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St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to hold election for chief and sub-chief (05/21)
The election board hasn't been able to release a list of candidates because criminal background checks are taking 'longer than anticipated.'

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Designers take inspiration from Native cultures for new works (05/14)
Pamela Love cites the late Hopi designer Charles Loloma as an influence while other designers appear to take on a more generic Native tone.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: World population sits out of balance (05/06)
Iroquois culture was founded upon certain principles which emphasized our responsibility to the natural world.Iroquois traditions teach us that humans are in no way superior to any other organism; we do not have dominion of the earth.

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New York City approves marker where Indian slaves were sold (04/16)
The market in lower Manhattan opened in 1711 and slaves were sold there until 1726.

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Review: Beauty over context in museum exhibition on Plains art (04/14)
The sins of Western culture as regards to its Indian policy scarcely rear their ugly head. They are alluded to through asides in secondary material and discrete videos.

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Charles Kader: Mohawk people living through a new border war (04/14)
To date, there has never been a framework to enjoin Mohawks directly to play a part in the security of the region.

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New York State Fair announces 'Six Nations Day' on September 4 (04/09)
The story of the Haudenosaunee people will be featured more prominently at this year's event.

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Review: Masterpieces of Native art at museum in New York City (04/08)
Curator Gaylord Torrence set an ambitious agenda for The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky – distill 2,000 years of artistic achievement by Plains Indians, with a particular focus on the changing culture of the last three centuries.

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Oneida Nation welcomes ruling backing land-into-trust request (03/27)
The tribe's application for more than 13,000 acres was the subject of a long-running dispute.

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Judge upholds BIA decision on Oneida Nation land-into-trust bid (03/26)
An anti-Indian group cited the Supreme Court ruling in Carcieri v. Salazar in hopes of preventing the tribe reacquiring its ancestral lands.

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New Yorker: Hope for Native languages amid loss of speakers (03/23)
About twenty-five thousand North Americans identify themselves as Mohawk, but only about fifteen per cent speak the language well enough to conduct their daily lives in it.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Aboriginal homeland of the Six Nations (03/17)
The total land holdings for the Iroquois is 88,716 acres of the original 25,000,000, about 0.034 percent of the ancestral Haudenosaunee territory in New York State.

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Public school board in New York says goodbye to racist mascot (03/17)
The decision leaves just two school districts in the state with the racist name.

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Review: Indian art pieces taken from U.S. return home for exhibit (03/13)
Some of the earliest surviving art by native North Americans left America long ago. Soldiers, traders and priests, with magpie eyes for brilliance, bundled it up and shipped it across the sea to Europe.

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Jacqueline Keeler: Media enables fake Indian mascot defenders (03/12)
Eugene Herrod from the Southern California Indian Center has done extensive background research on Mark Yancey and of Dennis 'Yellowhorse' Jones.

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Editorial: Long-term solution needed in Cayuga Nation tax feud (03/11)
We're glad to see our representatives pushing for state funds to help offset the loss of property taxes Cayuga County should be getting from the Cayuga Indian Nation.

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Opinion: High stakes in debate for marijuana in Indian Country (03/11)
Are we prepared to give away the millions in revenue that will be associated with a Niagara County marijuana growing enterprise in such a similarly cavalier fashion?

Filed Under: Law
Brian Pierson: Recent federal court rulings affecting Indian law (03/10)
Attorney Brian Pierson reviews some recent federal court decisions involving tribal interests in Nebraska, Washington and New York and beyond.

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Deadspin: Fake Indian rides to defense of racist school mascot (03/06)
Mark Yancey was among those who packed the school cafeteria, and at least one Indian at the gathering let him know he was regarded as a carpetbagging phony.

Filed Under: Education | Opinion
Editorial: Mascot reflects history of violence and discrimination (03/04)
The celebration of racism can never be justified – not by tradition and certainly not by pride.

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