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Quapaw Tribe hosts relatives for annual language conference (07/30)
Members of six tribes are meeting to discuss ways to preserve their closely-related languages.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe on track to complete $16.5M nursing home (07/30)
The 51,000 square-foot facility near Whiteclay, Nebraska, will house 60 elders.

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Winnebago Tribe seeks more time to remove old bank building (07/30)
Ho-Chunk Inc., the tribe's economic development corporation, was planning to move the building to the reservation.

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Young man from Omaha Tribe sentenced for sexual abuse of child (07/28)
Lawrence Merrick Jr., age 23, pleaded guilty for an incident that occurred on the reservation of the neighboring Winnebago Tribe.

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Ponca Tribe reclaims small part of ancestral territory in Nebraska (07/28)
The 230-acre property will be used for the proposed Chief Standing Bear National Historic Trail, the route that traces the forced removal of the tribe.

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Ponca Tribe sends twelve youth to White House conference (06/30)
The young tribal members accepted the Generation Indigenous challenge and created the Ponca Pantry to collect food, clothing and other items for elders.

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Lakota Country Times: Oglala Sioux Tribe nursing home on track (06/24)
The OST Nursing Home is on track, taking shape at its site south of Whiteclay, taking advantage of the construction season.

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Former chairman of Omaha Tribe pleads guilty in fund theft case (06/16)
Amen Sheridan, 54, admitted that he knew about the theft of tribal housing funds.

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Men from Winnebago Tribe sentenced in separate federal cases (06/09)
The U.S. Attorney's Office reported sentencing in a firearms case and an assault case.

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Column: Cheyenne outbreak was part of bloody history in Nebraska (06/08)
The Cheyenne Outbreak proved to be 'the bloodiest chapter' of Fort Robinson’s history and one of the major battles of the Indian Wars.

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Erin Grace: Ride from Santee Sioux to Crow Creek honors women (06/01)
Members of the vast Dakota Sioux diaspora met on a gray Memorial Day to remember a series of events that occurred 152 years ago: a war, an imprisonment, a mass execution and an expulsion from an ancestral home.

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Omaha Tribe surprised by appeal in reservation boundary case (05/28)
The tribe met with local officials to discuss the matter but wasn't told that a Supreme Court petition had already been drafted.

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Nebraska ends death penalty in historic and close veto override (05/28)
Nationally, the death penalty has impacted Native Americans at disproportional rates.

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Rosebud Sioux student to wear eagle plume for graduation (05/19)
School officials initially balked at the request but the student's sister and other Native students came to her defense.

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Winnebago Tribe removes four council members after scandal (05/14)
Almost every council member resigned or was forced out after an audit questioned their spending habits.

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Marc Simmons: Spanish expedition led to battle in Nebraska (05/11)
To readers of colonial New Mexico history, the names Coronado, Espejo, Oñate, Vargas, Escalante and De Anza are quite familiar.

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Winnebago Tribe holds election to replace council members (05/06)
Three seats were open after longtime Chairman John Blackhawk and two others resigned in the wake of a spending scandal.

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Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska symposium focuses on Native issues (05/05)
The symposium set for May 14-15 incorporates the commission’s Standing Bear Breakfast and will be informative for anyone concerned about the future wellbeing of Natives in the Great Plains.

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Winnebago Tribe works on plans for big housing development (05/04)
The 200-acre Flatwater Crossing along the Missouri River would include housing, retail and public spaces.

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Presidential hopeful Rand Paul draws 'NDN' supporter on Twitter (04/13)
It's not clear who is behind the account or whether it is linked to the Republican candidate's campaign.

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