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Charles Trimble: A tribute to our great Indian woman leaders (07/20)
In my eighty years, especially the forty-plus years of my involvement in Indian affairs, I have gotten to know many great Indian leaders who were women.

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Richard Iron Cloud: Remove murderer's name from sacred peak (03/26)
I stand in solidarity with esteemed Lakota elder Basil Brave Heart who points out the highest peak in He Sapa (Black Hills) is named after a general who massacred Sioux women and children.

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Charles Trimble: A Lakota memorial for victims of youth suicide (03/10)
It is easy to write off the suicide phenomenon as an epidemic, as if it were an affliction from outside the community and tribe; or to write it off as intergenerational trauma or historic trauma.

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Charles Trimble: Standing our ground -- Our moral obligation (12/02)
We profess that moral virtue; and we must walk the walk.

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Charles Trimble: A time to give thanks -- For whatever reason (11/24)
Being an Iyeska, or mixed-blood Lakota person, I have of course adopted much of non-Indian culture and religion.

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Charles 'Chuck' Trimble: Let Crazy Horse's spirit rest in peace (10/20)
Over the past year I have been deeply immersed in Crazy Horse, assisting a good friend who is considering producing a dramatic work on the final months of the Chief’s life.

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Mark Trahant: Early voting begins on reservations in Montana (10/10)
How interested are you in this election?

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Charles Trimble: Indians shouldn't waste votes on wild-cards (10/08)
Indian Country can have a say in the matter, but only if each and every eligible voter in the reservation and off-reservation communities takes the time to register and vote.

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Charles Trimble: Notah Begay and Billy Mills are heroes off field (10/06)
It seems sometimes that there aren’t heroes like the ones we had when I was growing up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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Charles Trimble: Rename peak in Black Hills for Oglala holy man (09/23)
My old friend Basil Brave Heart is proposing to have Harney Peak, the highest point east of the Rockies, renamed after Oglala holy man Black Elk.

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Charles Trimble: Pine Ridge -- the Hollywood of Indian Country (08/26)
Now comes Pine Ridge, the up-and-coming HollyRez of Indian Country.

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Charles Trimble: No longer a Wannabee with Oglala tribal ID (07/21)
For many years I have been strutting around posing as a real Oglala, looking askance and sneering at the masses of less-fortunate tribesmen who are not lucky enough to claim such royal blood.

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Charles Trimble: Oglala Sioux Tribe turning into a Heyoka Nation (07/08)
It’s troubling sometimes for an Oglala person living away from the reservation to read about the foibles of the tribal government at Pine Ridge.

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Charles Trimble: New economic hope on Pine Ridge Reservation (02/18)
When I read the Lakota Country Times I am heartened by the economic progress that oftentimes is hidden in the more alarming media reports of rampant alcoholism and the resulting horrors that the disease brings to the communities there on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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Charles Trimble: Promise Zones pose challenge for tribes (01/15)
On Thursday, January 9th, President Obama spoke about how he plans to address challenges such as job creation, housing, law enforcement and education in the poorest communities.

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Native Sun News: Two boys from boarding school make good (06/03)
It is ironic that two ex-students of the old Holy Rosary Indian Mission boarding school, Tim Giago and Charles Trimble, would both be inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

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Native Sun News: Chuck Trimble to South Dakota Hall of Fame (05/31)
The South Dakota Hall of Fame will induct Charles “Wobbie” Trimble, Oglala Lakota, a graduate of Holy Rosary Mission boarding school in Pine Ridge, where he was born and raised.

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Charles Trimble: Saving sacred ground -- Wounded Knee saga (04/29)
As the May 1st deadline approaches for the auctioning of the Wounded Knee land by owner James Czywczynski, I hope any source that may offer to buy the land for...

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Chuck Trimble: Indian Country becomes united on the Internet (04/15)’s news anchor Kimberlie Acosta has a most powerful lead-in slogan to her reports: “One Million Indigenous Facebook Users….RED POWER!” Acosta’s slogan predated the Idle No More (INM) movement by...

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Charles Trimble: The wonderful remarkable life of an Oglala centenarian (04/01)
Laura Brewer Several years ago I was visiting with Teri Dameron, federal funding and management consultant here in Omaha. Teri is a member of the Brewer tiyospaye from the...

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