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Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas helps with war against diabetes (07/07)
Dr. Rodney Stapp said amputations have dropped to virtually zero after the introduction of Nike N7 shoe.

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New Mexico tribe combats high rates of youth obesity and diabetes (07/07)
Diabetes cases grew 5 percent in the last 5 years and nearly a quarter of youth are considered obese by the time they enter high school.

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Jodi Gillette joins board of directors for Notah Begay III Foundation (07/06)
The foundation, created by Navajo / Pueblo golfer Notah Begay, combats diabetes in Indian Country.

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Mark Trahant: Indian Country finds success in diabetes fight (05/19)
Indian Country has long faced the epidemic of diabetes with rates 2.3 times greater than the general population.

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Coeur d'Alene Tribe takes proactive approach in diabetes fight (04/28)
The tribe is screening more people and introducing healthier foods as part of its effort to combat the disease.

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Sen. Barrasso highlights 100 days of work on Indian legislation (04/16)
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has held nine hearings, including two on reservations, and has advanced nearly a dozen bills since the start of the 114th Congress.

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Congress passes renewal of Indian Country diabetes program (04/16)
The Special Diabetes Program for Indians will be extended for two years under a bill that is headed to President Barack Obama for his signature.

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Lakota Country Times: Program brings healthy food to Pine Ridge (04/16)
For students on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation finding access to healthy and nutrient dense foods is often a struggle for a variety of reasons.

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Yvette Roubideaux: Diabetes program works for Indian Country (04/09)
It is spring again, and the hopes for better weather are accompanied by the worries and concerns of many American Indian and Alaska Native communities working hard to prevent and treat diabetes and its complications.

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New Mexico reports high rate of obesity among Indian children (04/06)
Among third grade students, a whopping 52.8 percent of American Indians are considered overweight or obese.

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Navajo Nation makes headlines as first with tax on junk foods (03/31)
Starting tomorrow, the tribe will collect an extra 2 percent tax on sugary foods that are deemed to have little or no nutritional value.

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Julianne Jennings: Taking care of our eyesight in Indian Country (03/30)
What caused the decline of eyesight in Native America? Books. Yes, books.

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Editorial: Shakopee Tribe contributes $5M for health initiative (03/27)
The tribe, which has become a philanthropic force in Minnesota and in Indian Country, has smartly worked in partnership with leading organizations that have done pioneering work in nutrition, fitness and wellness.

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Opinion: Navajo Nation enacts 'sin tax' on unhealthy products (03/27)
The Navajos passed a 2 percent sales tax on pastries, chips, soda, desserts, fried foods, sweetened beverages, and other products with 'minimal-to-no-nutritional value.'

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Andre Cramblit: Dramatic decision paid off for my health status (03/09)
Obesity has been a problem for me most of my life. Growing up I shopped in the husky section.

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Gyasi Ross: Staying healthy for the New Year in Indian Country (01/19)
Last year I got particularly out of shape for the holidays. So I was kinda in triage mode when New Year hit.

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Leader of Navajo Nation signs bill for higher tax on junk food (11/21)
The bill imposes an additional 2 percent tax on sugary foods that are deemed to have little or no nutritional value.

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Navajo Nation Council approves controversial tax on junk food (11/17)
The bill imposes an additional 2 percent tax on soda and sugary foods.

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Native Sun News: Activists take annual swim to Alcatraz Island (10/21)
Nakina Mills and Amanda Carlow of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation are among American Indian health activists from South Dakota, Washington and California states, taking part in the annual PATHSTAR Alcatraz Swim Week.

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Regina Brave: Starchy foods and alcohol are killing our people (10/07)
Alcoholism is a devastating disease unknown to our ancestors. Alcohol now pervades every nook, cranny and dimension of our society.

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