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Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation won't drop federal recognition bid (07/27)
The tribe won favorable decisions during the favorable decisions during the Clinton and Bush administrations but saw defeat after an appeal from the state of Connecticut.

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Mashantucket Tribe breaks ground on affordable housing project (07/09)
The tribe is financing the development with the sale of some of its off-reservation properties.

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Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation opposes BIA's federal recognition rule (07/07)
The final regulation prevents the Connecticut tribe from resubmitting a new petition for recognition.

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Editorial: Connecticut wins with BIA's federal recognition reforms (07/06)
Sometimes relentless political pressure can make something good happen in Washington.

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Lobbyists met at White House to discuss federal recognition (06/30)
Lobbyists for the Morongo Band of California and aides to Sen. Patrick Murphy (D-Connecticut) argued against a prior version of the rule.

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United South and Eastern Tribes open meeting in Connecticut (05/18)
The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is hosting the semi-annual meeting on its reservation.

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Stanley Heller: Still a ways to go on mascots in Connecticut (05/11)
There’s been some small progress in Connecticut in getting rid of Indian mascots, but not enough.

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Mashantucket Tribe sued over 'transition pay' for ex-councilor (05/04)
Charlene Jones is claiming she is owed twelve weeks of pay after losing her 2009 re-election bid.

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Column: Tribes fought English settlers in bloody King Philip's War (05/01)
King Philip’s traditional hunting and farming ground was declining, and his young men were restless and uncertain about the future. King Philip justifiably feared poverty for his people.

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Opinion: Connecticut takes wrong approach with tribal lenders (04/30)
While payday lending is technically illegal in Connecticut, Federally-recognized Native American tribes and their elected representatives are immune from Connecticut process and suit.

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Editorial: States need help dealing with newly recognized tribes (04/27)
Of the Obama administration approves new federal tribal recognition rules, the administration and Congress had better help states deal with the consequences.

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BIA submits federal recognition rule to White House for review (04/21)
The Part 83 reforms could be published in the Federal Register any day now.

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Mohegan Tribe supports re-election of Sen. Richard Blumenthal (04/20)
The Democrat garnered a reputation as an Indian fighter during his tenure as attorney general in Connecticut.

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Mohegan Tribe announces another entry into restaurant industry (04/14)
The tribe will open a new location of a gourmet food company on the reservation and will consider other locations.

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Connecticut tribes support state's efforts against online lenders (04/14)
The Mashantucket and Mohegan tribes are siding with the state against a fellow tribe from Oklahoma.

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Editorial: Tribal online lending operations deserve state scrutiny (04/13)
The real lenders, the ones who are raking in the incredible profits, are unscrupulous lenders with no claim to sovereignty.

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Otoe-Missouria Tribe wages campaign to protect online lending (04/07)
A group called Institute for Liberty launched Native Kids First after the state of Connecticut went after the tribe's lending operation.

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Lawmakers want BIA to delay new federal recognition reforms (03/27)
The rules have been in development for more than two years but the lawmakers say more time is needed.

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BIA expected to finalize changes to federal recognition process (03/24)
The rules have been in development for nearly two years.

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Education Department cites increase in Indian graduation rate (03/16)
During the 2012-2013 school year, 69.7 percent of Indian students finished high school, an improvement from the two years prior.

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