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Chippewa Cree Tribe elects Ken St. Marks as chair for fourth time (07/02)
Rivals have removed Ken St. Marks from office three times but keeps wining the support of the people.

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Native Sun News: Lakota riders complete journey to Little Bighorn (07/02)
About 80 young riders and support crew from Pine Ridge participated in the 24th annual trek, in solemn observation of the 139th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

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Fort Peck Tribes take on big cost for homes promised by Brad Pitt (07/01)
The Make It Right Foundation is finally delivering homes to the reservation but infrastructure will cost the tribe $2.6 million.

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Native Sun News: Tribal youth share traditions and technology (06/29)
Twelve bright young students from the Rosebud and Oglala Sioux Tribes camped on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation to get some 'hands on' science learning.

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Blackfeet Nation to honor Sen. Tester for sacred site support (06/25)
The tribe is trying to protect the Badger-Two Medicine Area from energy development.

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Chippewa Cree Tribe corruption continues with more charges (06/25)
A businessman whose firm received $10.6 million in federal funds is accused of bribing the tribe's roads director in exchange for a contract.

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Clara Caufield: Welcoming riders to Little Bighorn anniversary (06/25)
In 2015, we celebrate and observe the 139th anniversary of both the Rosebud Battle (the Cheyenne call it Where the girl saved her brother) and the Battle of the Little Big Horn which we call the Custer Fight or Greasy Grass Fight.

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Blackfeet Nation man announces bid for House seat in Montana (06/24)
James St. Goddard, a former vice chair of his tribe, is running as a Democrat.

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Muckleshoot Tribe hosts season opener for Indian horse races (06/23)
The Carlson team team from the Blackfeet Nation in Montana took home the top prize in the Indian relay.

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Chippewa Cree Tribe faces additional review of federal funding (06/23)
At least 18 people on the Rocky Boy's Reservation in Montana have been caught stealing and auditors are worried about fraud.

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Native Sun News: Crow Tribe collaborates on Bighorn rest area (06/22)
At the 139th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn Battle, thousands of visitors will throng to the third most popular tourist attraction in Montana.

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Clara Caufield: Spiritual leaders extend invitation to Bighorn site (06/19)
During June we herald the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, known to the Northern Cheyenne as the Greasy Grass Fight, the 139th anniversary marked in 2015.

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Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes see 4K acres from buy-back (06/18)
Individual Indian landowners received $5.4 million for their factional interests, which were then transferred to the tribal government.

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Judge questions delay in drilling on Blackfeet Nation sacred site (06/17)
The tribe isn't a party to a lawsuit that could lead to energy development in the Badger-Two Medicine Area in Montana.

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Little Shell Tribe seeks greater access to bison from Yellowstone (06/17)
Chairman Gerald Gray said a yearly allocation of two hunting licenses isn't enough to meet the needs of his people.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne student strives to achieve (06/15)
LaRenzo Fisher is a Northern Cheyenne who next year will begin leading Crow and non-Indian students.

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Alex Jacobs: Unlikely alliances advance agenda in Indian Country (06/15)
In the Pacific Northwest, Native nations are using their treaty rights to fight plans for coal and oil trains, because shipping and burning fossil fuels threatens their fisheries.

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Phil Drake: Mayor should be able to keep Blackfeet Nation feather (06/12)
I felt some sadness the other week when the mayor called me and said he had to return the eagle feather to the Blackfeet Nation that he was given at a Memorial Day ceremony.

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Landowners on Fort Peck Reservation see $54M in Cobell offers (06/11)
The offers went out to more than 3,500 owners. The deadline to respond is July 18.

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Senate committee upset by testimony at victim services hearing (06/11)
Lawmakers were told about high rates of crime on some reservations and were shocked by some of the statistics presented by tribal witnesses.

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