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Law Article: Indian inmate wins religious rights suit in Wisconsin (05/27)
Prisoner Schlemm is a member of the Navajo Tribe and has been imprisoned in Wisconsin since 1999.

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Renae Yellowhorse: Navajo Nation can't cede power to outsiders (05/27)
Under the re-awakening of Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez, it is our hope that land users and residents will finally gain peace of mind.

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Editorial: Navajo Nation leader makes right call on Grand Canyon (05/26)
The Navajo Nation desperately needs jobs and economic development — real economic development, as opposed to a destructive fantasy.

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Law Article: Navajo Nation wages battle over 'Navajo' products (05/22)
Battles continue to wage over use of the 'Navajo' and 'Navaho' marks in New Mexico federal court.

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Navajo Nation business opens tech data center in New Mexico (05/21)
NOVA Corporation will use the data center to meet the information technology needs of government and commercial clients.

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Tribal traditions put to use for battle against substance abuse (05/20)
Sweat lodges are a part of the recovery program at Native American Connections in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Energy Department announces new director of Indian office (05/19)
Chris Deschene is best known as the Navajo Nation presidential candidate who was ordered off the ballot last year.

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Police officers on Navajo Nation often go out on patrol alone (05/19)
The tribe only has 30 officers on duty at any one time to serve a reservation that's the size of West Virginia.

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Navajo Nation Head Start teachers receive master's degrees (05/18)
Samantha Johnson, Rolanda White and Percilla Shortman graduated from Arizona State University as part of collaborative program with the tribe.

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Navajo Nation tackles large horse population on reservation (05/15)
The tribe rounded up more than 8,900 horses in 2013 and the overwhelming majority were sold after no one came forward to claim them.

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Designers take inspiration from Native cultures for new works (05/14)
Pamela Love cites the late Hopi designer Charles Loloma as an influence while other designers appear to take on a more generic Native tone.

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New Navajo Nation leader won't pursue Grand Canyon project (05/14)
President Russell Begaye said he doesn't support the Grand Canyon Escalade and never did.

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History: Burt Reynolds portrays 'Navajo Joe' in film from 1966 (05/07)
Native actors are having trouble finding jobs in Hollywood today, a situation that has virtually remain unchanged for decades.

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Navajo Nation man enters guilty plea for fatal shooting in 2011 (05/05)
Philbert Rentz, 29, admitted to voluntary manslaughter and to being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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Incoming president of Navajo Nation prepares for inauguration (05/05)
Russell Begaye will be sworn into office in a ceremony in Fort Defiance, Arizona, on May 12.

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Marathon on Navajo Nation draws large number of participants (05/04)
The course runs through the Arizona and New Mexico portions of the reservation.

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Editorial: Russell Begaye faces hurdles as Navajo Nation's leader (05/01)
The new president has the professional background to move the needle on the Rez economy; now we’ll see if he has the political skills to build the coalitions needed to carry it out.

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Brian Young: This Navajo filmmaker won't be walking off Netflix (04/30)
Netflix is a company. It’s not a person with which can be reasoned. It will not understand a conversation on how degrading and damaging ‘injun’ stereotypes can be.

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Navajo Nation's zoo helps provide eagle feathers to members (04/30)
Going through the National Eagle Repository takes years but the tribe is able to reduce the wait through a special program.

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Navajo actress was put in darker makeup for Adam Sandler film (04/24)
Allison Young said she felt uncomfortable from the start of production of The Ridiculous Six.

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