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Monique Vondall-Rieke: Conservative group's faulty ICWA report (07/13)
The report by the Goldwater Institute fails to mention that keeping American Indian children in foster care is a multi-billion dollar business for state human service agencies.

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Conservative group disputes legality of Indian Child Welfare Act (07/08)
Speakers at a press conference made repeated reference to blood quantum, implying that children who may not appear to be Indian are not actually Indian.

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Conservative group to file class action lawsuit to challenge ICWA (07/06)
The Goldwater Institute claims Indian children are being hurt by compliance with the 1978 law.

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Lorie Graham and Kathryn Fort: The truth about Indian children (06/25)
Forcible removal of indigenous children from their families dates back to colonial times, when missionaries set out to 'Christianize' and 'civilize' Indian children under the guise of educating them.

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Elizabeth Morris: More funding won't stop Indian child abuse (06/22)
Handing additional funding and control to corrupt tribal leaders is not the best way to help victims.

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New case challenges Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act (06/09)
An Indian couple wants their newborn child to be adopted by a non-Indian family.

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Opinion: BIA politicizes placement of Indian children in new rule (06/01)
We have no idea if AI/AN children adopted out of culture have worse outcomes than those adopted within their culture.

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John Guenther: Indian Child Welfare Act remains under attack (05/29)
In a response to the overwhelming evidence from Indian communities that the loss of their children meant the destruction of Indian culture, Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of Indian Child Welfare Act (05/27)
Two adoption groups are questioning the legality of the decades-old law along with new guidelines issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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Judge at center of ICWA lawsuit in South Dakota stripped of title (05/25)
Judge Jeff Davis in Pennington County removed Indian children from their families in 100 percent of the cases before him.

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Matthew Scraper: ICWA opponents wrong to cite blood quantum (05/25)
It is not appropriate to deny a child of the opportunity to be raised in and with their culture, simply because one who is not from or part of that culture deems their blood quantum not to be high enough.

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Cherokee Nation father supports Indian Child Welfare Act rule (05/14)
Dusten Brown hopes the Obama administration's regulation will prevent other Indian families from suffering the removal of their children.

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BIA hopes to implement new ICWA regulation by end of year (05/08)
Public comments are due by May 19 on a rule that seeks to ensure compliance by state courts and child welfare agencies.

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Allie Greenleaf Maldonado: My personal ICWA success story (05/08)
I am looking at a picture of a beautiful little boy who is a citizen of the Little River Band of Odawa Indians. He is my son.

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Court rebuffs Cherokee Nation in Indian Child Welfare Act case (05/04)
The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals had strong words for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in response to guidelines issued in February.

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South Dakota defendants seek reconsideration in ICWA dispute (04/28)
A federal judge ruled that the state defendants violated the Indian Child Welfare Act by removing Indian children from their homes at alarming rates.

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Column: Commission takes on truth and reconciliation in Maine (04/24)
Imagine living in a nation where extermination of your race and culture has been official government policy — a country where vestiges of those policies linger.

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Senate votes to confirm Loretta Lynch as next attorney general (04/24)
The federal prosecutor from New York is the first African American woman to lead the Department of Justice.

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Senate to vote on long-delayed Attorney General nomination (04/22)
If confirmed, Loretta Lynch would be the first African American woman to lead the Department of Justice.

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Alaska to make changes to Indian Child Welfare Act procedures (04/16)
The state issued emergency regulations to make it easier for Native families and tribes to join child welfare cases.

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