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Alaska Native elders and youth share issues at annual meeting (10/22)
This year's theme is 'Get Up! Stand Up!' and participants are focusing on languages and culture.

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Mark Trahant: Alaska Natives ready for conference and election (10/21)
No one thinks of AFN as a small group these days.

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Charisse Millett: No politics with signing of Native language bill (09/23)
Rep. Charisse Millett (R) defends decision to have House Bill 216, which designates 20 Native languages as official in Alaska, signed during the upcoming Alaska Federation of Natives convention.

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Group starts dragging of river in search of missing Native women (09/17)
Volunteers are looking for clues about missing and murdered Native girls and women in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Tribal leaders headed to Capitol Hill to push legislative priorities (09/16)
A fix to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar and Native language programs are high on the agenda.

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First Nations leader in Manitoba faces scrutiny on spending (07/22)
Grand Chief Stephen Harper used the organization's credit card for guitars, car repairs and flights for his girlfriend.

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Assembly of First Nations to elect national chief this December (07/17)
Former chief Shawn Atleo resigned unexpectedly in May.

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Julie Kitka: Alaska must protect voting rights of Native people (06/12)
Julie Kitka, the president of the Alaska Federation of Natives, says Alaska Natives deserve the right to vote in their own languages.

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Editorial: Return to table for reforms of First Nations education (05/14)
Newspaper calls on Native leaders and the Canadian government to return to the table to discuss the future of the First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act:

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Assembly of First Nations to hold new election for national chief (05/07)
The Assembly of First Nations will hold an election to choose a new national chief.

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Shawn Atleo steps down as leader of Assembly of First Nations (05/05)
Shawn Atleo resigned as chief of the Assembly of First Nations on Friday.

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First Nations leaders and activists battle education reform bill (04/30)
First Nations leaders and Native activists are vowing to do whatever it takes to defeat a controversial education reform measure.

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Shawn Atleo: First Nations gain control over educational system (04/14)
Shawn Atleo, the chief of the Assembly of First Nations, explains why he supports the First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act despite opposition from Native leaders.

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Shawn Atleo: First Nations must turn page on residential schools (04/03)
Shawn Atleo, the chief of the Assembly of First Nations, discusses what should happen now that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada has wrapped up its hearings.

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Alaska Natives to testify at House hearing on subsistence bill (03/13)
Alaska Native leaders will be on Capitol Hill tomorrow to testify at a hearing on a subsistence bill.

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Gwendolyne John: Alaska brings assault on Native subsistence (11/15)
As Katie John’s friends and family, including more than 250 grandchildren, continue to mourn her passing and try to return to life without their beloved leader, the state of Alaska was quietly preparing their daggers for a different kind of battle.

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KUAC: Alaska Federation of Natives backs veterans memorial (11/14)
The Alaska Federation of Natives supports a memorial for Native American veterans on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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Column: Alaska Native corporations a boost to state's economy (10/21)
Columnist credits Alaska Native corporations with making a big impact on the state's economy.

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Opinion: Canada committed genocide against Native peoples (10/15)
Phil Fontaine, a former chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and Bernie Farber, a former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, discuss the genocide of Native people in Canada.

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Editorial: Give warm welcome to Alaska Federation of Natives (10/14)
Fairbanks newspapers calls on residents to welcome the Alaska Federation of Natives for the group's upcoming conference.

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