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Mohegan Tribe supports re-election of Sen. Richard Blumenthal (04/20)
The Democrat garnered a reputation as an Indian fighter during his tenure as attorney general in Connecticut.

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Mohegan Tribe announces another entry into restaurant industry (04/14)
The tribe will open a new location of a gourmet food company on the reservation and will consider other locations.

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Connecticut tribes support state's efforts against online lenders (04/14)
The Mashantucket and Mohegan tribes are siding with the state against a fellow tribe from Oklahoma.

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Editorial: Tribal online lending operations deserve state scrutiny (04/13)
The real lenders, the ones who are raking in the incredible profits, are unscrupulous lenders with no claim to sovereignty.

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Otoe-Missouria Tribe wages campaign to protect online lending (04/07)
A group called Institute for Liberty launched Native Kids First after the state of Connecticut went after the tribe's lending operation.

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Lawmakers want BIA to delay new federal recognition reforms (03/27)
The rules have been in development for more than two years but the lawmakers say more time is needed.

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BIA expected to finalize changes to federal recognition process (03/24)
The rules have been in development for nearly two years.

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Education Department cites increase in Indian graduation rate (03/16)
During the 2012-2013 school year, 69.7 percent of Indian students finished high school, an improvement from the two years prior.

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Chairman of Otoe-Missouria Tribe disputes fine in lending dispute (03/12)
Chairman John Shotton is accusing officials in Connecticut of violating his civil rights.

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Stanley Heller: Help eliminate an Indian mascot in Connecticut (03/04)
Honor the memory of the tribes? Give me a break. Mascots are chosen to be fierce or funny or exotic.

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Opinion: Find common ground on Indian mascots in Connecticut (02/27)
As an historian, I know this history well and am often amazed at how many of our citizens don’t understand or acknowledge that this, along with the history of slavery, are some of the darkest moments in our nation’s past.

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Mohegan Tribe enters another deal for restaurant franchises (02/19)
The tribe will be opening 10 locations of Jersey Mike's Subs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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Judge orders self-proclaimed 'shaman' back to custody in Texas (01/29)
Iron Thunderhorse claims he walked all the way to Connecticut to be with his 'ancestors.'

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Brian Pierson: Recent federal court decisions affecting tribes (01/13)
Attorney Brian Pierson reviews some recent federal court decisions affecting Indian law.

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Chairman of Otoe-Missouria Tribe fined for online loan operation (01/07)
Chairman John Shotton was fined $700,000 and two tribal entities were fined $800,000.

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Mashantucket Tribe names leader for museum currently on hiatus (01/07)
The $193 million facility is closed for the winter season, a first since 1998.

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Appeals court dismisses Schaghticoke Tribal Nation's land claim (12/22)
The tribe claimed that parts of its reservation were sold without federal approval.

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Self-proclaimed 'shaman' left custody and walked to Connecticut (12/04)
Iron Thunderhorse, who claims to be Quinnipiac, walked away from a halfway house where he was serving a 99-year sentence.

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Editorial: Help needed to keep Mashantucket Tribe museum open (12/04)
Newspaper calls on non-profits to help the tribe keep its state-of-the-art facility up and running.

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Mashantucket Tribe to keep museum shuttered until May 2015 (12/02)
The seasonal closure is a first for the $193 million facility.

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