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Congress fails to provide funds to help tribes comply with VAWA (07/29)
The Violence Against Women Act of 2013 authorized $25 million over five years but none of the money has been made available to Indian Country.

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Cherokee Nation candidate emerges victorious in new election (07/28)
Keith Austin lost his council race by one vote in the general election but came out on top after the tribe's Supreme Court called for a new round of ballots.

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Steve Russell: The hypocrisy of race and Cherokee citizenship (07/28)
One of the whitest Indian nations by blood is now litigating to expel its black citizens, many of whom have more Cherokee blood than the white citizens so eager to see them expelled.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation puts citizens back to work (07/24)
Cherokee Nation was the only tribal government to join 32 other state governments in receiving the DOL’s Jobs Driven National Emergency Grant funding.

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Group that claims Cherokee ancestry files for recognition (07/21)
The Southern Cherokee Tribe submitted a 79-pound application to the Bureau of Indian Affairs in May.

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Ellen Guttillo Whitehouse: I was duped by Andrea Smith too (07/20)
Andrea Smith and her sister, Justine Smith are NOT Cherokee.

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Choctaw Nation embraces President Obama on 'historic day' (07/16)
The president met with Chief Gary Batton and a group of Native youth before announcing the ConnectHome initiative for high-speed Internet.

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Youth from Umatilla Tribes inspired after White House gathering (07/14)
Participants said hearing from First Lady Michelle Obama was a highlight of the White House Tribal Youth Gathering in Washington, D.C.

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Twila Barnes: Cherokee tribes do not claim fraudulent academic (07/14)
None of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes claim her, therefore she isn't Cherokee, period.

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Albert Bender: Andrew Jackson doesn't deserve to be on $20 bill (07/14)
It would only be the most fitting justice that Jackson should be replaced with a representative of the people he so viciously tried to exterminate.

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Bill John Baker: Health care is top priority for Cherokee Nation (07/13)
The most important issue for our future, bar none, is access to quality health care.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: Everyone should be upset about Native frauds (07/13)
Andrea Smith doesn’t know the struggle. She invented her own.

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David Cornsilk: Clearing up misconceptions about Cherokee ancestry (07/13)
In the 1990s, Andrea Smith sought me out as a Cherokee genealogist, on two separate occasions, to see if she had any connections

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President Obama nominates Cherokee citizen to Defense position (07/07)
Brad Carson has served in a series of high-level positions within the Obama administration for more than three years.

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Gregory Smithers: Cherokee Nation gave up symbol of Confederacy (07/06)
American Indians provide us with a clear example of how to move past the moribund imagery of the Confederacy.

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Four groups in Oklahoma seeking federal recognition through BIA (07/03)
Only one group -- the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band -- appears to be actively working on a petition.

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David Shorter: Learning not to speak on behalf of Native people (07/02)
I’m not an Indian. It’s okay.

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Steve Russell: Professor outed as Cherokee fraud once again (07/01)
How can you be an Indian without knowing which of your relatives is Indian?

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Cherokee Nation certifies results of election for top positions (07/01)
Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Deputy Chief Joe Crittenden secured majority votes so run-offs aren't necessary.

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Self-described Cherokee artist charged for misrepresentation (06/29)
Terry Lee Whitstone is accused of violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.

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