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Native Sun News: Tribes walk out of contract support cost meeting (08/29)
At a recent meeting of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association (GPTCA) in Rapid City, tribal leaders met to discuss strategies for a 'consultation' with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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Gerald Gipp: National strategy needed to reform Indian education (08/27)
It is not too late for President Obama to declare Indian education a national priority.

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Albert Bender: US-backed genocide in Guatemalan spurs exodus (08/20)
Albert Bender discusses how genocide of the Maya people on Guatemala has contributed to the border crisis in the United States.

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Albert Bender: Fair treatment needed for indigenous migrants (08/18)
Albert Bender calls on President Barack Obama to develop a humane policy towards indigenous migrants.

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Native youth leader asks President Obama a tough question (08/04)
Vance Home Gun said the president didn't really answer his question about Native languages and culture.

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Obama signs Pascua Yaqui and Hoonah Indian Association bills (07/28)
Bill places land in trust for Pascua Yaqui Tribe and recognizes subsistence rights of Hoonah Indian Association.

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NIEA heads to Capitol Hill to advocate for Native language bills (07/28)
President Barack Obama has seen first-hand how Native language programs are creating a new generation of speakers.

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Charles Roessel: BIE reform plan includes teacher certification (07/28)
Monty Roessel, the director of the Bureau of Indian Education, and Ronald Thorpe, the president of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, announce partnership for teacher certification.

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Native Sun News: Candidate wants Obama to meet with tribes (07/23)
Senate candidate Larry Pressler wants tribes in South Dakota to help him host a presidential visit.

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Raina Thiele: Native youth participate in My Brother's Keeper (07/22)
Raina Thiele of the White House recaps My Brother's Keeper event that included Native youth.

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Raina Thiele: Action plan gets tribes ready for climate change (07/17)
Raina Thiele and Susan Ruffo discuss how the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency will help tribes prepare for climate change.

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BIA to start $10M program to help tribes with climate change (07/16)
Karen Diver, the chairwoman of the Fond du Lac Band, has been serving on a climate change task force created by the White House.

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Carla Mann: Johnson O'Malley needs an accurate student count (07/16)
An accurate student count is the first step in ensuring the survival of the Johnson O'Malley program.

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Steven Newcomb: Indian Country is a system of schizophrenia (07/16)
Steven Newcomb reflects on President Barack Obama and his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.

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Harlan McKosato: Reflecting on Obama's trip to Indian Country (07/14)
Harlan McKosato ask activist and poet John Trudel about President Barack Obama.

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Opinion: Moving forward after Obama's visit to Indian Country (07/11)
Writer says President Barack Obama should be held accountable for remarks he made during his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

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Bill to authorize land swap with Ute Tribe heads to White House (07/10)
The bill allows the tribe to protect 20,000 acres of culturally important sites on the reservation.

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Opinion: Far too many presidents overlook Indians in California (07/07)
T. Robert Przeklasa wonders why President Barack Obama hasn't met with tribes in California.

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Lloyd Omdahl: Reservations aren't the answer for employment (07/04)
Lloyd Omdahl, a former lieutenant governor of North Dakota, says reservations will never be the place for gainful employment.

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Indian activists want to see racist emails from former judge (07/02)
Former federal judge sent hundreds of inappropriate messages but they haven't been released.

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