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Public school board in Indiana votes to eliminate 'Indian' mascot (07/29)
Officials in Goshen got rid of the mascot after hearing about the offensive nature of the 'Redskins' name.

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Miami Nation stays out of public school mascot debate in Indiana (07/28)
The North Side High School features a 'Redskins' mascot and an Indian head logo.

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Column: Pokagon Band avoided removal from ancestral territory (06/11)
Potawatomi Chief Leopold Pokagon believed that if his tribe converted to Catholicism, it would be allowed to remain.

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Annual journey along Potawatomi Trail of Death being held in June (04/09)
In 1838, the Potawatomi people were forced to walk 660 miles from their homelands in Indiana to Kansas.

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Carolina Castoreno: Racism runs rampant in the Hoosier State (03/31)
One can only imagine the dismay to many Hoosiers that Indiana is now the talk of nation but only because of its bigotry.

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Miami Nation to open office on ancestral homelands in Indiana (01/15)
The tribe was based in Indiana before being removed to Kansas and then to Oklahoma.

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Pokagon Band donates money and labor for church's new roof (10/09)
The estimated $75,000 donation includes all of the materials for the project plus the labor.

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Another state failed to consult tribe about changes in Medicaid (08/06)
Officials claim they were told they didn't have to consult the Pokagon Band.

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Mary Pember: Federal raids slow black market of Indian artifacts (07/08)
Mary Annette Pember reports on how recent raids have slowed the global trade in Indian artifacts.

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Mary Pember: FBI finds ancestors and artifacts in Indiana home (05/08)
Mary Annette Pember reports on efforts by the FBI to repatriate hundreds of ancestors and artifacts recently seized from a home in Indiana.

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Indiana settles lawsuit over religious rights of Indian inmates (04/24)
The Indiana Department of Corrections has reached a settlement with Indian inmates who said their religious rights were being violated.

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Opinion: Ignorance abounds in dealings with indigenous people (04/15)
Notre Dame student Mia Lillis discusses historical and present-day mistreatment of Native Americans.

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Pokagon Band dedicates new office to aid members in Indiana (06/05)
The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians opened its first office in Indiana. The tribe is headquartered in Dowagiac, Michigan. But a number of its members live just across the border...

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NPR: Artifacts from mound site in Indiana on display for first time (01/04)
"It's 1988. Workers building a road in Mt. Vernon, Ind. damage an ancient burial mound, causing a treasure trove of silver and copper to pour from the ground. A...

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