/01)
Five candidates have filed to run for leader of North Carolina's only federally-recognized tribe.

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Eastern Cherokees work to teach language to new generations (03/25)
The New Kituwah Academy, an immersion school, is expanding.

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Eastern Cherokees make changes to exercise VAWA authority (03/18)
The tribe is looking at its jury selection rules in order to arrest, prosecute and sentence non-Indian domestic violence offenders.

Filed Under: Law | National
Eastern Cherokees engage in spirited debate on 1924 base roll (03/11)
The tribal council voted to adopt the document as the basis for determining membership.

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Eastern Cherokees still working to improve dangerous highway (01/30)
Two people died in October 2013 along a busy stretch of US 441 that leads into the reservation.

Filed Under: Law
Eastern Cherokee leaders reaffirm ban on same-sex marriage (01/14)
Tribal law defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

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Eastern Cherokees oppose Lumbee Tribe federal recognition bill (01/12)
Chief Michell Hicks said the Lumbees are not legitimate.

Filed Under: Recognition
Leader of Lumbee Tribe not optimistic on federal recognition bill (01/08)
Rep. Richard Hudson (R-North Carolina) is the lead sponsor of the measure.

Filed Under: Opinion
Column: No rush on marijuana sales at Eastern Cherokee casino (12/17)
The Answer Man asks Chief Michell Hicks if the tribe will be selling marijuana at its casino.

Filed Under: Opinion | Recognition
Editorial: Lumbee Tribe's road to recognition gets steeper (11/12)
Newspaper doesn't think the tribe will have much of a shot at federal recognition with Republicans in power.

Filed Under: Politics | Recognition
Supporter of Lumbee Tribe's recognition loses re-election bid (11/07)
Republican Thom Tillis said he supports federal recognition but some tribal members don't believe he will be as strong of an advocate as defeated Sen. Kay Hagan (D).

Filed Under: Environment
Residents appear to back return of mound to Eastern Cherokees (11/05)
The sample was small but 7 out of 12 people said the tribe should own the sacred site.

Filed Under: Opinion | Politics
Mark Trahant: The Native vote could decide the 2014 election (10/31)
If there ever was an election that was ideal for American Indians and Alaska Natives to determine the outcome, it’s 2014.

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