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Rosebud Sioux Tribe won't give up on wind energy despite delays (07/03)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs took so long to make a decision that the tribe's business agreements expired.

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North Dakota tribal group asserts authority over development (06/26)
The West Segment Regulatory Commission intends to conduct background checks and drug testing of energy company employees.

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Blackfeet Nation to honor Sen. Tester for sacred site support (06/25)
The tribe is trying to protect the Badger-Two Medicine Area from energy development.

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White Earth Nation invokes treaty in attempt to block oil pipeline (06/24)
The $2.6 billion Sandpiper project passes through lands protected by treaties signed in the 1800s.

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White House threatens veto of funding bill for Indian programs (06/24)
The House is scheduled to take up the fiscal year 2016 Interior appropriations bill on Thursday.

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Jay Daniels: Energy mismanagement at BIA isn't anything new (06/23)
After more than 118 years, we are still experiencing problems and difficulties in oil and gas development on Indian land.

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Southern Ute Tribe loses bid to stop fracking rule on reservation (06/23)
A federal judge denied a motion for a temporary restraining order but will proceed to the merits of the case.

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Southern Ute Tribe sues to block fracking rule on reservation (06/22)
The rule is set to go into effect on Wednesday but could be blocked by court action of Congress.

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House appropriations bill blocks fracking rule in Indian Country (06/17)
Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) introduced the rider to stop the enforcement of a regulation that covers public and Indian lands.

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Judge questions delay in drilling on Blackfeet Nation sacred site (06/17)
The tribe isn't a party to a lawsuit that could lead to energy development in the Badger-Two Medicine Area in Montana.

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Native Sun News: North Dakota tribe sees growth in fracking wells (06/17)
The reservation is home to more than 1,000 active fracking wells and has experienced two major toxic brine water spills from associated pipelines during the past one-year period.

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GAO report questions BIA's management of Indian energy duties (06/15)
Tribes are waiting years for decisions and are losing out on revenue opportunities.

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Alex Jacobs: Unlikely alliances advance agenda in Indian Country (06/15)
In the Pacific Northwest, Native nations are using their treaty rights to fight plans for coal and oil trains, because shipping and burning fossil fuels threatens their fisheries.

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Middletown Rancheria raises concerns about geothermal pipeline (06/12)
The Calpine energy company balked at paying the tribe for cultural monitoring services but a compromise was reached.

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Judge to hear arguments in Blackfeet Nation sacred site dispute (06/09)
An energy company has been trying to explore for oil and gas in the Badger-Two Medicine Area in Montana since the 1980s.

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Winona LaDuke: Energy company hasn't been listening to tribes (06/08)
The Enbridge Company’s Linda Coady, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, had come out from Calgary to have a 'Listening Session' with the Native community.

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Albert Bender: Solar energy plant approved over tribal concerns (06/04)
An ancient, sacred Mohave Indian tribal site has been destroyed as a result of the Obama administration's push for solar development on public land.

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Energy Department to host tribal renewable energy workshop (06/01)
Chris Deschene, a member of the Navajo Nation who is the new director of the Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs, will be at the event in Oklahoma.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court rules for Oneida Nation in permit case (05/29)
The city of Green Bay pulled the permit for a waste recycling plant after the project generated controversy.

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Michigan tribes warn of disaster from pipeline spill in Great Lakes (05/28)
The pipeline was built across the Straits of Mackinac in 1953 and one tribal leaders is worried about an 'imminent' oil spill.

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