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Marc Simmons: Delaware warriors found their way to New Mexico (04/07)
Marc Simmons describes how the Delaware people were pushed out of their homelands and how some even ended up in New Mexico.

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Cherokee Nation and Delaware Tribe sign agreement for housing (02/26)
The Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Tribe signed an agreement regarding federal housing funds.

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Tribes were asked for views on big Northeast bridge project (01/03)
Several tribes were asked for their views on a $1.3 billion bridge project in New York and New Jersey as part of an environmental review process that observers say is outdated and cumbersome

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Editorial: Open communication with Delaware Tribe in Kansas (10/28)
Newspaper calls on Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma to keep lines of communication open as it makes a return to Kansas.

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KCUR: Mayor plans meeting with Delaware Tribe in Oklahoma (10/11)
Lawrence, Kansas, Mayor Mike Dever plans to meet with leaders of the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma as soon as Monday.

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City seeks meeting with Delaware Tribe over plans in Kansas (10/09)
Officials in Lawrence, Kansas, voted to request a meeting with the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma.

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Steven Newcomb: Dutch ordered Lenape massacre in 1643 (08/26)
Steven Newcomb recounts a massacre of Lenape (Delaware ancestors) in New York in 1643.

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Delaware Tribe hasn't submitted land-into-trust application (08/06)
The Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma hasn't submitted a land-trust-application for its newly acquired property in Kansas.

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Indian Times: Busy week in the news for three Oklahoma tribes (07/29)
Indian Times at KGOU recaps a busy week in the news for Oklahoma tribes.

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Delaware Tribe acquires property in bid to 'Return to Kansas' (07/24)
The Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma has acquired land in Kansas in an effort to re-establish a land base there.

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Delaware Tribe looking to relocate headquarters to Kansas (03/25)
The Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma is looking to relocate to Kansas. The tribe had a reservation in Kansas before being forced to move to Oklahoma in the 1800s. "We're still...

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Scott Brown refers to Elizabeth Warren as 'white' in 2nd debate (10/02)
Republican Scott Brown again attacked Democrat Elizabeth Warren about her claims of Indian ancestry at their second debate on Monday night. Brown said Warren considered herself to be "white until...

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Fact Checker: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren and Indian claim (09/28)
"Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has focused his campaign’s attention back on the self-proclaimed Native American heritage of his Democratic challenger, Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, who listed herself as...

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Elizabeth Warren responds to attack on Indian ancestry claims (09/25)
Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, is coming under attack again over her claims of Indian ancestry. Warren, who grew up in Oklahoma, has claimed Cherokee...

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Elizabeth Warren defends claim of Indian ancestry at debate (09/21)
Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, defended her claims of Indian ancestry in what has been called a very tense debate with incumbent Scott Brown. Warren,...

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Delaware Tribe debates change in trust fund management (09/18)
The Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma is considering changes in how its manages its trust fund, The Native Times reports. The tribe withdrew its money from the Interior Department and placed...

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Column: Charles Journeycake, Delaware chief, was born in Ohio (09/03)
"The last chief of the Delaware Indians, Charles Journeycake, was born in Ontario -- not Canada but Ontario, Ohio. In that sentence lies several "facts" that must be qualified before...

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Senate candidate in Massachusetts has a Cherokee ancestor (05/01)
Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, has a Cherokee ancestor, according to a genealogist. Warren's great-great-great grandmother is listed as Cherokee on an 1894 document, The...

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WPLN: Tribal recognition bill in Tennessee draws complaints (03/21)
"State lawmakers today found themselves asked to determine exactly who should be considered Native American. Supporters of three “remnant” tribes say federal dollars and cultural identity are at stake. Kingsport...

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Delaware Nation seeks to bring green energy to Oklahoma (02/23)
The Delaware Nation of Oklahoma is building a home for green energy businesses. The tribe paid $3 million for a 250,000 square-foot building in Anadarko. After $1 million in renovations,...

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