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Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick wins re-election for largest Indian district (11/06)
The incumbent Democrat won decisively in counties with more Indian voters.

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Congressional candidates reach out to Indian voters in Arizona (10/09)
Native Americans make up 22.6 percent of the population the 1st Congressional district.

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DaShanne Stokes: State-recognized tribes need eagle feathers too (09/02)
DaShanne Stokes urges Indian Country to support the use of eagle feathers by members of state-recognized tribes.

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Non-recognized tribe in Texas hails ruling in eagle feather case (08/26)
The court held that the Interior Department failed to explain why Indians who are members of non-recognized tribes can't possess eagle feathers.

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Marc Simmons: Mangas Coloradas was powerful Apache chief (07/14)
Marc Simmons looks at the life of Mangas Coloradas, one of the most powerful Apache leaders.

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Marc Simmons: Report provides 19th century view of Apaches (06/02)
Marc Simmons offers a glimpse into a 19th-century Spanish report into the Apache people.

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Column: Environmentalists putting tribal members out of work (04/29)
Columnist says environmental groups don't want tribes making money off of their natural resources.

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Editorial: App helps users learn tribal culture in New Mexico (11/25)
Newspaper praises new app that explores tribal culture in New Mexico.

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Public school in California hears debate over 'Apaches' mascot (11/18)
A public high school in California is debating whether to eliminate its 'Apaches' mascot.

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Tribal lobbying halts measure for copper mine by sacred site (11/14)
An Arizona Republican lashed out against the San Carlos Apache Tribe for stirring up opposition to a bill that would authorize the largest copper mine in North America.

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Ex-Rep. Rick Renzi sentenced to three years in corruption case (10/29)
Former Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Arizona) was sentenced to three years in federal prison in a corruption case.

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Editorial: Respect tribe's concerns about mine near sacred site (10/16)
Newspaper calls on Congress to put a hold on land swap due to concerns raised by the San Carlos Apache Tribe:

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House takes up bill to authorize copper mine near sacred site (09/26)
The House will be voting today on H.R.687, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act.

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Apache tribes await repatriation of sacred items from museum (08/20)
A group of Apache tribes is awaiting the repatriation of sacred items from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

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Supreme Court backs Oklahoma in water dispute with Texas (06/14)
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Oklahoma in a water dispute with Texas that impacts tribal rights. The justices held that the Red River Compact, a multi-state agreement,...

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Former Congressman Rick Renzi guilty of corruption charges (06/12)
A federal jury convicted former Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Arizona) on 17 of 32 corruption charges. Renzi was indicted in connection with a land swap opposed by most tribes in Arizona....

Filed Under: Opinion
Column: Tribes support New Mexico horse slaughtering plant (05/14)
Columnist on the use of horse meat in Indian Country: The most ironic argument against a slaughterhouse for unwanted horses is that the noble animal is a western icon, a...

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Book Review: Origin of Apache wars in 'The Wrath of Cochise' (04/24)
A review of The Wrath of Cochise: The Bascom Affair and the Origins of the Apache Wars: Second Lt. George Bascom was “a fine looking fellow” and a gentleman, a...

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Review: Books revisit dark chapter of US history with Apaches (04/22)
Fergus W. Bordewich reviews two books about Apache leaders Cochise and Geronimo for The Wall Street Journal: In essential ways, both Indians and white Americans see their common past as...

Filed Under: Environment | Law
Supreme Court hears water suit that affects Oklahoma tribes (04/22)
The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments tomorrow in Tarrant Regional Water District v. Herrmann. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board, a state agency, doesn't want to sell water to...

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