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Filed Under: Environment | Opinion
Editorial: New York governor makes right decision to ban fracking (12/18)
It was impossible to declare that hydraulic fracturing is safe for the environment or human health.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Doug George-Kanentiio: War of 1812 solved nothing for Mohawks (12/16)
By December of 1814 the war between the US and Britain was coming to a close.

Filed Under: Opinion
John Kane: New York tries to choke tribal tobacco product sales (12/12)
The Native tobacco industry will not lie down for the Governor, his courts or his cops.

Filed Under: Law
Authorities investigate another blaze on Shinnecock Reservation (12/10)
There have been three confirmed cases of arson on the reservation in the past year.

Filed Under: Education | Opinion
Victor Lopez-Carmen: College must respect indigenous students (12/09)
Member of Oglala Sioux Tribe calls on Ithaca College to improve its Native American studies program.

Filed Under: Law | National
Supreme Court brings good news to Cayuga Nation in land dispute (12/08)
The justices won't let a county in New York file a late petition in a foreclosure case.

Filed Under: Law
Supreme Court to consider motion in Cayuga Nation land case (12/01)
A county in New York wants permission to appeal the case even though it missed the deadline to file a petition with the nation's highest court.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Al Jazeera: NMAI highlights jewelry of talented Navajo family (11/28)
The 'Glittering World' exhibit features the works of the Yazzies.

Filed Under: National
Native women ask city in New York to find new name for park (11/28)
Council members said they are open to the proposal.

Filed Under: Opinion
Mark Rogers: Finding something to be thankful for this holiday (11/26)
Expressing thanks for family, friends and the Montaukett Nation community.

Filed Under: Business | Law
Divided court won't extend Seneca Nation immunity to business (11/25)
By a 4-3 vote, the New York Court of Appeals opens the tribe's golf course to a lawsuit.

Filed Under: Business | Law | National
Otoe-Missouria Tribe defends online loan business amid scrutiny (11/24)
Chairman John Shotton said profits from the operation have been 'substantial.'

Filed Under: Opinion | Politics
Editorial: BIA fails to resolve Cayuga Nation leadership dispute (11/24)
Newspaper calls on members of Congress to step in and help end a long-running fight.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Performance sheds light on 'purchase' of Lenape island in 1626 (11/19)
The acquisition of Manhattan is told from a Native point of view in a concert opera.

Filed Under: Law
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe suspends committee members for fraud (11/18)
A police chief for the Bureau of Indian Affairs said he hasn't opened an investigation into the allegations.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | National
Doug George-Kanentiio: NAMMYs promote Native musical talent (11/18)
The fifteenth Native American Music Awards, held at the Seneca Allegany Casino in New York, once again honored the best in Native music.

Filed Under: Law | National
New York tribes commemorate 220th anniversary of treaty (11/12)
The treaty recognized the rights of Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga and Seneca nations.

Filed Under: Law | National
County files late appeal in Cayuga Nation foreclosure case (11/10)
The tribe and Indian Country have most likely been spared another round of concerns about their record before the Supreme Court.

Filed Under: Opinion
Mark Rogers: Native people are here and alive on Long Island (11/06)
Native people on Long Island in New York are still fighting for their existence.

Filed Under: Politics
Seneca Nation voters choose Maurice John as their next leader (11/05)
The new president -- part of the Seneca Party -- vowed to continue the path of the current administration.

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