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Bois Forte Band expands economy with second Tim Hortons Cafe (07/02)
The Canadian-based fast casual restaurant is known for its coffee and doughnuts.

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Ivan Star: Creating a culturally appropriate economy at Pine Ridge (07/02)
Pine Ridge is still in need of regular demographic polls or surveys to keep up on our economy. If we are to improve our joblessness, then we need solid data.

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Morongo Band interested in acquiring Colt gun manufacturer (06/30)
The iconic company declared bankruptcy earlier this month and owes $500 million to creditors.

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Lakota Country Times: Oglala Sioux leader pushes zeolite mine (06/30)
Despite a recent vote by community members in the Wounded Knee district to rescind an earlier motion that would have paved the way for zeolite mining in their district the issue will be brought up at the next meeting.

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Lakota Country Times: Few answers about mine on Pine Ridge (06/26)
Two weeks ago a meeting was held in a vacant office space in downtown Rapid City.

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Native Sun News: Project brings economic hope to Pine Ridge (06/26)
'Poverty ends today on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation' was the proclamation made by Thunder Valley’s program Director Nick Tilson.

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Catawba Nation in discussions for $125M movie studio project (06/25)
Chief Bill Harris can't share details due to a non-disclosure agreement but the project could bring a significant economic development boost to the reservation.

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Jay Daniels: Energy mismanagement at BIA isn't anything new (06/23)
After more than 118 years, we are still experiencing problems and difficulties in oil and gas development on Indian land.

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Yurok Tribe to launch ferry to ease travel time on reservation (06/23)
Passengers will be able to get from Klamath to Sregon Village in just 45 minutes, eliminating a three-hour drive.

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Native Sun News: Crow Tribe collaborates on Bighorn rest area (06/22)
At the 139th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn Battle, thousands of visitors will throng to the third most popular tourist attraction in Montana.

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Senate committee focuses on access to capital in Indian Country (06/18)
Funding for the loan guarantee program at the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the community development financial institutions fund at the Department of Treasury remains low.

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Gary Davis: A new day for economic prosperity in Indian Country (06/18)
Entrepreneurship has always been essential to our identity, and that remains true in 2015.

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Session at RES DC meeting explores marijuana in Indian Country (06/17)
Interest in marijuana is growing but tribes are being urged to move with caution as they enter the new industry.

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Tribal leaders return to nation's capitol for big economic summit (06/15)
The burgeoning marijuana industry, online lending, taxation and labor unions are just a few of the issues on the agenda.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee takes up economic development (06/15)
A listening session and oversight hearing will focus on the Buy Indian Act, community development financial institutions and access to capital.

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Hualapai Tribe finishes remodel of grocery store and gas station (06/11)
The 5,600 square-foot Walapai Market is located in historic Route 66 in Peach Springs, Arizona.

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Pokagon Band to contribute $500K to college technical center (06/10)
The tribe signed a multi-year partnership with Lake Michigan College to increase economic opportunities.

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Interview: Potawatomi tribes join forces for new business venture (06/09)
Robert Farkas spoke with MiBiz about the firm’s goals for skilled trades training as well as a new joint venture to pursue federal contracting work.

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Mille Lacs Band invests $35M in big renovation of Twin Cities hotel (06/08)
The rebranding of the InterContinental St. Paul-Riverfront will be complete in September.

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Nez Perce Tribe announces new chief executive for business arm (06/05)
Joe Pakootas served in a similar role for the Colville Tribes of Washington.

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