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Matthew Scraper: ICWA opponents wrong to cite blood quantum (05/25)
It is not appropriate to deny a child of the opportunity to be raised in and with their culture, simply because one who is not from or part of that culture deems their blood quantum not to be high enough.

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Cherokee Nation sues pharmaceutical firms over drug products (05/22)
The tribe is concerned about drugs that were dispensed at one of its health care facilities.

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Review: 'Hoop Jumper' offers look at allotment era in Oklahoma (05/21)
'Hoop Jumper,' by Tulsa native Vicki Lynn Mooney, premiered Thursday in the basement CitySpace Theatre at Civic Center Music Hall.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation building for a brighter future (05/19)
Business is booming in the Cherokee Nation. What we didn’t expect was to what extent our economic footprint had grown—by more than 50 percent over the last four years.

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Cherokee Nation father supports Indian Child Welfare Act rule (05/14)
Dusten Brown hopes the Obama administration's regulation will prevent other Indian families from suffering the removal of their children.

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Tennessee groups file civil rights suit over recognition status (05/13)
The Remnant Yuchi Nation, the Tanasi Tribe and the United Eastern Lenape Tribe are seeking more than $60 million in damages.

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Cherokee Nation reports record $829M in business revenues (05/12)
Operating income at Cherokee Nation Businesses $105 million, an increase of eight percent.

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Women on 20s campaign announces winner of national vote (05/12)
Wilma Mankiller, the late former chief of the Cherokee Nation, didn't come out on top of the ballot.

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Winner of Women on 20s ballot to be announced on May 12 (05/08)
Voting closes on Sunday to so time is running out to support the late Wilma Mankiller, who was the first woman to lead the Cherokee Nation.

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Cherokee Nation to negotiate hunting and fishing agreement (05/06)
The tribe has asserted a right to hunt and fish free of state regulation.

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Opinion: Let's place a different Cherokee leader on the $20 bill (05/05)
John Ross deserves a prominent place on our currency. But that doesn’t mean Andrew Jackson should go completely.

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Court rebuffs Cherokee Nation in Indian Child Welfare Act case (05/04)
The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals had strong words for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in response to guidelines issued in February.

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Cara Cowan Watts: Make your voice heard within Cherokee Nation (05/01)
With so many jobs on the line and the economy of northeastern Oklahoma, I hope our tribal citizens show up at the polls in greater numbers and make their voices heard.

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Cherokee Nation celebrates births of first calves from bison herd (04/23)
The last six months have proven quite productive for the herd -- nine calves have been born since April 8.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation language programs are working (04/22)
Part of my sworn oath as principal chief is to preserve, promote and advance the language and culture of the Cherokee Nation.

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Native Sun News: Tribes take DOI to task over grizzly bear policy (04/22)
In a strongly worded letter, the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council has voiced misgivings about the impartiality of Christopher Servheen in any proposed tribal consultation process over the government’s controversial delisting of the Yellowstone grizzly bear.

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Widower of Wilma Mankiller 'excited' about Woman on 20s effort (04/20)
Charlie Soap said he was surprised when he found out his late wife was among four finalists to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

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Bill introduced in Senate to support placing a woman on $20 bill (04/15)
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire) said she was inspired by the Women on 20s campaign, which has named Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller as a potential candidate for the paper bill.

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Indian attorneys take a stand and denounce tribal disenrollment (04/13)
With the federal courts and the Bureau of Indian Affairs unlikely to intervene, the National Native American Bar Association is calling on lawyers to address the situation.

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Wilma Mankiller generates interest for Women on 20s campaign (04/08)
The late former leader of the Cherokee Nation inspired a generation of Native women and girls and her legacy is generating new interest.

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