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Navajo Nation candidates enter final stretch of bumpy campaign (04/17)
The winner of the April 21 vote -- either Joe Shirley Jr. or Russell Begaye -- will be sworn into office next month, putting an end to an unusual election season.

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Native Sun News: Senate field hearing focuses on tribes and coal (04/16)
Calling it 'historic,' Senator Steve Daines, (R-Mont.), chaired a field hearing of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on the Crow Reservation on April 8.

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Judge Judy chooses reservation school for graduation speech (04/15)
Alexus Uentillie, a young member of the Navajo Nation, submitted the winning essay in a national contest.

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Navajo Nation signs buy-back cooperative agreement with DOI (04/15)
President Ben Shelly said the tribe's participation in the Land Buy-Back Program will prevent allotments from being sold to private interests.

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Navajo Nation Supreme Court rebuffs attempt to block election (04/14)
Tribal members will go the polls on April 21 and choose a new leader: Joe Shirley Jr. or Russell Begaye.

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Navajo Nation presidential election still on tap despite meddling (04/13)
An election official said the vote will proceed as planned even as a new referendum regarding language fluency has already been scheduled.

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Leader of Hopi Tribe sues over sales of sacred items in France (04/10)
The tribe tried to halt two auctions of sacred property in June and December 2014.

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Benefit ride set for Navajo Nation police officer injured on duty (04/10)
James Hale was shot in the leg on March 19 in an incident that resulted in the death of his colleague Alex Yazzie.

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Public schools in Texas adjust policies after Apache boy's case (04/10)
A young member of the Lipan Apache Tribe had to go to court to fight for his right to wear long hair to school.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee talks coal at hearing in Montana (04/09)
The Crow Tribe is just one of three in Indian Country that develops its coal resources.

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Sen. Daines to lead SCIA field hearing on coal in Indian Country (04/07)
Representatives of the Crow Tribe, the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and the Navajo Nation will testify but no one from the other side of the debate is on the witness list.

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Large tribes remain holdouts in same-sex marriage movement (04/07)
A Supreme Court case could force all states to recognize all marriages but Indian Country would not be affected.

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Column: Chester Nez served his country with Navajo language (04/06)
Scrolling through my Facebook page March 29, the name Chester Nez rolled up on my screen. That name sounded so familiar.

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Navajo Nation man headed to trial over fatal shooting in 2011 (04/06)
Philbert Rentz has seen his case go to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals twice for a deadly shooting on the Utah portion of the reservation.

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Bill against legal marijuana advances in Navajo Nation Council (04/03)
One lawmaker plans to introduce an amendment to allow Navajo veterans to use legally-obtained medical marijuana on the reservation.

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Navajo Nation presidential candidates call for April 21 election (04/02)
Joe Shirley Jr. and Russell Begaye say the Navajo people should be able to choose their next leader as originally planned.

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Navajo Nation leaders object to presidential election on April 21 (04/01)
The executive and legislative branches are lashing out at the judiciary as the saga continues.

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Navajo Nation makes headlines as first with tax on junk foods (03/31)
Starting tomorrow, the tribe will collect an extra 2 percent tax on sugary foods that are deemed to have little or no nutritional value.

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Navajo Nation considers agreement for land-buy back program (03/30)
The reservation is home to nearly 34,000 individual landowners. Buying up all of their fractionated interests could cost more than $100 million.

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Hundreds pay respects to Navajo Nation officer killed on the job (03/30)
Alex Yazzie, 42, spent 12 years in law enforcement on a reservation that's the size of West Virginia.

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