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Delvin Cree: Memories of helping my great grandmother Selina (04/02)
As I sat down one recent morning and sipped on some strong coffee, I would remember a time when I would help one of my elders.

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Delvin Cree: North Dakota tribe breaks ground on oil refinery (05/09)
A tribally owned refinery project costing $450 million is getting closer to development stages.

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Delvin Cree: Tribal communities help America's economy grow (02/15)
The State of the Union Address this week by President Barack Obama may have lifted the spirits of tribal members in search of employment opportunities. It is evident jobs on...

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Delvin Cree: North Dakota tribal members in workforce boom (02/01)
North Dakota has the fastest job growth and lowest unemployment in the nation. Thanks to oil and gas exploration many are taking advantage of the many opportunities available. For example,...

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Delvin Cree: North Dakota event supports Idle No More movement (01/07)
Loren Red Star from the Ocean Man Reserve listened as his brother Cecil took the lead in a traditional song during an "Idle No More" event at the International Peace...

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Delvin Cree: Cobell brings millions to Turtle Mountain members (12/14)
Elouise Cobell, the lead plaintiff of the Cobell v Salazar class action lawsuit would be a happy woman today, knowing beneficiaries in the case will finally be receiving compensation for...

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Delvin Cree: Heidi Heitkamp will represent North Dakota tribes (11/05)
Several Indian tribes in North Dakota will soon pay more attention to the many energy resources we have in our state and on tribal lands. So far the non-Indian population...

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Delvin Cree: Spirit Lake Nation children are at rest in happy home (07/13)
A year ago, I spent Memorial Day at the Spirit Lake Nation. Usually, visiting the grave sites of my relatives happens throughout the year, but these relatives were from my...

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Delvin Cree: FEMA trailer problems still an issue in Indian Country (07/06)
Over two years ago I addressed some health issues surrounding Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers that my tribe, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, was receiving. These trailers came...

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Delvin Cree: Rodney King and injustice against American Indians (06/22)
When addressing justice for American Indians the subject is often sensitive and at times things can get very controversial. No matter the results, eventually we all deal with it and...

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Delvin Cree: Turtle Mountain Band on the hook for a big loan (05/14)
Tribal corruption is something that happens often in Indian Country. I'm not saying it's an on-going thing, but it does happen and some of us actually don't know it exists...

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Delvin Cree: Powwows an important part of tribal culture (04/20)
Close to 40 years ago in an area north of my hometown Dunseith, North Dakota -- which is home to descendants of the great chiefs Little Shell and Red Bear...

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Delvin Cree: Explore energy development in Indian Country (03/23)
On a recent warm sunny day I watched as quite a few 18 wheelers, large tandem service trucks and 4x4 pick-up trucks (with big tires) drive by my brother's place...

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Delvin Cree: Treaties and the debate over 'Fighting Sioux' (02/24)
Some of the historical history surrounding North Dakota's "Fighting Sioux" controversy has been pushed aside during a time when discussions are in place to keep the name and logo. Soon...

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Delvin Cree: Predatory lending a cash cow in Indian Country (02/17)
The new cash cow for Indian tribes is predatory lending. Some do it - some don't; in a sense, I don't know why any tribe would want to this kind...

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Delvin Cree: Favoritism in Turtle Mountain tribal employment (02/03)
When favortism takes place within a tribe, not too many of us pay attention because the practice of hiring family members, close relatives and friends happens all the time. Our...

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Delvin Cree: A new media venture - The Tribal Independent (12/09)
As I have said before in recent comments made public, journalism is a challenge today for writers who want to report the news within reservation boundaries I first got my...

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Delvin Cree: Media censorship on Turtle Mountain Reservation (11/28)
The Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota is one of those communities where censorship is the ultimate tool used to deprive writers of the opportunity to report about truthful activities....

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Delvin Cree: No freedom of the press for Turtle Mountain Band (10/17)
"A recent vendetta against me for writing an article to newspapers in September has forced me to resign my position as the Turtle Mountain Reservation oil and gas specialist. A...

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Delvin Cree: Tribes can use treaty to settle their differences (05/02)
"More than 100 years before the use of the Fighting Sioux name and logo by non-Indians in 1930, a peace treaty took place in the northern region of what is...

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