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BIA holds listening sessions on Indian Child Welfare Act guidance (04/14)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs will hold two more listening sessions on the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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Non-Indian woman drops ICWA case involving Cherokee Nation (04/09)
A non-Indian woman whose biological daughter was at the center of an Indian Child Welfare Act case has withdrawn a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of the law.

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South Dakota judges ordered to explain stance in ICWA dispute (03/21)
A federal judge wants to know why some South Dakota state judges are refusing to turn over transcripts in Indian Child Welfare Act cases.

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Native Sun News: South Dakota judges balk at ICWA court order (03/20)
Five state court judges in South Dakota are refusing to comply with a Federal court’s order to instruct court reporters to turn over transcripts from hearings regarding the taking of Native American children.

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Trace DeMeyer: Investigate handling of Cherokee girl's adoption (02/24)
Trace DeMeyer calls for investigation into handling of an Indian Child Welfare Act dispute involving a Cherokee Nation girl.

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Oklahoma looks into agency that played a role in ICWA dispute (02/19)
The Oklahoma Department of Human Services is investigation an adoption agency that was involved in a high-profile Indian Child Welfare Act dispute.

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Native Sun News: ICWA decision opens door for tribal lawsuits (02/06)
Last week Jeffrey Viken, Chief Federal Judge for the District of South Dakota, entered a 43 page opinion denying the State of South Dakota’s motions to dismiss a suit against them alleging violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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Organizations seek DOJ probe into Indian Child Welfare Act (02/04)
Four national Indian organizations called on the Department of Justice to investigate the treatment of Indian children in the child welfare system across the nation.

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Albert Bender: Help tribes in South Dakota with foster care (01/31)
Albert Bender seeks support for a petition that calls on President Barack Obama to support tribal foster care programs in South Dakota.

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ICWA lawsuit against South Dakota proceeds in federal court (01/30)
An Indian Child Welfare Act lawsuit against the state of South Dakota will proceed in federal court.

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Indian Times: Review of news affecting tribes in Oklahoma (01/21)
Indian Times at KGOU recaps a week of news for Oklahoma tribes.

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Contempt case dropped against Cherokee Nation father (01/17)
Contempt charges were dropped against a Cherokee Nation father who was at the center of a high-profile Indian Child Welfare Act case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Stephanie Woodard: Mother faces arrest for protecting kids (01/06)
A mother from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe faces arrest for protecting her children from an abusive couple.

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Dana Hanna: Courts continue to violate ICWA in South Dakota (12/16)
In a recent column in the Native Sun News, Regina Brave wrote about the history and importance of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act and asked about the current status of the lawsuit that was filed in federal court in which the Oglala Sioux Tribe and other plaintiffs claimed that state authorities were violating the ICWA rights of Indian families in state courts.

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Turtle Talk: Baby Veronica wins poll for Indian law case of 2013 (12/09)
The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl won the Turtle Talk poll for Indian law case of the year.

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