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Gabe Galanda: Tribes are carrying out the wishes of the colonizer (01/16)
Our elders and spiritual leaders do not teach the practice of disenrollment.

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Gabe Galanda: Disenrollments are bankrupting our tribal nations (01/15)
To be sure, tribal per capita distributions are presently catalyzing the most severe form of Indian poverty.

Filed Under: Law
Five defendants change pleas in Berry Creek Rancheria dispute (12/05)
The charges stem from a dispute over the disenrollment policies of the Tyme Maidu Tribe.

Filed Under: Politics
Dry Creek Band reduces salaries of tribal board of directors (11/14)
Chairman Harvey Hopkins has given up his salary as the tribe tightens its belts.

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Cedric Sunray: Standing together to fight tribal disenrollment (10/22)
Solidarity requires other tribal members/citizens to disenroll themselves when others are disenrolled.

Filed Under: Abramoff Scandal | Opinion
Gabe Galanda: Abramoff's playbook still used in Indian Country (10/20)
Law firms and lobbyists in Indian Country have learned a few tricks from the Jack Abramoff scandal.

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Cedric Sunray: Tribes abandon traditional aspects of inclusion (10/20)
Many tribes in North America have simply lost their way today.

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Attorney General Eric Holder to step down after six-year tenure (09/26)
From the Cobell settlement to tribal jurisdiction provisions in the Violence Against Women Act, the Department of Justice led a dramatic shift in the federal-Indian relationship.

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Gabe Galanda: Academia won't tackle tribal disenrollment issues (08/27)
Attorney Gabe Galanda says academics are partly to blame for the disenrollment epidemic in Indian Country.

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James Mills: Non-Indian firm helps tribes create stronger nations (08/25)
James Mills, the owner of Creating Stronger Nations, responds to criticism from professor David E. Wilkins about non-Indian companies auditing tribal enrollment records.

Filed Under: Opinion
Gabe Galanda: Per capitas only bring tribes to self-termination (08/13)
Attorney Gabe Galanda discusses the pitfalls of tribal per capita payments.

Filed Under: Opinion
David Wilkins: Tribes paying outsiders to audit their membership (08/12)
Professor David E. Wilkins questions the use of outside companies to provide audits of tribal membership records.

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David Wilkins: Finding some common ground on disenrollments (07/31)
Professor David E. Wilkins reflects on the disenrollment controversy within the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

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Protest targets disenrollments within Saginaw Chippewa Tribe (07/28)
The Michigan tribe is removing 234 people from the rolls.

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Grand Ronde Tribes disenroll 86 descendants of treaty signer (07/28)
The family members plan to pursue an appeal in tribal court.

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Rick Cuevas: Pechanga disenrollments motivated by politics (07/14)
Rick Cuevas addresses disenrollment controversy within the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians.

Filed Under: National
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe sends out 234 disenrollment letters (07/02)
The same group was previously targeted for removal by the tribe.

Filed Under: Opinion
Gabe Galanda: Jack Abramoff's playbook still being deployed (06/23)
Attorney Gabe Galanda says law firms and lobbyists have learned a few tricks from Jack Abramoff.

Filed Under: Law
Court tells Nooksack Tribe to stop disenrollment proceedings (06/13)
Tribe told to submit disenrollment ordinance to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Filed Under: Law
Nooksack Tribe attempts to resume disenrollment proceedings (06/04)
Tribal court had put a stop to disenrollments but some people are receiving notices of removal.

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