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Tuscarora Nation returns to ancestral home in North Carolina (07/28)
The tribe lived throughout the state until being driven out after a bloody war in the early 1700s.

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Special Trustee Vince Logan reaches out to Indian Country (07/24)
Tribes have been calling for a 'sunset' to the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians at the Interior Department.

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Oneida Nation hosts fundraiser for key Republican leader (07/21)
Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) will visit the tribe's Atunyote Golf Course for the August 6 event.

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Seneca Nation expresses interest in joining marijuana industry (07/14)
President Maurice John said tribal leaders are monitoring developments but cautioned that no decisions have been made.

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Pamunkey Tribe faces big hurdle in placing reservation into trust (07/13)
The tribe resides on a 1,200-acre reservation that was set aside in the 1600s but it's not yet considered Indian Country.

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Seneca Nation joins ceremony to officially welcome Unity Island (07/08)
The city of Buffalo took the new name from Ga’nigo:i:yoh, a Seneca word that translates to 'one mind, unity.'

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Museum in New York to display U.S. flag given to Iroquois in 1800s (07/07)
The presentation flag features the familiar stripes on the U.S. flag, plus an image of an eagle.

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Charles Kader: Mohawk man looked for signs of escaped prisoners (07/07)
The escaped killers from Dannemora were in their third week on the lam when the Akwesasne Bear Clan member Kanaretiio (aka Roger Jock) began to hear a murmuring.

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Seneca Nation welcomes change to offensive name of city park (06/24)
The 60-acre park will now be known as Unity Island, an inspiration from a Seneca word.

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Seneca Nation supports new name for island and park in New York (06/17)
The Buffalo Common Council will hold a public meeting to discuss the proposal for Unity Island (Ga’nigo:i:yoh).

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DeLanna Studi lands role in play on Havasupai Tribe blood study (06/12)
Primary Stages in New York City will host 'Informed Consent' from August 4 through September 13.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Victory with Mohawk land claim in Canada (06/08)
I recall my uncle, the late Angus George-Sohahiio, talking about the lost area of Dundee and how he believed the Mohawk people had that area of Akwesasne stolen from them.

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Mark Rogers: Tribal nations in New York deserve full recognition (06/03)
To delve into the waters of tribal recognition is to wade in the muddiest of pools rife with greed, racism and political agendas.

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Onondaga Nation player earns top lacrosse award for 2nd year (05/29)
Lyle Thompson, a senior at SUNY Albany, is the first men's player to win the Tewaaraton Award in consecutive years.

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St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to hold election for chief and sub-chief (05/21)
The election board hasn't been able to release a list of candidates because criminal background checks are taking 'longer than anticipated.'

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Designers take inspiration from Native cultures for new works (05/14)
Pamela Love cites the late Hopi designer Charles Loloma as an influence while other designers appear to take on a more generic Native tone.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: World population sits out of balance (05/06)
Iroquois culture was founded upon certain principles which emphasized our responsibility to the natural world.Iroquois traditions teach us that humans are in no way superior to any other organism; we do not have dominion of the earth.

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New York City approves marker where Indian slaves were sold (04/16)
The market in lower Manhattan opened in 1711 and slaves were sold there until 1726.

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Review: Beauty over context in museum exhibition on Plains art (04/14)
The sins of Western culture as regards to its Indian policy scarcely rear their ugly head. They are alluded to through asides in secondary material and discrete videos.

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Charles Kader: Mohawk people living through a new border war (04/14)
To date, there has never been a framework to enjoin Mohawks directly to play a part in the security of the region.

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