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Rep. Young offers explanation for inaction on land-into-trust fix (07/15)
The top Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee is calling the shots.

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Democrats hoping to capture Alaska Native vote in Senate race (06/30)
Democrats are putting 130 people to work in five field offices across the state.

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Governor's no-show at NCAI conference spurs ethics complaint (06/26)
Alaska Native candidate accuses the governor of ignoring Native people.

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Senate candidates support federal recognition for Lumbee Tribe (06/25)
Republicans and Democrats alike have long supported the tribe.

Filed Under: Opinion | Politics
John Lewis: Powerful forces seek to suppress reservation vote (06/24)
Powerful forces are intent on making voting more difficult instead of more accessible and it could hurt Montana families in Indian Country.

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Pueblo woman aims to be first Native candidate in state office (06/23)
Deb Haaland is a single mother from Laguna Pueblo.

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John Kane: Lawmakers pull a publicity stunt with letter to NFL (05/28)
John Kane isn't impressed by a letter sent by 50 Senate Democrats to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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Senate Democrats sponsor bill to safeguard Native voting rights (05/23)
Bill addresses polling locations, an issue of contention in recent reservation voting disputes.

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Energy bill fails in Senate in dispute over Keystone XL Pipeline (05/13)
A energy bill with widespread support failed in the Senate on Monday in a partisan dispute over the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

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Poarch Band sends another $750K to attorney general candidate (05/09)
The Poarch Band of Creek Indians donated another $750,000 to political action committees in Alabama.

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Northern Arapaho man announces run for Wyoming Legislature (05/06)
Sergio Maldonado, a member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe, announced his campaign for the Wyoming Legislature.

Filed Under: Opinion | Politics
Opinion: Democrats celebrate Andrew Jackson's Indian removal (05/02)
Writer says Democrats should stop celebrating the legacy of former president Andrew Jackson, who ordered the removal of Indian nations from their homelands.

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Colorado lawmaker compared Indian tuition bill to 'reparations' (05/02)
A Colorado lawmaker is coming under fire for voting against a bill to expand the Indian tuition program.

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Mark Trahant: Dueling budget proposals impact Indian programs (04/09)
All you need to know about the November election is found in dueling documents: Paul Ryan’s budget and the House Democratic alternative.

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Paulette Jordan, Coeur d'Alene Tribe, running for Idaho House (03/19)
Paulette Jordan, a member of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, is campaigning for a seat in the Idaho Legislature.

Filed Under: Opinion
John Kane: Republicans and Democrats go after tribal wealth (03/19)
John Kane doesn't think Republicans or Democrats have treated tribes in New York kindly, especially when it comes to tobacco.

Filed Under: Opinion | Politics
Mark Trahant: A Republican Senate means Indian budget cuts (03/18)
Is it a foregone conclusion that the Senate will go Republican in November?

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Poarch Band contributes $250K to political action committees (03/07)
The Poarch Band of Creek Indians donated $250,000 to three political action committees in Alabama last month.

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KPLU: Colville leader Joe Pakootas launches run for House seat (02/28)
Joe Pakootas, the head of economic development for the Colville Tribes of Washington, hopes to unseat Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R).

Filed Under: Politics
Joe Pakootas, former Colville chair, launches run for House seat (02/19)
Joe Pakootas, a former chairman of the Colville Tribes of Washington, is running for Congress.

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