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Delaware Tribe won't pay contracts signed by former chief (07/20)
A new set of tribal leaders dismantled one of the tribe's businesses and fired all of its employees after winning an election last November.

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Judge won't require school to allow eagle feather at graduation (05/21)
Hayden Layne Griffith is graduating from high school in Oklahoma today and will likely have to walk without her eagle feather.

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Indian student in federal court over right to wear eagle feather (05/20)
Hayden Layne Griffith is due to graduate tomorrow and has been told she can't wear an eagle feather in her cap.

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Delaware Tribe backs student's right to wear eagle feather (05/12)
Hayden Layne Griffith, 18, wants to wear an eagle feather on her graduation cap next week.

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Law Article: Let the eagle feathers fly at school graduations (05/08)
This is not the first time an Oklahoma school district has prohibited a Native American student from demonstrating a sincere form of cultural and religious expression during one of life’s most significant occasions.

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Youth from three tribes to explore ancestral Delaware homeland (04/29)
The Delaware Nation, the Delaware Tribe and the Stockbridge-Munsee Community are sending 15 youth to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

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Delaware Tribe increases minimum wage to $1.25 above federal (03/24)
Effective immediately, employees will make $8.50 an hour.

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Ex-employee of Oklahoma tribal corporation sentenced for theft (12/10)
Robin Jean Bitseedy admitted stealing money from WCD Enterprises, a corporation charted by the Wichita Tribes, the Caddo Nation and the Delaware Tribe.

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Performance sheds light on 'purchase' of Lenape island in 1626 (11/19)
The acquisition of Manhattan is told from a Native point of view in a concert opera.

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Judge won't stop installation of new Delaware Tribe leaders (11/10)
Two losing candidates said hundreds of absentee ballots weren't counted.

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Voters of Delaware Tribe choose new leader and new council (11/07)
Chester Brooks won the position of chief in an election that saw a big shakeup in leadership.

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Editorial: Delaware Tribe pursues return to homelands in Kansas (10/28)
Newspaper urges the Delaware Tribe to keep the community involved in development plans in Kansas.

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Delaware Tribe to discuss plans for land with officials in Kansas (08/20)
The tribe owns about 90 acres near Lawrence but long-term plans haven't been determined.

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Marc Simmons: Delaware warriors found their way to New Mexico (04/07)
Marc Simmons describes how the Delaware people were pushed out of their homelands and how some even ended up in New Mexico.

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Cherokee Nation and Delaware Tribe sign agreement for housing (02/26)
The Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Tribe signed an agreement regarding federal housing funds.

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Tribes were asked for views on big Northeast bridge project (01/03)
Several tribes were asked for their views on a $1.3 billion bridge project in New York and New Jersey as part of an environmental review process that observers say is outdated and cumbersome

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Editorial: Open communication with Delaware Tribe in Kansas (10/28)
Newspaper calls on Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma to keep lines of communication open as it makes a return to Kansas.

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KCUR: Mayor plans meeting with Delaware Tribe in Oklahoma (10/11)
Lawrence, Kansas, Mayor Mike Dever plans to meet with leaders of the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma as soon as Monday.

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City seeks meeting with Delaware Tribe over plans in Kansas (10/09)
Officials in Lawrence, Kansas, voted to request a meeting with the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma.

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Steven Newcomb: Dutch ordered Lenape massacre in 1643 (08/26)
Steven Newcomb recounts a massacre of Lenape (Delaware ancestors) in New York in 1643.

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