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Micah Armstrong: My blood quantum does not make me less of an Indian (07/02)
I may be pale-skinned, but I honor my traditions through the telling of my people’s stories, by speaking my people’s language and even by creating the traditional art.

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Blood Tribe sees big turnout at conference to address drug abuse (06/16)
The tribe dedicated more law enforcement resources and authorized the distribution of anti-overdose kits on the reserve.

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Blood Tribe combats rise in abuse of extremely dangerous drug (05/27)
In just six months, 20 people have died and 60 people have overdosed by taking an illicit version of a powerful painkiller.

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Tribes turn to banishment as means to address problem issues (04/21)
The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe, the Lac du Flambeau Band and the Blood Tribe have all used banishment as an option for dealing with certain people.

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Walt Lamar: Addicts in Indian Country turning to spiked heroin (04/16)
As prescription drugs have become harder to obtain and harder to get a high from, opioid addicts have been turning to heroin, both in Indian Country and throughout the nation.

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Christa Big Canoe: Shocking verdict in Native woman's murder (04/02)
Cindy Gladue was a mother. Cindy Gladue was a daughter. Cindy Gladue was a Cree woman. Cindy Gladue was a human.

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Blood Tribe charges three in response to drug overdose deaths (03/24)
Two people died and one overdosed at a birthday party where the drug, known as Oxy 80, was used.

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Blood Tribe confirms 16 fatal overdoses from dangerous drug (03/23)
Four more overdoses -- including two that were fatal -- could drive the number up again.

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Blood Tribe declares emergency in response to drug problems (03/06)
Tribal members believe at least 10 people have overdosed on fentanyl, known on the street as Oxy 80.

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Opinion: Tribute to the late Blackfoot scholar Narcisse Blood (02/16)
There are so many people in Indian country processing the loss of our Blackfoot scholar, philosopher, activist, teacher, ceremonialist, healer, family member and friend, Tatsikiistamik (Middle Bull) Narcisse Blood.

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Blood Tribe police form task force in response to drug problems (01/20)
Tribal members believe 10 deaths can be linked to a fake prescription drug.

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First Nations face loss of funds over failure to submit salaries (11/26)
The Onion Lake Cree Nation filed suit to prevent the government from cutting its funds.

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Native woman heads to trial for purchasing eagle feathers (11/12)
Rachel CrowSpreadingWings is representing herself and will argue that she has a constitutional right to buy and possess eagle parts.

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Tribes from US and Canada sign historic treaty to protect bison (09/24)
The Buffalo Treaty was signed on the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.

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Canada posts reports of salaries earned by First Nations leaders (08/01)
Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation earned nearly $1 million.

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Native mother plans to file suit over son's death in Alberta jail (07/16)
Edward Snowshoe, 24, had been kept in solitary confinement for 162 consecutive days.

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Fort McKay First Nation blames shortfall for lack of per capita (07/11)
At one point, band members were receiving more than $10,000 a year.

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First Nations prepared for battle over pipeline through territory (06/18)
Energy firm promises to work with Native communities along the route.

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Blood Tribe announces charges from drug busts on the reserve (05/08)
The Blood Tribe of Alberta announced drug and firearms charges against six people.

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Catholic bishops apologize for role in residential school scandal (02/24)
The Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories apologized for their role in the residential school scandal in Canada.

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