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ASU News: First graduates of Indian studies master's program (07/25)
The first graduate of Arizona State University's American Indian Studies master’s program is Lorena Yaiva, who is Hopi and Havasupai.

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Editorial: No rubes at Quechan Nation in saying no to NFL team (07/21)
Arizona newspaper says Quechan Nation refused to sell their souls to the Original Americans Foundation.

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Quechan Nation turns down 'bribe' from Washington NFL team (07/17)
Team offered to pay for skate park and brought renderings in the team's colors.

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Arizona governor signs bill to declare Navajo Code Talkers Day (07/17)
August 14 will be celebrated as Navajo Code Talkers' Day.

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APM: Native Nations Institute surveying off-reservation youth (07/16)
The Native Nations Institute is conducting an online survey of Native youth who live away from their communities.

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Winter King: Protecting sacred sites after Supreme Court case (07/16)
Attorney Winter King wonders if the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby can protect the sacred San Francisco Peaks.

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Sherry Cordova wins re-election as Cocopah Tribe chairwoman (07/15)
Incumbent leader has held the post for 18 years.

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Audit slams White Mountain Apache Tribe over housing funds (07/14)
The audit uncovered $2.3 million in misspending and an additional $8.2 million in spending that wasn't properly documented.

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Vernon Masayesva: Coal-fired power plant harms Hopi people (07/14)
Vernon Masayesva, the founder of the Black Mesa Trust, questions a settlement that allows a coal-fired power plant to keep operating.

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Arizona delegation supports Hualapai Tribe settlement measure (07/10)
The Bill Williams River Water Rights Settlement Act ensures the tribe and allottees have sufficient access to water.

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New eatery features food from Tohono O'odham and Yaqui tribes (07/08)
Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, is due to open in early October.

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NPS worried about Navajo Nation's Grand Canyon tourism plans (07/07)
The Grand Canyon Escalade includes a tramway that will carry tourists to the floor of the Grand Canyon.

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Senate Committee on Indian Affairs plans four hearings in July (06/30)
Hearings scheduled on five bills, Cobell land buy-back program, Indian gaming and natural disasters.

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ASU News: Tribal Nations Tour heads to San Carlos Reservation (06/27)
Students will learn more about culture and way of life on the reservation.

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Native Sun News: Crews nearly contain blaze on Navajo Nation (06/26)
A wildfire on the Navajo reservation has caused the evacuation of five homes, and is threatening the destruction of 40 structures.

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San Carlos Apache Tribe to establish college with ASU's help (06/12)
Tribal students on the reservation will be able to transfer to ASU.

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Book: Racial oppression of Native people at US-Mexico border (06/10)
An excerpt of a book by Todd Miller reveals a massive federal presence on the Tohono O'odham Nation in Arizona.

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EPA to consult tribes about emissions at coal-fired power plants (06/04)
Navajo Nation, Ute Tribe and Fort Mojave Tribe host plants on their reservations.

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Column: Statue marks encounter with Tohono O'odham in 1692 (06/02)
Statue that honors Tohono O'odham Nation will be dedicated in Tucson, Arizona, next week.

Filed Under: Law
Judge strikes tax refunds for land near Fort Mojave Reservation (06/02)
Landowners were involved in a lengthy dispute with the Fort Mojave Tribe.

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