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Filed Under: Business | Law
Law Article: Tribal lenders fight federal agency investigation (07/30)
Attorney discusses efforts by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to investigate tribal online lending operations.

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Yurok Tribe wraps up marijuana raids with nearly 13K plants (07/30)
More than 300 pounds of processed marijuana was also seized during multi-jurisdictional effort.

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House Natural Resources Committee markup on four tribal bills (07/30)
Bills affect Alaska Native arts and crafts and land-into-trust for tribes in California, Nevada and Michigan.

Filed Under: Opinion
Jennie Stockle: Justice for victims of Cedarville mass shooting (07/25)
Jennie Stockle reflects on the mass shooting at the Cedarville Rancheria.

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Water bottling plant provides usage reports to Morongo Band (07/23)
But the tribe hasn't disclosed any data to the public since 2009.

Filed Under: Education
University of California welcomes Native youth to campus (07/22)
About 30 Native youth, some as young as 12, took part in week-long program.

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Yurok Tribe combats illegal marijuana farms on reservation (07/22)
The farms are damaging sacred sites, harming salmon runs and depleting the water supply.

Filed Under: Politics | Trust
Lytton Band donates $1M to bolster land-into-trust application (07/21)
The tribe wants 124 acres placed in trust for a housing project, a cultural center and other purposes.

Filed Under: Opinion
Travis Armstrong: Newspaper unfairly targets Morongo Band (07/21)
Travis Armstrong criticizes California newspaper for questioning the Morongo Band of Mission Indians about water usage.

Filed Under: Environment
KCET: Bishop Paiute Tribe seeks to restore endangered pupfish (07/16)
The tribe has established a Native Fish Refuge on its reservation.

Filed Under: Business | Environment
Morongo Band won't disclose water usage from bottling plant (07/16)
The tribe hosts a $26 million Nestle Waters facility on the reservation.

Filed Under: Health | Politics | Trust
Audio: House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs (07/15)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs embraced three bills while the Indian Health Service was more guarded about a forward funding bill.

Filed Under: Health | Politics | Trust
Witness list for House subcommittee hearing on four tribal bills (07/14)
Bills affect self-determination, land-into-trust and the Indian Health Service.

Filed Under: Opinion
Rick Cuevas: Pechanga disenrollments motivated by politics (07/14)
Rick Cuevas addresses disenrollment controversy within the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians.

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Andre Crambit: Apologize for mistreatment of Native women (07/14)
Andre Crambit calls on the San Francisco Giants to apologize to the public for the mistreatment of two Native women.

Filed Under: Environment | Law | National
DOI told to investigate alleged violations of NAGPRA in California (07/10)
Former employee says Bureau of Reclamation office has failed to keep track of ancestral remains and artifacts.

Filed Under: Law | National
Former leader of Cedarville Rancheria to stand trial for murders (07/09)
Cherie Lash Rhoades faces the death penalty if convicted.

Filed Under: National | Sports
Agua Caliente Band donates $175K from golf tourney to charities (07/08)
Recipients included the Nike N7 Fund.

Filed Under: Health | Politics | Trust
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs sets hearing (07/08)
Bills affect self-determination, land-into-trust and the Indian Health Service.

Filed Under: Environment
Volunteer program helps protect historic tribal sites in California (07/08)
Volunteers work with park rangers to check for looting and vandalism.

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