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Gyasi Ross: Native people were just people on popular TV show (04/10)
Gyasi Ross pays tribute to the Native actors who helped make Breaking Bad a popular and critically-acclaimed show.

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Gyasi Ross: Football team owner offers 'hush money' on mascot (03/28)
Gyasi Ross doesn't care much about the Washington football team's racist mascot but he does care about the owner's response to the controversy.

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Gyasi Ross: Using assimilation to strengthen Native communities (03/21)
Gyasi Ross argues that assimilation isn't at all bad, as long as you return to help your Native communities.

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Gyasi Ross: Indian Country embracing 2014 Winter Challenge (03/13)
Are you wondering why your friends and relatives in Indian Country are jumping into cold waters and putting it on Facebook and YouTube?

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Gyasi Ross: Keith Harper makes history as nominee for UN post (03/04)
Gyasi Ross urges Indian Country to support the nomination of Keith Harper, a member of the Cherokee Nation, to serve as the U.S. Representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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Gyasi Ross: Native youth face being victims of white supremacy (02/20)
Gyasi Ross explains why Native Americans should be worried about yet another fatal shooting of an African-American teen.

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Gyasi Ross: Don't be too big or too brown for all those racists (02/03)
Gyasi Ross shares the perils of being too big and too brown.

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Gyasi Ross: Racism and white privilege at nearly 30,000 feet (01/28)
Gyasi Ross shares an experience of flying the not so friendly skies.

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Gyasi Ross: The elusive search for justice on stolen lands (01/20)
Gyasi Ross reflects on the struggle for justice on land that was stolen from Native people.

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Gyasi Ross: Reflecting on learning, leadership, loss and love (01/07)
Gyasi Ross looks back on 2013 and looks forward to a happy 2014 in Indian Country.

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