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Four sentenced for stealing HHS funds from Oglala Sioux Tribe (07/25)
The four stole about $109,000 from a program meant to help needy people with energy bills.

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Native Sun News: North Dakota tribe contains spill at pipeline (07/18)
The Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation, working with federal, state, and corporate officials, has contained a pipeline spill that threatened to contaminate Lake Sakakawea.

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Cleanup continues at site of spill on North Dakota reservation (07/14)
A pipeline with saltwater, a byproduct of oil and gas development, ruptured and spilled about 1 million gallons on the reservation.

Filed Under: Opinion
Vernon Masayesva: Coal-fired power plant harms Hopi people (07/14)
Vernon Masayesva, the founder of the Black Mesa Trust, questions a settlement that allows a coal-fired power plant to keep operating.

Filed Under: Business | Canada
Fort McKay First Nation blames shortfall for lack of per capita (07/11)
At one point, band members were receiving more than $10,000 a year.

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Navajo Nation energy firm sees 16.8 percent boost in revenue (07/11)
The company took in $458 million, or $156.3 million more than the prior fiscal year.

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NWPR: Umatilla Tribes protest plans for coal shipping terminal (07/11)
The Umatilla Tribes say they won't accept money in exchange for supporting a coal export terminal in eastern Oregon.

Filed Under: Environment | Politics | Trust
Moapa Band asks Congress to pass bill to add land to reservation (07/10)
Chairwoman Aletha Tom says land will be used for housing, recreation, cultural purposes and renewable energy development.

Filed Under: Environment
Pipeline on reservation in North Dakota spills 1M gallons of fluid (07/10)
An unknown amount of saltwater entered a bay that leads to Lake Sakakawea.

Filed Under: Opinion
Winona LaDuke: Energy project threatens Ojibwe ricing tradition (07/07)
Activist Winona LaDuke of Honor the Earth explains the battle against pipeline through treaty territory in Minnesota.

Filed Under: Business | Law | Politics
Navajo Nation Council seek to resolve dispute over energy firm (07/07)
A new charter could be ratified in a special session later this week.

Filed Under: Environment
Blog: Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation turns to renewable energy (07/02)
The Hopi Tribe and the Navajo Nation are harnessing solar and wind power.

Filed Under: Canada | Law
First Nations from British Columbia win major land title decision (06/26)
Landmark decision recognizes Native rights to their aboriginal territory.

Filed Under: Opinion
Jay Daniels: Concerns about fracking lie with disposal of waste (06/26)
Jay Daniels discusses the concerns surrounding hydraulic fracturing, a controversial energy-processing technique that's commonly known as fracking.

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Cherokee Nation continues work for Arkansas River power plant (06/20)
Facility would be located at the W.D. Mayo Lock and Dam in Oklahoma.

Filed Under: Canada | Environment
First Nations prepared for battle over pipeline through territory (06/18)
Energy firm promises to work with Native communities along the route.

Filed Under: Environment | Trust
BLM fails to inspect oil and gas wells on federal and Indian lands (06/17)
Inspections are spotty in Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming, according to investigation.

Filed Under: Environment | Opinion
Opinion: Southern Ute Tribe sees success in energy industry (06/16)
Writer says the Southern Ute Tribe has shown how energy development can bring a positive impact in Indian Country.

Filed Under: Business | Environment
Coal company starts exploratory drilling on Crow Reservation (06/09)
The reservation is home to a 1.4-billion ton coal reserve.

Filed Under: Environment
EPA to consult tribes about emissions at coal-fired power plants (06/04)
Navajo Nation, Ute Tribe and Fort Mojave Tribe host plants on their reservations.

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