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Meskwaki Tribe opposes oil pipeline through aboriginal territory (03/17)
The pipeline would cross 18 counties in Iowa, effectively cutting the state in half.

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Former judge for Menominee Nation pleads guilty for child porn (03/13)
Joseph H. Martin, a tribal member, is an attorney who has been active in Indian law circles.

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Beer company drops name of 'Heyoka' product after complaints (01/06)
American Indian Movement activists raised concerns about the use of the Lakota word in an alcoholic beverage.

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Ed Rice: Honoring a true Cleveland Indian -- Louis Sockalexis (09/23)
Ed Rice discusses his talk in honor of Louis Sockalexis, a member of the Penobscot Nation who is considered the first Native American in major league baseball.

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Indian studies professor denied position over remarks about Israel (09/02)
Faculty in the Indian studies program say they weren't consulted by university leadership and have cast a vote of no confidence in the chancellor.

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Column: It's getting harder to discover tribal artifacts in Illinois (07/10)
An Illinois main explains how he used to find Indian artifacts but laments that few seem to be around these days.

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Indian activists in Cleveland to file suit against baseball team (06/24)
Lawsuit seeks $9 billion, based of team's use of Indian imagery.

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Jacqueline Keeler: Racist name haunts urban Indian community (04/14)
Jacqueline Keeler shares what it was like growing up with a racist Indian mascot in Cleveland, Illinois.

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Lalo Alcaraz: 2002 cartoon foretold 'Chief Wahoo' confrontation (04/09)
Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz notes eerie similarities between his 2002 cartoon and a 2014 protest against the Chief Wahoo mascot.

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Opinion: New movement takes 'Chief Wahoo' out of team's gear (04/03)
Columnist discusses new movement among some fans of the Cleveland baseball team to remove the offensive Chief Wahoo mascot from jerseys and caps.

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Activists to rally against 'Chief Wahoo' mascot at opening game (04/02)
Native American activists and their supporters will demonstrate against the Chief Wahoo mascot at the Cleveland Indians home opener on Friday.

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Cynthia Connolly: Time to banish Chief Wahoo and other mascots (03/31)
Cynthia Connolly, a member of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, calls for the elimination of the Cleveland Indians mascot.

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Medill Reports: BIA budget ignores urban Indian organizations (03/13)
Urban Indian organizations wonder why they aren't seeing any federal funds in the Bureau of Indian Affairs budget.

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Opinion: What will you do after Cleveland 'Indian' mascot dies? (03/10)
Writer claims opponents of the stereotypical "Chief Wahoo" mascot don't really care about Native Americans:

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Editorial: Cleveland baseball team should retire 'Chief' mascot (02/28)
Newspaper calls on Cleveland professional football team to retire its stereotypical Chief Wahoo mascot.

Filed Under: Education | Opinion
Opinion: 'Chief Illiniwek' mascot doesn't respect Native people (11/05)
Student at University of Illinois discusses the continued use of the Chief Illiniwek mascot.

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Chicago mayor eliminates all funding for urban Indian center (08/14)
The once-thriving American Indian Center of Chicago has lost all of its city funding. The center received $45,000 last year. But Mayor Rahm Emanuel eliminated all funds this year for...

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City official criticized for 'peace pipe' comments during meeting (06/06)
A city alderman in Chicago, Illinois, is coming under fire for comments he made about a "peace pipe" during a council meeting on Tuesday. Ald. Edward M. Burke (D) wants...

Filed Under: Opinion
History: 'Indian Kate' survived the Blackhawk War of 1832 (05/20)
"As you enter East Dubuque cemetery, quite near the entrance you will find the gravesite of "Indian Kate" Eberle. That had often been the name that she was known by...

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Cheyenne River Youth Project welcomes Illinois volunteers (05/04)
The Cheyenne River Youth Project in South Dakota recently hosted a group of young volunteers from Illinois. Ten teens from the Youth Crossroads spent seven days on the reservation. They...

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