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Paul Moorehead: Tribes need greater control over their lands (04/15)
Having lost hundreds of millions of acres of land to allotment and tax auction, sale, fraud and federal chicanery beginning in the late 1880s, Indian tribes have ever since been on a decades-long mission to acquire and reconsolidate their once-mighty land holdings.

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Mohegan Tribe announces another entry into restaurant industry (04/14)
The tribe will open a new location of a gourmet food company on the reservation and will consider other locations.

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Mourners pay tribute to late leader of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (04/10)
Hundreds attended the funeral of Michael Jandreau, who led his people for 36 years.

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Opinion: Partisan bickering threatens tribal progress in Montana (04/09)
As we enter the closing weeks of this legislative session, legislators will have a choice in how Native Americans in Montana reflect on the work of their lawmakers. Will they see this session as one of missed opportunities and partisan obstruction?

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Warm Springs Tribes consider marijuana as economic opportunity (04/09)
Marijuana is legal in Oregon for recreational use and the tribe might be able to enter the budding industry.

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Native Sun News: Chairman of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe walks on (04/09)
Michael Jandreau, who humbly attributed his enduring success as leader of the Kul Wicasa Oyate for more than 35 years to the people themselves, has made his journey to the spirit world.

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Pokagon Band continues to diversify economy with acquisition (04/08)
The tribe's economic development corporation has acquired a mechanical trade contractor with operations in Indiana and Michigan.

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Dennis Ickes: Michael Jandreau was humble servant to his tribe (04/07)
We will remember Michael Jandreau's vision, his humility, selflessness, intellectual brilliance, talent for attracting people of special ability to serve with him, his probing questions of experts, and his special ability to inspire.

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Federal bank to start center for Indian economic development (04/06)
The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis expects to open the Center for Indian Country Development by the middle of the year.

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Alaina Buffalo Spirit: Oppose coal for Northern Cheyenne Tribe (04/06)
I agree that our people need to work to build our economy. But we won’t prosper from an industry that will destroy our land, water and plants.

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Funeral for late leader of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe on Thursday (04/06)
Michael Jandreau was hailed as a promoter of economic development and stability on the reservation.

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Chairman of Winnebago Tribe quits as council exodus continues (04/02)
John Blackhawk led the tribe for nearly 20 years during an unprecedented era of growth and opportunity.

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Alex White Plume aims to grow hemp on Pine Ridge Reservation (03/30)
The Oglala Sioux Tribe allows hemp to be cultivated but federal agents in the past contended the plant was a drug.

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Column: Agua Caliente Band serves as a model for First Nations (03/16)
Though admittedly different than the land and treaty rights involved in the Kapyong case, the Agua Caliente model is an impressive example of how negotiation and compromise can effectively function.

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Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne Tribe starts business arm (03/16)
Recently, the Tribal Council decided to turn management of three tribal businesses over to a separate entity, the Northern Cheyenne Development Corporation.

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Lynn Armitage: KBIC entrepreneur helps other Indian businesses (03/12)
If Thomas Carlson has his way, all Indian businesses would be listed on a new website he launched this past January called

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Jason Small: Northern Cheyenne Tribe must develop resources (03/10)
The Northern Cheyenne Tribe has stagnated since the early 1980s at which point there was the potential in the future for energy development and the promise of prosperity.

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Winona LaDuke: Consider marijuana and hemp in Indian Country (03/05)
Could tribes stop that economic drain with a local marijuana economy? There are some larger economic benefits, for both hemp or marijuana, as well as risks.

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Ray Cook: Indian Country should say yes to cultivation of hemp (02/23)
In most cases, as with gaming, successful recreational and medicinal marijuana production would eventually and quickly serve a saturated market, one with experienced growers ready and able to turn legal at the drop of a hat.

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Mohegan Tribe enters another deal for restaurant franchises (02/19)
The tribe will be opening 10 locations of Jersey Mike's Subs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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