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Another lawsuit filed over former federal judge's racist emails (03/04)
An investigation said the judge send 'hundreds' of racist message, including some about Native Americans.

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Leader of Chippewa Cree Tribe ousted from office for 3rd time (03/04)
Ken St. Marks accused his rivals on the council of 'making up lies' about him.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne family celebrates history (03/02)
Four Northern Cheyenne cowboy brothers – among the oldest tribal members – were re-united to celebrate Melvin Small’s 90th birthday.

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Updates from National Congress of American Indians DC meeting (02/27)
The status of leadership at the Indian Health Service, updates from members of Congress and a tribal court jurisdiction case were some highlights from this week's session.

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Non-Indians guilty for hunting incidents on Montana reservation (02/27)
Six people accepted responsibility for violating a ban on hunting in two separate cases.

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Bill to create day to honor late Elouise Cobell stalls in Montana (02/25)
Western Native Voice said supporters will look for other ways to advance the measure.

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Deadlines approaching for over $100M in land buy-back offers (02/24)
Landowners on five reservations in five states are facing deadlines in March and April.

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Minor setback in corruption probe on Rocky Boy's Reservation (02/23)
Melody Henry, the former president of Stone Child College, and her husband, who used to work at the college, were acquitted on all counts.

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Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne and Crow hold long rivalry (02/20)
The Northern Cheyenne and Crow Tribes have had a long rivalry. From what we know it goes way back to the traditional days when to our people were still living freely on the Great Plains.

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Woman on Crow Reservation admits to Social Security fraud (02/18)
Caroline Dee Bighair fraudulently claimed more than claim more than $23,000 in benefits for her son.

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Northern Cheyenne Tribe enters debate over legal marijuana (02/17)
A tribal member wants the issue put to a referendum on the reservation.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne Tribe settles with church (02/17)
Tribal officials do not know when they will be able to speak about the settlement, but it will certainly not be until after a final agreement is completed.

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Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe leaves elders in lurch (02/12)
Sometimes it grows wearisome to be a poor Indian living on a reservation, barely skating by, living from the first to the first.

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Crow Reservation man sentenced for threatening boys with knife (02/11)
Tanner War Rides Horse, 21, pleaded guilty to three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

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Tribal members protest killings of Yellowstone bison in Montana (02/11)
The state allows hunters to kill bison that wander out of the park.

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Native Sun News: Tribes battle to protect sacred Bear Butte land (02/11)
Bear Butte is a mountain considered sacred by the Northern Cheyenne and the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation. Should it be protected by placing it into federal trust status?

Filed Under: Opinion
Editorial: Approve water compact for Salish and Kootenai Tribes (02/09)
The bottom line is that the CSKT’s water rights predate everyone else’s.

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Clara Caufield: There's lot of truth in some Cheyenne nicknames (02/09)
Columnists need a break sometimes. Let’s face it – coming up with erudite observations about weighty matters just ain’t gonna happen every week.

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Men from Crow Tribe cited for hunt on treaty lands in Wyoming (02/06)
The three men are accused of illegal poaching in the Bighorn Mountains.

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Harry Barnes: Blackfeet Nation counts coup in trip to US Capitol (02/05)
Because of our meltdown last year, there are a lot of doubters out there that have dismissed the Blackfeet.

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