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Chippewa Cree Tribe takes Original American Foundation money (08/01)
Tribal officials see nothing wrong with taking money that supports NFL Washington team's racist mascot.

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Proposed bill targets 'halfbreed' and 'breed' names in Montana (07/31)
A consultant for the Little Shell Tribe counted 17 place names in the state.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee passes seven bills at meeting (07/31)
There was little discussion on the bills as all were non-controversial.

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Former employee sentenced for theft from Chippewa Cree Tribe (07/29)
A former director of the Rocky Boy's Wellness Center was found guilty of diverting more than $26,000 for his own use.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets business meeting on bills (07/28)
Bills affect Native languages, land-into-trust for tribes in Montana, Nevada and Mexico and a governance issue for the Miami Nation of Oklahoma.

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Fort Belknap Tribes depend on revenue from Internet lending (07/24)
The operation contributes up to 20 percent of the tribe's income.

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MSU News: Online Native studies courses open to registration (07/23)
Three courses, all taught by Native professors, are being offered this fall.

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WBUR: Tribes rebury one of their ancient relatives in Montana (07/23)
WBUR interviews Shane Doyle about the reburial of a 12,600-year-old boy whose DNA showed a link to present-day Native people.

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County drops opposition to CSKT land-into-trust application (07/22)
Dispute over sacred site stirred emotions and racist sentiments.

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Richard Littlebear: Montana takes the lead in Indian education (07/18)
Despite uneasy relationship with Native people, Montana has initiated some true innovations in the area of education.

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Authorities review death of one-year-old on Blackfeet Nation (07/17)
The child was killed on July 11 when he was run over by a truck.

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Clara Caufield: Broke tribe spends chunk of change on powwow (07/15)
I, too, love Pow Wow and am careful not to denigrate this wonderful tradition.

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Tribal corruption cases put Montana on top of prosecution list (07/14)
This year's high profile cases come from the Blackfeet Nation and the Chippewa Cree Tribe.

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FBI and BIA investigate remains found on Crow Reservation (07/14)
Federal authorities are investigating remains that were found on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

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ICT interview with Rep. Daines on election and Indian issues (07/14)
Rep. Steve Daines (R-Montana) discusses his Senate campaign and Indian issues.

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Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes vote on recall matter (07/11)
The proposed constitutional amendment allows tribal members to petition for the recall of council members.

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Blackfeet Nation elects new leadership but old wounds remain (07/11)
Rival factions accept results of election but the inauguration was far from peaceful.

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Native Sun News: DOI seeks tribal help in boosting bison herds (07/10)
The U.S. Interior Department is looking to tribes and tribal organizations to help beef up its efforts to promote bison restoration

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Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee's hearing on five bills (07/09)
The bills address land-into-trust, mineral rights and water rights issues for tribes in Arizona, Montana, Nevada and New Mexico.

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DOI enters Cobell land buy-back agreements with Montana tribes (07/09)
The Crow Tribe, the Fort Belknap Indian Community and the Fort Peck Tribes are the latest to sign agreements.

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