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Steve Russell: Getting our heads to think outside of our boxes (10/03)
Steve Russell on how we need to think outside of our boxes every now and then.

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President Barack Obama wins a second term in the White House (11/07)
President Barack Obama won a second term in the White House after sailing to victory in most of the battleground states on Tuesday. Although election results were not final for...

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Mark Charles: Indian Country ignored by presidential candidates (11/07)
"I live on the Navajo Reservation, and for the past six years I have been brainstorming and discussing ways our country can more intentionally include Native American into the political...

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Charles Kader: Tribal issues go missing in presidential campaign (11/07)
"My statement on the 2012 election is that the absence of a major third party candidate on the ballots of all 50 states left the American voting public deprived of...

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Tex Hall: President Obama kept his promises to Indian Country (10/29)
"Like most Native Americans, I jumped at the chance to throw my support behind President Obama in his 2008 campaign. Four years later, although some of my friends complain that...

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Rep. Boehner: Republicans can do better than President Obama (10/26)
"In recent months, my role as Speaker of the House has allowed me to travel much of our great nation—including Indian country—and talk to Americans of all walks of life....

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Mark Trahant: Obama and Romney talk foreign policy in debate (10/23)
"Ninety minutes are too quick for a debate about the world. In fact the globe shrunk to a few regions and a few issues in the final debate between President...

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NCAI kicks off 69th annual conference in Sacramento, California (10/22)
The National Congress of American Indians kicks off its 69h annual convention in Sacramento, California. Speakers today include Gov. Jerry Brown (D), White House adviser Jodi Gillette, Interior Secretary Ken...

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Mark Trahant: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in sharp debate (10/17)
"President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney went back and forth for 90 minutes exposing sharp differences over policy. And style. Democrats will say the president was at his best...

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Mark Trahant: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney head to debate (10/16)
"Tonight’s debate is all about Barack Obama. The storyline is oft repeated at this point. The president was not on his game at the first debate. He didn’t challenge Mitt...

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