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Chippewa Cree Tribe elects Ken St. Marks as chair for fourth time (07/02)
Rivals have removed Ken St. Marks from office three times but keeps wining the support of the people.

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Mississippi Choctaw leader comes out on top in unofficial results (07/02)
Phyllis Anderson appears to have won a second term as chief of the Mississippi tribe.

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Cherokee Nation certifies results of election for top positions (07/01)
Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Deputy Chief Joe Crittenden secured majority votes so run-offs aren't necessary.

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Blackfeet Nation man announces bid for House seat in Montana (06/24)
James St. Goddard, a former vice chair of his tribe, is running as a Democrat.

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Mark Trahant: National Aboriginal Day stirs new hope in Canada (06/23)
For nearly two decades, Canadians have celebrated June 21 as a national holiday to honor the Inuit, First Nations and Metis people.

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Editorial: Rapid City mayor must push to improve race relations (06/10)
Rapid City has the chance to be one of the great cities in America and as the city continues to grow it will take sound and open leadership to ensure that all of its citizens are treated equally.

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Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians heads to run-off for chief (06/10)
Phyliss J. Anderson, the first woman to lead the tribe, will face Beasley Denson, the man she defeated in 2011.

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Mark Trahant: An ideal year for an Indian presidential candidate (06/10)
The early primary campaign season is not ideal for a serious discussion about Indian Country’s issues.

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Keweenaw Bay Indian Community backs marriage equality law (06/10)
Tribal members endorsed the change in law in a non-binding referendum last December.

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Spokane Tribe bars disenrollment in amendment to constitution (06/09)
Tribal members approved the change by a 309 to 268 vote.

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Mississippi Choctaws in final stretch of campaign for chief position (06/08)
Phyliss J. Anderson, the first woman to lead the tribe, is facing a challenge from the man she defeated four years ago.

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Interview: Chief Gary Batton of Choctaw Nation shares philosophy (06/08)
The Durant Democrat interviews Chief Gary Batton, who is rounding out his first term as leader of the Choctaw Nation and is running for election in July.

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Top Chickasaw Nation leaders faced no challengers for re-election (06/08)
Gov. Bill Anoatubby and Lt. Gov. Jefferson Keel will serve another four years in office.

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Frances Charles re-elected as chair of Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe (06/04)
Frances Charles has served on the council for 17 years and and as leader of the tribe since 2005.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City mayoral victor vows to work with all (06/04)
At the end of the day and with all precincts reporting former Rapid City Chief of Police Steve Allender defeated incumbent Sam Kooiker winning the election by a margin of about 1,200 votes.

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Eastern Cherokees face lawsuit over raises for council members (06/03)
A group of tribal members are upset with raises that were made retroactive to 2010 with little public discussion.

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Former police chief ousts incumbent in Rapid City mayoral race (06/03)
Steve Allender overcame allegations of racism and defeated Mayor Sam Kooiker by about 1,200 votes.

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Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby seeks another term (06/02)
Gov. Bill Anoatubby has led the tribe since 1987 and has served seven terms in office.

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Coushatta Tribe reports results of election for two council seats (06/02)
David Sickey and Crystal Williams will each serve a four-year term on the council.

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Seminole Tribe inaugurates new leadership at historic oak tree (06/02)
Chairman James Billie won re-election and will serve another four-year term as leader of the tribe.

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