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NARF: Supreme Court decision impacts rights of Indian inmates (01/23)
An update on a religious rights case that affects Indian inmates.

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BIA finalizes rule to add Alaska tribes to land-into-trust process (12/19)
After decades of being excluded, Alaska tribes will finally be treated the same as those in the lower 48.

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Supreme Court brings good news to Cayuga Nation in land dispute (12/08)
The justices won't let a county in New York file a late petition in a foreclosure case.

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County files late appeal in Cayuga Nation foreclosure case (11/10)
The tribe and Indian Country have most likely been spared another round of concerns about their record before the Supreme Court.

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Steven Newcomb: Native organizations played into UN charade (11/04)
A response to Glenn Morris regarding the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

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Supreme Court asks DOJ for views in Mississippi Choctaw case (10/06)
The Dollar General corporation is trying to avoid tribal court jurisdiction.

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Judge issues order in Alaska Native language voting rights suit (09/23)
The Native American Rights Fund said the order will set the standard for Native language voters nationwide.

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Disputes over attorney fees in Cobell lawsuit still in mediation (07/02)
Some $13.6 million has been claimed by the Native American Rights Fund and a solo practitioner.

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Public school allows Indian graduates to wear eagle feathers (06/06)
A record eight Indian students graduated last night.

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Alaska tribes turn to banishment to protect small communities (05/19)
Tribes want to protect members of their small communities from drugs, alcohol and violence.

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BIA opens public comment on land-into-trust rule for Alaska (05/01)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs is accepting public comments on a rule that would include Alaska tribes in the land-into-trust process.

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Highlights from Day 2 of NCAI winter session in Washington DC (03/13)
The National Congress of American Indians continued its winter session on Tuesday.

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Native Sun News: Indian inmates see religious rights suppressed (03/04)
In response to the continued denial of religious freedoms to Native American prisoners in multiple states across the country, several prominent advocacy groups have approached the United Nations Human Rights Committee with a complaint.

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Organizations seek DOJ probe into Indian Child Welfare Act (02/04)
Four national Indian organizations called on the Department of Justice to investigate the treatment of Indian children in the child welfare system across the nation.

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Gwendolyne John: Alaska brings assault on Native subsistence (11/15)
As Katie John’s friends and family, including more than 250 grandchildren, continue to mourn her passing and try to return to life without their beloved leader, the state of Alaska was quietly preparing their daggers for a different kind of battle.

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Cherokee Nation father to drop appeals in bitter adoption fight (10/10)
Cherokee Nation father Dusten Brown is dropping appeals in a bitter adoption and custody dispute that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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AP can't locate opponents of racist mascots in Indian Country (10/09)
The Associated Press says it's difficult to tell how many American Indians and Alaska Natives oppose the Washington professional football team's racist mascot.

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KGOU: Tribes urged to keep cases away from Supreme Court (10/02)
The National Congress of American Indians and the Native American Rights Fund want to keep Indian law cases out of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Tribal organizations to move forward with Baby Veronica suit (07/25)
Three major tribal organizations will move forward with a civil rights lawsuit after the South Carolina Supreme Court on Wednesday paved the way for the adoption of a Cherokee Nation girl by a non-Indian couple.

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ICWA dispute over Baby Veronica simmers in multiple courts (07/24)
The U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, Indian Child Welfare Act case, on June 25, setting in motion new rounds of legal maneuvers in multiple courts.

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