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Column: Chief Cliff still an undeniably spiritual place in Montana (12/17)
Author Jaix Chaix explores the legends behind a sacred site overlooking Flathead Lake.

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Controversial defense bill includes Northern Cheyenne Tribe deal (12/09)
The bill places land in trust for the tribe although property near sacred Bear Butte in South Dakota is no longer included.

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Opinion: State claims authority over bison held by Fort Peck Tribes (12/09)
Do the Fort Peck Tribes actually own the bison transferred from Yellowstone Nation Park?

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Former Chippewa Cree Tribe chair pleads guilty in corruption case (12/09)
John “Chance” Houle admitted he accepted bribes and kickbacks from companies and vendors that did business with the tribe.

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Government attorneys don't want to release judge's racist emails (12/09)
Clifford Birdinground, a former chairman of the Crow Tribe who was convicted of bribery, wants to see the emails in hopes of clearing his name.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne Tribe plans log cabin project (12/08)
If Llevando “Cowboy” Fisher, Northern Cheyenne Tribal President has his way; by next spring at least four tribal members will be building log cabins on the Reservation.

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Ousted leader of Chippewa Cree Tribe denies theft accusations (12/03)
Ken St. Marks has been removed from his post for the second time in two years.

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Sharlene Peone: IHS rations out health care to tribal members (12/02)
A member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes is fighting the Indian Health Service over an emergency room bill.

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Leaders of Chippewa Cree Tribe try to remove chairman again (12/02)
An outside attorney came all the way from Philadelphia to read a series of allegations against Chairman Ken St. Marks.

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Migizi Pensoneau: Sen. Tester betrays our people on Keystone (11/28)
The outgoing chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee voted for a bill to authorize the controversial pipeline.

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First Nations Development Institute awards grants to colleges (11/28)
The Northwest Indian College and Chief Dull Knife College each received $90,000.

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Blackfeet Nation denies political motive in arrest of ex-leader (11/26)
Shannon Augare, a former council member and outgoing state lawmaker, was cited for DUI, eluding an officer and speeding.

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Former convicted leader of Crow Tribe seeks to clear his name (11/26)
Attorneys for Clifford Birdinground question whether a federal judge was biased against Native Americans.

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Family members plead guilty to thefts from reservation town (11/25)
More than $132,000 was stolen from the town of Brockton on the Fort Peck Reservation.

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Chippewa Cree Tribe swears in chairman more than a year later (11/24)
Ken St. Marks has supported a federal investigation into corruption on the reservation.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne activists push for change (11/19)
Local tribal activists were disappointed, but not surprised when the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council took no action on their request to schedule a tribal vote on proposed amendments to the constitution.

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MTPR: Native Americans urged to sign up for healthcare plans (11/18)
Native Americans who are eligible for the Indian Health Service are being encouraged to sign up for additional coverage at HealthCare.Gov.

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Map: Most common Native languages include Navajo and Crow (11/18)
The highest percentages are from counties where Navajo, Crow and Cheyenne are spoken.

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Janine Pease: Keeping students safe from bullying at school (11/17)
The founding president at Little Bighorn College in Montana discussing bullying in schools.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne Tribe puts people to work (11/14)
The long defunct Ashland Sawmill, owned the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, is coming back to life.

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