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Letter: Name island in New York in honor of a Great Clan Mother (01/20)
Changing the name of Squaw Island is important to me because I’ve been exploring the deep history of Buffalo-Niagara for the past 25 years.

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Ray Halbritter: Author's family apologized for anti-Indian stance (01/16)
As a people with centuries of roots in this region, the Oneida Indian Nation has an abiding interest in promoting and preserving this sacred place we all call home.

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Ernestine Chasing Hawk: Suffering continues after Wounded Knee (01/16)
Because the family of Frank L. Baum apologized, am I or other members of the Mniconjou and Hunkpapa Lakota Nations obligated to accept that apology.

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Canadian man cleared of federal charges in eagle feather case (01/15)
John P. Volpe is from the Nipissing First Nation but isn't enrolled in a U.S. tribe.

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Al Jazeera: Mohawk people spend lives on both sides of border (01/12)
Miss the roadside signs welcoming you to Akwesasne and it can be hard to know you've arrived - possibly in another country.

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Review: Horace Poolaw exhibit captures 'love' of Indian people (01/09)
It’s an instant candidate for the long-term memory bank.

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Ray Halbritter: Family apologized for author's anti-Indian hate (01/08)
First and foremost, it is undeniably true that Mr. Baum’s views about Native Americans were reprehensible.

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Chairman of Otoe-Missouria Tribe fined for online loan operation (01/07)
Chairman John Shotton was fined $700,000 and two tribal entities were fined $800,000.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: A 2015 update on the Iroquois population (01/06)
The determination of the Iroquois, among many other native nations, to endure defied the political, religious and cultural trends at that time.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Don't blame Oneidas for tribe's actions (12/31)
Given that the Oneida Nation has been an advocate for the removal of offensive mascots, the decision to call its proposed casino after Frank L. Baum is as shocking and it is contradictory.

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Ernestine Chasing Hawk: Tribe honors man who pushed genocide (12/29)
When the misstep comes from someone we count on to protect our dignity, our voice, our rights as Indian people, when there’s been a betrayal of the duty we’ve entrusted to them, I must speak.

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Editorial: New York governor makes right decision to ban fracking (12/18)
It was impossible to declare that hydraulic fracturing is safe for the environment or human health.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: War of 1812 solved nothing for Mohawks (12/16)
By December of 1814 the war between the US and Britain was coming to a close.

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John Kane: New York tries to choke tribal tobacco product sales (12/12)
The Native tobacco industry will not lie down for the Governor, his courts or his cops.

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Authorities investigate another blaze on Shinnecock Reservation (12/10)
There have been three confirmed cases of arson on the reservation in the past year.

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Victor Lopez-Carmen: College must respect indigenous students (12/09)
Member of Oglala Sioux Tribe calls on Ithaca College to improve its Native American studies program.

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Supreme Court brings good news to Cayuga Nation in land dispute (12/08)
The justices won't let a county in New York file a late petition in a foreclosure case.

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Supreme Court to consider motion in Cayuga Nation land case (12/01)
A county in New York wants permission to appeal the case even though it missed the deadline to file a petition with the nation's highest court.

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Al Jazeera: NMAI highlights jewelry of talented Navajo family (11/28)
The 'Glittering World' exhibit features the works of the Yazzies.

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Native women ask city in New York to find new name for park (11/28)
Council members said they are open to the proposal.

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