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David Shorter: Learning not to speak on behalf of Native people (07/02)
I’m not an Indian. It’s okay.

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Steve Russell: Professor outed as Cherokee fraud once again (07/01)
How can you be an Indian without knowing which of your relatives is Indian?

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Cherokee Nation certifies results of election for top positions (07/01)
Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Deputy Chief Joe Crittenden secured majority votes so run-offs aren't necessary.

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Self-described Cherokee artist charged for misrepresentation (06/29)
Terry Lee Whitstone is accused of violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.

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Bryan Terry: Honor Sequoyah with statue at Tennessee capitol (06/29)
As a Tennessee legislator with membership in a federally recognized tribe, I have a unique perspective on the situation and I feel that it is my duty to step up during this debate and offer another point of view.

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Bill John Baker wins re-election as leader of Cherokee Nation (06/29)
The incumbent chief secured 52.66 percent of the vote, easily beating three other challengers.

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Cherokee Nation starts work on tribal headquarters expansion (06/23)
The W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex in Tahlequah will see the addition of a second floor to accommodate more employees and visitors.

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Documentary about Freedmen struggle premieres in Oklahoma (06/18)
The Freedmen are fighting to retain citizenship rights in the Cherokee Nation.

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Treasury Department announces plan to put woman on $10 bill (06/18)
The Women on 20s group drew national attention to the lack of a woman on any of the nation's paper currency.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Imposters bring harm to Native people (06/17)
The recent revelations regarding the lies of Eastern Washington State University ethnic studies instructor and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People regional representative Rachel Dolezal bring up a very sensitive issue to Native people.

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Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation students keep our language alive (06/16)
Members of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council have accepted the White House’s Generation Indigenous challenge to Indian Country to improve lives and increase opportunities for Native youth.

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DeLanna Studi lands role in play on Havasupai Tribe blood study (06/12)
Primary Stages in New York City will host 'Informed Consent' from August 4 through September 13.

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Bill John Baker: Compact upholds Cherokee Nation treaty rights (06/04)
For millennia, we Cherokees have provided for our families by hunting and fishing the lands.

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Remember the Removal Ride follows 950 miles of Trail of Tears (06/03)
Twelve young members of the Cherokee Nation and seven from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are tracing the forced removal of their ancestors on the Trail of Tears.

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Cherokee Nation completes $10.7M expansion of health center (06/02)
The Redbird Smith Health Center in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, now boasts a 30,000 square-foot annex.

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Steve Inskeep: Cherokee chief John Ross was civil rights pioneer (06/01)
John Ross fought for his rights with tactics that perfectly prefigured America’s 20th-century civil rights battles.

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Gregory Smithers: Same-sex marriage within Cherokee culture (06/01)
There’s no question that gay rights and same-sex marriage will continue to stir debate in Indian Country, as it does throughout the United States.

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Cherokee Nation signs hunting and fishing compact with state (05/29)
The agreement will allow tribal members to hunt anywhere in the state without buying a license.

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Cherokee law students eager for summer work on Indian issues (05/27)
Alayna Farris will be working at the Native American Rights Fund and Bryan Shade will be at the National Indian Gaming Commission.

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David Treuer: Andrew Jackson turned on Cherokee Nation allies (05/27)
The story of the Cherokee removal has been told many times, but never before has a single book given us such a sense of how it happened.

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