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Republican lawmaker for reservations has felony conviction (11/10)
Gilbert Bruce Meyers, a member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, was ordered to live away from his family after a child abuse conviction.

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Michael Baines: Senate candidate battles Alaska Native rights (10/23)
The chairman of the Sitka Tribe, says Republican Dan Sullivan has trampled on Alaska Native rights.

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Mark Trahant: Races come down to turnout in three key states (10/20)
In 2014 these are my three elections to watch: Alaska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

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Keith Harper, Cherokee lawyer, raised at least $500K for Obama (03/04)
Keith Harper, a member of the Cherokee Nation, bundled at least $500,000 for the 2012 Obama-Biden campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Harper is an attorney at...

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Winona LaDuke: Learning some lessons from the 2012 election (11/23)
"We just saw some $6 billion spent on the most expensive election in history. It’s a couple of weeks later, and I think I’ve recovered from the drama and excitement....

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Gyasi Ross: Flying the not too friendly skies after the election (11/21)
"I think airport conversations–when you’re waiting for your flight–are the most interesting conversations you can have. The reason why? Who knows? Could it be that the possibility of dying within...

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Holly Cook Macarro: Indian Country relishes election victories (11/19)
"Just one year ago, the Democrats were written off as likely to lose their majority and control of the Senate to the Republicans. Today, they are looking at a gain...

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Denise Juneau declares victory in Montana schools election (11/15)
Democrat Denise Juneau, the first American Indian to run the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, declared victory on Wednesday but Republican Sandy Welch will ask for a recount in the...

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WyoFile: Indian voters exercise power after voting rights case (11/13)
"The Voting Rights Act lawsuit that replaced at-large voting for county commissioners with district-by-district elections in Fremont County has shifted the balance of power on the commission, even in a...

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Steve Russell: Analyzing the outcome of the presidential vote (11/13)
"The battle is over, and pundits now stroll to the battlefield and shoot the survivors. I have used this bully pulpit to urge that Indians bloc vote only when threatened...

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Denise Juneau confident as race in Montana heads for a recount (11/12)
Democrat Denise Juneau, the first American Indian to run the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, expects to prevail in a recount against Republican Sandy Welch. The latest, unofficial results show...

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Tim Giago: Why an Indian voted for a South Dakota Republican (11/12)
Notes from Indian Country By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji) © Holy GOP! I did the unthinkable! I’m Native American and I voted for a Republican! No, I didn’t vote...

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Gyasi Ross: Now the hard work - holding candidates accountable (11/09)
"Ok, now the election’s done. Good. Thank God—it went on about six months too long. There went a billion dollars that could’ve been used to help educate children or wipeout...

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Louise Erdrich: Getting out the vote in a tribal housing complex (11/08)
"Little Earth of United Tribes is a Native-preference housing development within the larger city of Minneapolis, and it is where my daughter Persia and have gone to work in the...

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Denise Juneau maintains slim lead in Montana public school race (11/08)
Democrat Denise Juneau, the first American Indian to run the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, is holding onto a slim lead against Republican Sandy Welch. As of Thursday morning, Juneau...

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Vonnie Lone Chief: How the Indian vote boosted Heidi Heitkamp (11/08)
Despite the required recount, North Dakota tribes and Indian Country were already celebrating the efforts put forth for Indian champion Heidi Heitkamp’s improbable victory in her bid to hold Democrat...

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Navajo woman defeats Navajo incumbent in New Mexico House (11/08)
Republican Sharon Clahchischilliage defeated New Mexico State Rep. Ray Begaye (D) for a district that includes parts of the Navajo Nation. Clahchischilliage will represent District 4 in northwestern New Mexico....

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WyoFile: Long lines and large turnout at Wind River Reservation (11/08)
"Rep. Patrick Goggles won re-election to the House in District 33 by just 26 votes, 1,473 to 1,447, according to unofficial results released by the Fremont County clerk. Given the...

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Navajo Post: Indian Country gets four more years under Obama (11/08)
"The day after a razor close election, President Obama comes back as the President, he was Re-elected winning early in key battle states like Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Florida...

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President Barack Obama wins a second term in the White House (11/07)
President Barack Obama won a second term in the White House after sailing to victory in most of the battleground states on Tuesday. Although election results were not final for...

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