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Native mayor promises to change city's reputation as most racist (01/22)
Maclean's magazine labeled Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the most racist city in Canada.

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Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation inaugurates Leland Kinter as chairman (01/22)
Leland Kinter succeeds longtime chairman Marshall McKay.

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Ak-Chin Indian Community welcomes two new council members (01/21)
Ann Marie Antone and Gabriel Lopez won the most votes in a three-way race earlier this month.

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Voters from Tule River Tribe re-elect four incumbents for council (01/20)
Five seats were up for grabs and four were taken by incumbents.

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Native Sun News: North Dakota tribe confronts many challenges (01/20)
When Mark Fox took the oath of the highest office in the Mandan Hidatsa & Arikara (MHA) Nation, he initiated his first four-year term with a pledge to bolster the reservation’s economic self-sufficiency.

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Jeffrey Whalen: Oglala Sioux Tribe denies off-reservation voters (01/19)
The tribal folks in the Great Plains Region should be concerned about how their constitutions were drafted and the subsequent language that is contained in them.

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Supporters of Chris Deschene still upset with handling of election (01/16)
The Navajo Nation entered a new year without a new president.

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Editorial: Enough is enough with Navajo Nation election drama (01/15)
Sometimes, for the greater good, it is necessary to stop, let it go and move on.

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Women take chair and top positions in Caddo Nation election (01/14)
Voters choose Tamara Michele Francis, Carol Ross as vice chair, Jennifer Reeder as secretary and Wildena Moffer as treasurer.

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Navajo Nation leader starts second term despite election loss (01/14)
Ben Shelly came in seventh out of 17 candidates in the tribe's primary last year.

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Agreement reached for leader of Navajo Nation to stay in office (01/12)
Ben Shelly will be sworn in tomorrow and will remain in office until tribal members elect a successor.

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Chief of Cherokee Nation won't be prosecuted for pigeon shoot (01/09)
Chief Bill John Baker apologized for attending the event in which live pigeons were thrown in the air and shot down.

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President of Navajo Nation remains in office amid election delay (01/08)
President Ben Shelly didn't win re-election but it looks like he will be staying in power for now.

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Controversy continues over Navajo Nation presidential election (01/05)
The tribe was supposed to have a new president by now but it looks like the election won't be held until sometime this fall.

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DOI orders leaders of Chippewa Cree Tribe to reinstate chairman (12/22)
Ken St. Marks has been cooperating with federal investigators in a wide-ranging corruption probe on the reservation.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe inaugurates new leadership (12/17)
New council members vow to ‘give a voice back to the people’ as they take office.

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Navajo Nation's highest court dismisses challenge to candidate (12/17)
Russell Begaye called for the tribe to hold the delayed presidential election as soon as possible.

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Southern Ute Tribe holds inauguration for chairman after run-off (12/16)
Clement Frost has served on the council for 35 years, including seven as chair.

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Assembly of First Nations elects Perry Bellegarde as new leader (12/11)
The new chief said Canada won't be able to approve energy projects without the consent of First Nations.

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Five defendants change pleas in Berry Creek Rancheria dispute (12/05)
The charges stem from a dispute over the disenrollment policies of the Tyme Maidu Tribe.

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