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Dozens of Native languages down to limited number of speakers (03/03)
Of the hundreds of Native languages once spoken in the West, only 63 are still being used today.

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Pechanga Band to reclaim ancestors and artifacts from military (03/02)
The U.S. Navy is repatriating ancestral remains and artifacts that were uncovered on San Nicolas Island.

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Indian tobacco company rebuffed in another dispute with state (03/02)
Native Wholesale Supply Company has lost battles with Oklahoma, California and Idaho.

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Hoopa Valley Tribe places marijuana referendum on April ballot (02/26)
Tribal law currently bars cultivation of the drug but members circulated a petition to put the issue to a vote.

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Mishewal Wappo Tribe waits for decision in recognition lawsuit (02/26)
Judge Edward J. Davila is promising a decision on or around March 31.

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Shingle Springs Band gun range draws questions from neighbors (02/25)
The tribe hopes to open the facility on two acres of trust property sometime this summer.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux entrepreneur creates foundation (02/23)
After traveling the world, Oglala Sioux Tribal member Twila True has come full circle, bringing with her hope for the most impoverished region in the country.

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Paskenta Band accuses ex-official of stealing $838K for house (02/20)
The tribe said former economic development director John Crosby took the money out of a bank account without authorization

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Opinion: Let's rethink federal policy toward tribal sovereignty (02/19)
The Enrolled Tribe says it is sovereign and above the rule of law. All other citizens do, and will, bear the burdens of the Tribe’s actions.

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Non-Indian tenant plans to fight Colorado River Indian Tribes (02/19)
Roger French has refused to pay rent to the tribe for 17 years.

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Bishop Paiute Tribe defends officer facing charges in county (02/17)
The tribe says the charges against officer Daniel Johnson are an affront to its sovereignty.

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Judge backs Colorado River Indian Tribes in jurisdiction case (02/17)
The decision means the tribe's court can move forward with eviction proceedings against a non-Indian man who has refused to pay rent.

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Evictions linked to Pinoleville Pomo Nation's marijuana project (02/13)
A woman who has lived on the reservation for 20 years has been offered $3,000 to move.

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Chumash Tribe welcomes county sheriff deputies to reservation (02/12)
The tribe is paying for the salaries of four full-time officers who will be stationed on the reservation.

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Pinoleville Pomo Nation puts marijuana farm on temporary hold (02/11)
Local authorities have questioned the legality of the operation but the tribe's partners are vowing to move forward.

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Vincent Armenta: You can't rewrite tribes and tribal sovereignty (02/09)
Tribal governments have unique legal and political relationships with the federal government as provided by the Constitution of the United States.

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Susanville woman seeks court order to block husband's burial (02/06)
The mortuary refused to bring Jean LaMarr's husband back to California and now he's on the Navajo Nation, awaiting burial there.

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Peter d'Errico: A mistake with sainthood for Indian mission figure (02/06)
Junipero Serra fits the classic model of a Christian missionary: hard at work to 'save' the Indians, as well as their lands, from rival empires.

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Susanville woman battles Navajo family over husband's burial (02/05)
Jean LaMarr plans to bury her late Navajo husband in California.

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Steven Newcomb: Celebrating the genocidal legacy of the church (02/04)
Pope Francis’s decision to grant sainthood to Father Serra by canonizing him celebrates the genocidal legacy of the Spanish Catholic mission system of domination.

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