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Editorial: New York governor makes right decision to ban fracking (12/18)
It was impossible to declare that hydraulic fracturing is safe for the environment or human health.

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Assembly of First Nations elects Perry Bellegarde as new leader (12/11)
The new chief said Canada won't be able to approve energy projects without the consent of First Nations.

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Controversial defense bill includes Northern Cheyenne Tribe deal (12/09)
The bill places land in trust for the tribe although property near sacred Bear Butte in South Dakota is no longer included.

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White House recognizes two tribes as Climate Action Champions (12/04)
The Blue Lake Rancheria in California and the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe in Michigan were selected for their efforts to address climate change.

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Charles Trimble: Standing our ground -- Our moral obligation (12/02)
We profess that moral virtue; and we must walk the walk.

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North Dakota tribe puts oil refinery on pause to review plans (11/28)
The tribe has spent more than 10 years on the $450 million project.

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Dean Suagee: EPA's Clean Power Plan affects Indian Country (11/26)
Attorney urges Indian Country to take a closer look at the Clean Power Plan.

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Vice: North Dakota tribe sees $25M a month in energy royalties (11/25)
The Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation is in the middle of an energy boom but tribal members say they aren't seeing any of the benefits.

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Winona LaDuke: No one believes in the 'black snake' pipeline (11/21)
The executive director of Honor The Earth, calls on politicians to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline and look for long-term energy solutions.

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North Dakota tribe in negotiations for pipeline to curb flaring (11/21)
An energy company needs permission to cross 1.8 miles of the reservation.

Filed Under: Environment | Opinion
Bill Richardson: Indian Country feels effects of climate change (11/20)
A former Congressman, governor and Energy Secretary says Clean Power Plan will help tribes address the impacts of climate change.

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Native Sun News: Winona LaDuke addresses energy addiction (11/18)
Anishinaabe tribal member Winona LaDuke called for a 'transition from the tipi to the Tesla,' during a speaking engagement in the South Dakota state capital.

Filed Under: Environment
Dry Creek Band announces $21M solar energy development (11/12)
The cost of the project is being picked up by tribal investors.

Filed Under: Politics
Mark Fox sworn in as leader of energy-rich North Dakota tribe (11/07)
The new leader of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation takes office a day after winning the election.

Filed Under: Health | Politics
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on childhood trauma (11/06)
The committee will be changing to Republican hands after the current session of Congress.

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Ray Cross: North Dakota tribe can't trade away its resources (11/06)
The Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation can't become dependent on energy revenues.

Filed Under: Environment | National | Politics
Mark Fox wins election to lead energy-rich North Dakota tribe (11/05)
The incoming chairman has vowed to strengthen regulation of the oil and gas industry.

Filed Under: Environment
Moapa Band loses bid for $438M solar facility on reservation (10/31)
The project would have allowed an energy company to retire a coal-fired power plant next to the reservation.

Filed Under: National | Politics
Passamaquoddy Tribe won't talk with tidal power developers (10/31)
The tribe says the $125 million project will destroy a lucrative elver fishery.

Filed Under: Canada | Environment | Opinion
Winona LaDuke: Taking treaty advice from indigenous nations (10/29)
The executive director of Honor The Earth calls on Canada to take advice from Native nations when it comes to making treaties.

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