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Thomas O'Rourke: Yurok Tribe is a leader in forest restoration (05/22)
As much of our lands were clear-cut by non-Indians, the Yurok tribe knows all too well that the cost of restoring forests is much higher than the quick profits from cutting them down.

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School apologizes for teaching song about brutal Indian mission (05/21)
A young man from the Wukchumni Tribe refused to sing the words to 'Twenty-One Missions' out loud.

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Native caucus upset with Democrats in hot Senate campaign (05/19)
The California Democratic Party Native American Caucus has 'deep concerns' about Rep. Loretta Sanchez and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

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Mishewal Wappo Tribe files appeal in federal recognition case (05/18)
A federal judge ruled that the tribe waited too long after being listed for termination to sue the government.

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Rep. Sanchez apologizes for insensitive remarks and gesture (05/18)
The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate suffers another stumble in her newly-announced campaign.

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Tule River Tribe secures permit to build 22-acre sports facility (05/14)
The tribe will break ground on the Hyder Ranch Sports Park and install baseball/softball fields that will be ready by next month.

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Chumash Tribe reaches fire services agreement with county (05/13)
The tribe will pay for a new firefighter paramedic position and a $1.6 million ladder truck.

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BIA seeks comments about organization of California tribe (05/11)
A group on the Pinoleville Pomo Nation wants to organize under the provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act.

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Food: A high-protein snack inspired by the Kutzadika'a Tribe (05/08)
The recipe calls for just one ingredient -- a handful of alkali fly pupae, collected from Mono Lake in California for authenticity's sake.

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Shingle Springs Band vows cooperation into probe of incident (05/07)
The daughter of Chairman Nicholas Fonseca was arrested for making threats with a shotgun, an incident that led to the discovery of a marijuana grow operation.

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School tells Indian student not to wear beaded graduation cap (05/05)
A young member of the Bishop Paiute Tribe of California wants to wear a cap that was beaded by her grandmother.

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California Racial Mascots Act passes Assembly with 60-9 vote (05/05)
The bill applies to four schools that still use the racist 'Redskins' mascot.

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Fort Mojave Tribe still waiting for cleanup plan at sacred site (05/04)
An energy company contaminated the sacred Topock Maze with chemicals, some of which also seeped onto the reservation.

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Pechanga Band to reclaim collection of ancestors and artifacts (04/30)
The collection includes more than 50,000 items that were taken from the first village of the Luiseno people.

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Hoopa Valley Tribe maintains law against marijuana cultivation (04/29)
An effort to repeal the law that bans marijuana on the reservation failed at the polls after tribal youth and tribal officials spoke out against it.

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Column: Return all ancestral islands to Wiyot Tribe in California (04/29)
While it is impossible to undo the atrocities perpetrated on the Wiyot people, efforts by the city, the harbor district and our community to repatriate these three islands to the Wiyot tribal government is a positive direction.

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California weighs replacement of statue of Indian mission figure (04/29)
Junipero Serra has represented the state in the National Statuary Hall since 1931.

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Interview with Maya Goodblanket about cultural appropriation (04/28)
'There’s nothing wrong with appreciating someone else’s culture as long as it’s done in a respectful way.'

Filed Under: Opinion
Steven Newcomb: Church celebrates agent of Native genocide (04/28)
How has the Vatican responded to protests and sharp criticism from Indian people in California regarding Pope Francis’s announcement to declare Serra a saint?

Filed Under: Law | National | Politics
Youth of Hoopa Valley Tribe speak out against marijuana grows (04/27)
The Hoopa Valley Youth Council believes marijuana cultivation harms the environment.

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